Friday, December 26, 2003

I come back:

I come back ladies and gentlemen to the world of blogging and I promise I well do my best to make you happy.


With love


What I heard about arresting Saddam:

Mr. Poll Bremer goes on TV in the day if 12/13/2003 about 3.15 in Baghdad and he said we got him the people in Baghdad seems they are very happy except my neighborhood which it is the please of terrorist and the fighters they are seems very angry of this news and the goes down to the street and in there hand is full of guns and machine guns and one of them was carrying a weapon like the BAZOKA this weapon which shoot a missiles and they make a something of revolution against the American soldiers one of them stand in front of my house my mom was looking to him she saw him carrying a hand bomb she shouted at him go away from our house but this is was very danger because he could shoot her and kill her but thanks god he have gone away and those peoples goes away from my house. The next day the was trying to do the same thing but the IP and the American soldiers stopped them and the American soldiers killed about 6 terrorist and arrest about 23 of them, my brother tri to take to the those terrorist some pictures with his new digital camera but he couldn’t because it was very danger and maybe the could be anger of him and kill him and it was to dark he succeed to take one pictures after he hide him self between the trees but it was to dark and the picture is very bad and not clear, bake to the second day those people couldn’t do the same thing but they stay in my neighborhood and shooting to the sky it was very danger I don’t know how can I able to go there I went near those who they are shooting and I reach a case that I have stand near the person who he was shooting but in that time my best friend YASSER was with me in the first day he wasn’t with me so I couldn’t go near the terrorist and because them I haven’t went to the school and I haven’t do the exam of chemistry and literature but at all a few days a go I have do these exams and I have done good.

Saddam Hussein is under arrest:

What a great thing the American forces arrest Saddam in a spider hole that he was hidden in, he is so loser because of why he didn’t kill him self when he heard the soldiers near him, or why he didn’t attack the soldiers that they get him out of the this hole, before they got him the people in Baghdad were saying Saddam is carrying a dozen of bombs and he has a three machine gun fill of bullets and he has the enough money to stay where ever he want to stay but this is all was a lying, and one of them said to me he has the bombs and he will bomb himself when the American forces attack him, but Iraq is better now without this dictator man, and Iraq will be like all the middle east countries and will be better than them by god willing.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Marry Crestmas

I hope a mearry crestmas for all the good people and I hope the next crestmas will be and Iraq had a good geoverment and take a good care of the people.

Monday, December 08, 2003

I cant write these days


I cant write these days because I have a a ten Exams in a tow weaks so please wait until I fenesh it, and wish a luck for me

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

The new Email


I have a problem these days with my blog so please send your comments or Emails on the new Email

until I fix this problem


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

What do me and my friends do in this holydays:

We have a three holydays because of a celebration in our
Religion, so in the third days of the holydays I decided to go outside my neighborhood, so we went to a street its name is Alrwbaie Street which it is full of restaurants and takeaways, we are 4 boys first we went to a restaurant which it has a funny name it is (happy time) I had take a hamburger and a dish of potatoes and Pepsi which my male is very good, after that we went to the internet cafe I have chat with my friends on the net we had a good time, after that we went to the LAN café we played Meddle of Honor and Counter Strike which these games are the most popular in Baghdad LAN cafes, after a long time in the LAN café we went to a coffee shop we drinks some coffee after that every one went to his house .

ZEKRA the Lebanon singer has died:

The Lebanon singer ZEKRA has died, his husband kill her when he was drank he kill her and her manger and he kill himself, what a crazy man he is he says that she is dishonesty with her manger so he had kill her. The Arabs loss one of the best singers this is a crazy thing I have ever heard.

Henry and Ronaldo and Ziedan: Who is the best player in 2003?

The FIFA declare that the best player in the world will be either RONALDO or ZIDAN or HENRY, and the coaches that they will share there are 142 coaches from all over the world.

Here is a small thing about these players:

1- Ronaldo:
He is a player from Brazil, he plays in a lot of European clubs like Inter Milan and Barcelona and he moved to Real Madrid last season, he is the best player in the world in 96-97-2002, he scores 8 goals in the last world cup in North Korea and Japan.

2- Terry Henry:
He is a player from France, he played for Monaco and Juventies and he moved there seasons ago to Arsenal, he haven't score any goal in the last world cup because he get a red card in the second match against Uruguay.

3- Zine Dine Zidan:
He is a player from France too, he plays to Juvuntes and moved to Real Madrid tow seasons ago, he has a tow goals in the world cup 98 against Brazil which its end 3-0 for France, these goals made him a superstar.

I follow Ronaldo, because I hate Henry and Zidan so I will support Ronaldo I wish I could see him face to face.