Friday, January 21, 2005

Elections and Me

Those past days all the parties were making announcements and stuff for their parties, I saw their followers hanging out in streets and giving people pictures and posters and telling them to elect their party, I didn't like that because a lot of uneducated people would believe anything they say like they tell them they will give them money, but if we be more logical that's impossible, I mean why would they give them money for nothing. When I finished my exams I went out with my friends to have lunch out, and when we were walking towards the restaurant, some of the parties' followers jumped beside us from their cars saying you're our students, and they gave us photos of Al Jafari the man that I HATE, I told they guy that if you know we are students, how come you're giving us pictures of those people and you know that we can't vote?, he told me that they would be happy if we support them, I didn't answer him because I didn't want to get in to a conversation with him.

Here is another story about what the people are doing to get elected:A guy from my school called Ziad, brought pics and posters with him in the last exam's day, the pics was of Abdul Azziz Al Hakim, he pasted the pics on the walls in and out of the schools, when I saw him I went to talk to him, I told him that, this is a SCHOOL, its not a place that you could paste pics of the guys that you like, (like, I like Madonna, can I put her posters on the school's wall?) of course the answer is no, when I told him that he told me that I don't have ethics and that I am not a Muslim ( I don't why is this, every time that I talked to a guy, and I told him that what he's doing is wrong, he tells me that I am not a Muslim), is it when you don't say anything and that someone else takes your rights is Islam???!!!!!!, so I told him alright consider me not a Muslim because I used to hear that from the people like you (LOL), I told him if you put those pics I will put Madonna's pics on the pics that you've put, he shouted at me and said, do you want to put pics of a girl on Al Hakim pics?, I said, (WOW) hey is that guy that important!!!!, he told me that he is the leader of the Islamic revolution party, I told him that I never saw a revolution those past two years, how come they named their party like that?, he said there will be a big revolution if we're not ELECTED !!!!!!!!!, I said than what will you do? Kill Sunni people? Or Christian people? , he said that they don't kill Iraqis, I told him, then what are you going to do?, kill the guys from the foreign press like what those terrorist are doing, he just started to talk about bullshit things, that his MASTERS will do, my friends came and asked me to leave him alone, I went with them but I returned and told him that if you put these pics, I swear I will put Madonna's pics on them, when we finished the exam and went out, I saw him taking off those pics, I just laughed as laud as I can.
So what I am saying that if these parties think that they are the best for Iraq, why would they make spies in schools and hire some people to give pics to the Iraqis.
For me I think Allawi is the best for Iraq, because he is a tough guy, and that he will protect Iraq from those animals terrorists.
P.S: I am in my vacation now, so I will write about everyday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mery Xmas
Happy New Year

Hi,I am sorry I didn't write all these past days because I was too busy doing my mid year exams, I did pretty good atually.About my last post, I received a lot of emails and comments, most of the people thought that I would like to go to USA for studying and they tried to advise me about the colleges that I should pick, this is not what I meant, what I meant was that I wanted to go to America to spend the summer and to have the chance to see some of my readers (maybe). I don't know about the rules or the stuff that people should do to visit America, but I know that it is hard to get to go to America especially for the people from middle east, and then I added that if it's not possible, I'll be in Amman/Jordan to spend the summer over there incase if I couldn't go to America, and then some people sent me links and comments, right now I can't get to the internet a lot because my final exams are being close, my exams are in June but right away when I finish them I'll go outside Iraq, I'll go to Amman whether if I get the visa or not, and after I get to Amman I'll go to the American embassy, and ask if it is possible....So please help me with anything you can,thats all what I can write about for now because I am completly busy and I don't have enough time even to see my friends.