Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hi people,
I am sorry I didn't post those days because I was very busy with my exams (again). I want to tell you somthing that do you remember the day that I faced the terrorists and I went to school late? I got 66/70 in that exam...
Right now I am doing the final exams before the MID year exams, I hope I'll do good to continue the way to the finals. And about my team competition, the competition is delayed because of the bad security situation but that is good for us because it gives us more time to practice.....
And about the Iraqi national football team, I didn't watch the first two matches but I knew that they lost the first match and made draw at the second one, TODAY Iraq will play against Emarites I think they'll win.

I want to tell you that If anybody of you could send me a visa or invite or whatever it is to America because I am going out when I finish the final exams in June and I wanted to tell you that if I couldn't get a visa to America I'll be in Jordan/Amman so if anyone of you wants to see me I'll be there in June.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gulf League

In Friday 10th of Dec, the gulf league will start, Iraq is in the first group (A) there are Oman, Yemen and UAE in the same group, group D contains Saudia Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Iraq had banded from this leauge 13 years ago after Saddam invated Kuwait and that Iraq didn't participate in this leauge for 13 years. Iraq didn't play in the first three leagues in the 4th league Iraq played and took the first place, Iraq made it three times and they just play in 5 leagues, they needed a political decition to get Iraq back to the league (imagen that) because Iraq was banded from the league by a decition made by the gulf countries council, and now they made another one which says that Iraq can get back to the league. The Iraqi players are the same players that played in Athens 2004, they are:

1- Noor Sabry (goal keeper)
2-Ahmed Ali (goal keeper)
3-Basim Abbas (denfender)
4-Hider Abd El Razaq (defender)
5-Hider Jabar (defender)
6-Hider Sabah (defender)
7-Qussai Muneer (middle)
8-Abd El Wahhab Abu El Heal (middle)
9-Nashat Akram (middle)
10-Salih Sadir (middle),(the man that said some comments about Bush in Athens 2004)
11-Hawar Mullah Mohammed (middle)
12-Hider Sabah (Middle)
13-Younis Mahmood (Striker)
14-Ahmed Monajed (striker)
15-Emad Mohammed (striker)
16-Ahmed Salah (striker)
The coach is Adnan hamed who is nominated to be the best coach in Asia.
You can see the matches of the leauge on Al Sharqia, Jazzira Sports , Dubai Sports, Iraqia and Kowait T.V. channels.

I hope that we will make it and win this competition and beat those arabs teams.

Olay Olay Olay Iraq

Sunday, December 05, 2004

We're About To Start !!!!

Tomorrow the first round of the competition will start, 12 teams from the grades (12th and 11th) will play against each others, the system is who lose gets out of the competiton, MY team will dress in RED (Manchester United dresses) which we bought them by your helps, our team name is like Manchester's name is THE RED DEVLES. Tomorrow they will make the gourd and we'll see against whom we are going to play, I hope we play some 11th grade team because they are easy to beat. the refree is the 12th grade headmaster (Imagen that!!!!) he likes football and thats why he dose that, and about me I am gonna play in the place of Gary Nevil (the player of Manchester) as I said lots of times before, I'll play in the right back, I hope I'll do good because last year I made a foul in the penalty area and we loss the match and we got out of the competition.
And about the second round which I guarantee that we will play in it, contains 4 teams from my school, I mean the 4 best teams from the first round will play in the second round which is AN IRAQ HIGH SCHOOLES COMPETITION, its like we will play schools teams from different cities and if we won we will have the chance to see the Iraqi Youth football team coach and maybe some of us will play in the IRAQ YOUTH TEAM.
And about the Pictures, tomorrow I'll post the first match pics but now body told me how to post videos so please if you know who send me an email to tell me how to post them.
Please Help me team in whatever you can to play in the second round.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I received this by an Email, this picture is made by a friend of mine,. This pic shows you the spots that my readers are visiting my blog from...... USA has the biggest number of my readers as I said before.... Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

wars near me

A few days ago I couldn't go to school because wars were been held between the resistors (as they call themselves) and the American Army + the Iraqi national gurds because they were right in my street, here comes the story:
I waked up a little late like I have to wake up in 6:30 am but I waked up in 6:45 so my line driver called me and told me that I have to hurry because he said that armed people are in my street, I thought he was joking because he always do that when I get up late, so I toke my time and changed my clothes and went down to the street but when I opend the outdoor of my house I saw them in the street, I was like shocked because I only had seen them in T.V. (the people who cover their faces in black) he shouted at me to get in my house and never get out, so I went back in my house and called the line driver on his mobile, he siad that he saw them and they told him to go home but he just stopped about 200 meters away from my house, so he told me just go out and walk to me and then we can leave beacuse from the other side there were no resistors (TERRORISTS), so I opend the door again and told the guy who was the nearist one to me that can I walk a few meters to reach my line car and go to school because my school is very away from my house about 15 minutes in car, but he said to me NO, NO SCHOOLS. so i turend back home because I can't say anything to him because if I argue him he will certinly kill me, so I called my line driver and told him that I can't go out they don't let me to walk to you and I called my friends and told them to tell the headmaster about my story because I had an exam in that day it was English exam, and that I can't come, and then I sat in my house garden waiting that maybe this will end, but a few minutes later a huge explosion happend that was an RPG missile hitting a Hammer and then the resistors said Allah Akbar (this is the word they say when they hit some one) so I knew that a WAR gonna start, so I ran right away to my house and waked up everyone in the house, and then a lot of bombings happend and a lot of bullets were shot, but about 1 and a half hour i took a look to them and saw that they left and then the people who were coming accross my street and saw the terrorists and couldn't go back started to get up and return to walk and go for their jobs but when the first man reached the top of the street and explosion took place so the people run back again and then a war took place too, but about a half an hour evreything was too quite and we knew that its over so that was in 9:45 am so I told my dad to give me a ride to my school and talk to the headmaster for me so I went to school and (thanks god) that my class was didn't make the exam yet so I made the exam and did very good, but when I return back the Iraqi National Guards were in my street and evreything was quite and a man who ran a store in front of my house told me that the American lost a hammer humvie and they drag it and wait the terrorists to show but the cowrds didn't and then evreything became normal and that HELL day ended safly and no body I know got hurt......

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Tell me what is your country

I just wanted to know the countries that my readers come from, I want to know that which country is more visiting my blog, so please write your name in a comment and your country with it.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fallujah, Fallujah......

Fallujah is the biggest problem in Iraq. I have been talking to some people here, some of them were beside Allawi and they said that Allawi made the right decision by invating Fallujah because this situation will not be sloved only by killing the terrorsits who are staying in that little city, the others said that its very wrong to attack fallujah they directly said to me that if you are a muslim how come you agree at that situation in fallujah, the problem is that when you speak to those people, I don't know why they start to talk about ISLAM and that it is HARAM (not allawed) to kill the muslim terrorsits, they say that they are fighting to lebrate us from the American occupation, but I always tell them that there is no occupation in Iarq, what you're seeing is because the terrorists,
i told them that did the American Army or the new Iraqi Army bomb schools or mosques or chruchs the people who are doing that are ARAB TERRORISTS ( and you saw in the news how many arab terrorist got arrested) but when you tell them that (the people who said that Allawi's decision is wrong) they say that you are a lier and not a muslim and that you should been killed and somthings like that.

For me Allawi's decision is very right and I am with troops which they are fighting in there to make us get ride of the terrorists and we are praying for them that God help them and make them win evrey battle the get in.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Congratulation America

Hi Guys,

I am sorry I didn't have the chance to write those past days because I really was very very busy I even didn't buy an Internet card for 2 weeks now I am using my friend card, I was very busy doing some exams but I did good at those exams( thanks God).

I want to congratulate the American people about the last elections (America you did the right thing), I was by the side of Bush, in fact I wanted him to win because he is the man, he is the one who lebrated us from the SH, and I am not against Kerry because I don't know much about him. what am I talking about I can't even vote I am just giving some talking.....(LOL)
I saw Bush and Kerry's speaches on Al Hurra (because you know about Al Jazeera and Al Arabia), for me Bush looked very strong and full of confidense but Kerry looked depressed.

I wish that Iraqis will do the same in thier in coming elections in Jan 2005, I hope that they will choose the man who deserves to be the president of Iraq not a man who don't know about anything but relgion's stuff.I'm under the legal age I can't vote in this in coming elections I have to wait for the next time.

I also want to tell you about the pics (I bought a camera) as soon as the competition starts, as I said I promice you that I will post the pics I don't want you to say that I am a lier or somthing like that, and maybe I will put videotapes making interviews with the players and put the translation as soon as I learn how to put videos on my blog page.

People thats all what I got for today,
don't forget wait for the pics.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Recievd the Money

I would like to thank evrey one who sent me donations because I gave the money for the team and they went to buy the stuff also soon you will see pics here on my blog of my team I will not be in the pics because you know!!!. Also I am doing good at school and at my exams getting high marks THANKS GOD, and I still don't have spare time to write.
thank you evreybody.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Teaching in Iraq

In this year a lot of the books changed, the books have been cleaned from Saddam's names, Bath names and stuff which relate to the past regime, if we take a look on my grade's books we'll see that the Islamic books has changed and the literature book has changed, I don't say that all the books are changed but most of them are. And if we take a look on the teachers that teach us in the school, you will see that most of the teachers are surprised with those new books, they don't know how to teach us those books, at all the ministry did a very wrong thing by changing the books because at least they had to wait for 2 or 3 years till they can change the books because most of the students are living in a very bad places I mean wars, missiles and planes and stuff like that, don't they how to study these new books after the studied the old books in the summer JUST like the way I did. I have nothing to say more because I am fasting.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Its raining here

Today is the first day that the sky is raining, I love winter weather and I HATE summer's weather because its too hot here in the summer, schools are going okay with me, my summer classes are helping me so much I don't have to study a lot because I have a back up but that dosen't mean that I should not study, well I guess I will not write evreyday because I have to study a lot as I say always, I guess this weather will help me not to be bored, well thats all what I got for today but here is a tip Iraq is going to play against Uzbekistan on 13th oct, 2004 I will write about that.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Iraqi schools are open now

Schools started in Iraq last Saturday (1st October). I will talk about what happened with me at the first day.I didn't sleep the day before Saturday to get used on the new time, because I always get up at 1 pm and the schools start at 8 am so for that I didn't sleep, I took a Taxi and I went to my school and when I reached the school, I met my school friends that I haven't seen them for 4 months, it was great to see them and their faces are changed and they look different, at 8 am, we entered the school and we stood in the school yard waiting for the headmaster and his assistant and the teachers to come, and then they came and the headmaster started talking to us about the new studying year and specially to us the 12th grade students like he said this is your last year this is your future…blah blah blah, and then the 12th grade assistant come to us to read for us the names of the students and which classes they are in because in Iraq the system is not like America the assistants make groups of students and put each one in a class and give the class name like A,B,C,D,H,W, so they put me in the class D with some of my friends from the old classes I mean in the 11th grade and the 10th grade, and then a big surprise there was no class D because there were books of all the school in my class like a book store, so they have to take the books out and then we will study in our class, for now we are studying with the class H in the same classroom. And then we entered the first lesson and in each lesson they come they talk about the same thing that the head master talked about, and till now we didn't study we just go to school and stay there and then we leave they said teaching will start next Saturday. Some of the students are talking about that all the books are changed this year, the ministry of education changed all the books this year even the English book and the story of Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice). I hope that I will do well this year and make good marks at the finals to get the best college in Baghdad.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another Win for Iraq

Today Iraq won against Yemen 2-0 and qualified to the next round, Iraq now is in the top of the group with 9 points and 7 goals and either South Korea or Thailand will qualify with Iraq as a second team. Iraq's next match is against Syria I think it will be easy match for Iraq.

Olay Iraq!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Vote for your best football team

Free Vote Caster from
you vote you decide and don't care about what FIFA say.
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WE won again

The Iraqi youth football team won today against Thailand 2-0 and now Iraq is taking the lead of his group, Iraq got 6 point and 5 goals and this number of points qualify Iraq to the next round even if Iraq lose against Yemen. The goals came by Wisam Zaki, it was a free kick from Iraq and then the one who was playing the free kick passed the ball to Wisam and he shot it very hard and scored the first goal to Iraq at the minute 8, and then the same player Wisam Zaki came back in an attack and passed the ball to Hider Sabah who scored the second goal to Iraq.
And here how the group is looks like
1- Iraq 6 points 3 goals
2- Thailand 3 points
3- South Korea 3 points
4- Yemen

Go Iraq
Olay olay olay olay!

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Iraqi Youth football team in the Asian Cup 2004

The Iraqi Youth Football team started his first round in the Asian cup with a very good wining against South Korea the team who won the cup before, Iraq beat Korea 3-0 goals came by a very good coming up player his name is Muslim Mibarak he scored the first two goals for Iraq and then Iraq scored their third goal by a head shoot from Fareed and that was the end of the match.
Here is the group that Iraq is playing in:
1- Iraq
2- Yemen
3- Thailand
4- South Korea

Iraq now is in the lead with 3 points and 3 goals today Yemen and Thailand will play.

Olay Olay Olay Iraq!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Thank You America

Thank you America is the word that the Iraqi PM said a lot in the congress yesterday….
The Iraqi PM spoke yesterday in the congress, he talked about some of his plans to destroy the terrorists and make from Iraq a new Iraq, Iraq which has freedom and democracy, and he spoke about the situation in Samara and how the law and the security are taking their way to rebuild this city which is in the north of Iraq, and he spoke about the cities which are still have fighting and wars, and then he turned to thank America for its sacrifices and army and government which helped Iraq to get rid of Saddam which he called him the bad regime.
I am so glad for this I think this is the first Iraqi PM who speak in the congress or in the US.
But there is something really surprise me which is I don’t know how many times that the congress members claps for him!
I saw his speech on BBC WORLD because I think all the Arabic channels were translating his speech with different words that he said you know they make it fake like Al Jazzera and Al Arabia.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Schools in Iraq

Schools are about to start in Iraq just two more weeks and then we have to attend again and wake up at 7 am but its okay for me since this is my last year in school and then I'll be in college, in this Month they changed the date of the schools opining a lot because of the situations in Najaf and Falluja because they cant start thr new studying year without make a second chanse for those who didn't make it, first the date was Sep, 10th then they changed it to Sep, 12th then they changed it to Sep, 20th and now they made the opening day in Nov, 2nd and I hope that they woun't change it again because if they do the studying year will be short and that is not good for us who are in the 12th grade because we need to study too hard to get the good college because we can't choose our college its not up to us but its up to our grades in the final exams and thats why we have to study to hard, and this is why I am not writing a lot these days because I am busy with studying and my team money problems.

In this vacation I didn't enjoy it because I have been studying all the days of the vacation, I studid Math, Bio, Chem, and Arabic language bases, and I did very good all the teachers told me that I will do good in the Finals but I am still warried about you know WHAT IF?, but I did very good and my last lesson I am studying is English I took a Female teacher her name is Gulala she is Christian and shes very good in English I told her about my blog and when she saw it she told me how did you learn all that then I told her from the world of blogging but she didn't understand me, and I waiting for the Finals to say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD BYE SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

And about my school team we are working on it we finished working on the stadium with the little money we had which we collected from the pearnts and we are waiting egarly for your supports.l

Saturday, September 18, 2004

A huge operation for the Iraqi National guards

The Iraqi national gaurds made a big operation in Baghdad in Hifa street, about 1000 soldiers from the Iraqi national gaurds did the operation and they succeed, they arrested a lot of criminals and catch a lot of ammunition, this was the biggest operation that Iraqi troops did after beating Saddam's regime. And I am so proud of them and I wish them luck to catch all the criminals and the thieves.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Saturday in Baghdad

Saturday was the day of the death of a big shiee Imam his name is Musa El Kadim, at that day shiee Muslims did their traditions like they were warring a black clothes and they hit their bodies and they give people food for free and they go to the Mosque which named from the name of the Imam and the place were the Imam buried called Kadmiah named from his name too. (what a people)

At Friday I had a chem. Lesson at 8 am so I waked up at 7:30 am and I had my breakfast then I waked my father because he is the one who take me by his car to the lesson and when we entered Anter circle I surprised by the big number of the Iraqi soldiers there were a huge number of them and beside them there were a big number of policemen too, those soldiers were protecting the shiee people who they come from a different places from Baghdad towards the mosque on foot and then I went to the lesson and about three hours I took a taxi and get home while the people were still walking to the mosque, At 6 pm 9 pm I saw them still going to the mosque and after that I didn’t go outside the house all the day.

This day was the shiee day I waked up ver early comparing with everyday I wake up I used to wake up at 1 pm but this day I waked up at 10:30 am to see the people I had my breakfast and went down to my street were I surprised of the huge number of the people who were going to the mosque across my street, and the soldiers and the policemen were still there they stayed all the night because as I heard the people didn’t stop coming all the night (again what a people) and the street were blocked there were no cars no buses in the street that really scared my first, at 3 pm , 6 pm, 7 pm , I went out and I saw the same scene the people were still coming then I took my cell phone and I called my best friend Yasser (you can see him on Iraq the future) and I asked him about lets go near the mosque and see what the people are doing, so we called all our Sunni friends like me because my shiee friends were with their families and then we went there and we saw that they were hitting their bodies and they were giving people food for free but we didn’t take anything because we knew that some of the food were full of germs, and at 9 pm we saw a minibus and there were some guys on the bus roof and the bus was moving but we saw that they were calling Muqtada Muqtada and then the police run after them and arrested them, I went back home at 10 pm but my friends stayed and saw that nothing happened and the people went back at 1 am and the soldiers went back to their bases and the police stayed in the streets.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Blog

I made a new blog for those who blame me for anything happens in Iraq.
here is the link

Visit it.......

Friday, September 10, 2004

Iraq and the way to Germany

The Iraqi national football team played their first round in a group which Uzbekistan, Palestine and Taiwan play in too.
Their first two matches went draw against Uzbekistan and Palestine and they beat Taiwan in third match 6-1.
Now they are playing the second round, a few days ago they beat Taiwan 4-1 the goals made by Salih Sadir (2 goals) and Razaq Farhan and Sa'ad Atieah. Now they have 8 points at the second place. If they beat Uzbekistan and do whatever against Palestine they will insure that they will qualify to the third round.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I am finished

I am so sorry that I didn't post those past days because I was very busy with finishing my summer classes, and I am done now with all the subjects I read in the vacation like Bio, Chem, Math, Arabic.. and about 3 weeks schools starts and I will be busy again with the school from a side and with my team in the other side... so I think you understood my situation now, and please dont blame me that I dont write a lot like before.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Yes we've made it

We got the OK from our school head master, we told him that we are going to finish our work on the team before the school begins, and we are going to pay evreything that the team wants like ummmm 15 dresses (uniforms), 4 nets for the goals, 15 shoes (one for each player), 10 balls, 5 for us and 5 for the competition. And he said ok, we have about 100 $ now in our hands we are going to buy paint and bring some painters to paint the stadium for us. we are very happy because we are going to play in this competition.

And MANY MANY thanks for those who are helping us here in my blog, thank you all and we love you.

By the way I heard that the Iraqi national team is going to play against Syria but I dont know when, I'll tell you when I get some info.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Lucky Italy

Well thats the end of the whole story, Iraq turend back home with no medals, we missed a lot of shoots, we missed a lot of attacks. Iraq should find a striker who make an attack from nothing who know how to get in the penalty area and put goals.

Iraq just made a good playing in the history of the Olympics they took the 4th place and they are the 4th best olympic team in the world now and thats good.

I hope that we do good in the next compititons like the Gulf champions and the Arab homlad champion, we are the best arabian team now and we are they 4th best team in the world and that is (enough for me).

Thank you Iraq, you did what you could do.

Today's Match

We are going to play against Italy today, all the players are ready and they are egar to get the win for Iraq and let the people in Baghdad celebrate, and they hope that they will get us the bronze because the last medal Iraq ever had was about 44 years from now, so go Iraq go get the bronze.

here is the list of the players which they are going to play today:

1- Nour Sabry (GK)
2- Hider Jabar (DC)
3- Hider Abd El Razaq (DC)
4- Hider Abd El Amir (LB)
5- Bassim Abbas (RB)
6- Qussai Moneer (CB)
7- Abd EL Wahab Abu EL Heil (CB)
8- Hawar Mullah Mohammed (LF)
9- Emad Mohammed (RF)
10 Salih Sadir (CF)
11- Razaq Farhan (Striker)

Let's go Iraq, let's get the Bronze.
Olay olay olay olay Iraq!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Well Thanks Iraq

I am not mad, I am not upset at the Iraqi team because they did their best and they showed the world how a good team we are, and we reached this place and that is good, even if we lose against Italy that is good too, because we are a team which doesn't have a league in their country and we don’t get all the facilities that other teams get, and if we lose with Italy we will be the 4th best Olympic team in the world and that is great.
And we shouldn’t do that off side plan because of this plan we lose all their goals they didn’t fight to get it, they were gifts from the Iraqi defenders, I hope that the coach will fix those problems and I hope that we will get the Bronze.
Thank you Iraq, thank you Hawar, thanks you Younis, thank you Emad, thank you Nour you were the best goal keeper that Iraq ever had, thank you Hider Jabar ( he just sign for a German team), thank you Basim, thank you all, you did what you can and we are very thankful.

Me and my school friends are trying to rebuilt our school team to play in the schools football league, we are trying to get money to buy the balls and buy nets for the school's goals, and we are trying to buy dresses for the team, so if you can help us we will be very thankful. Because a lot of players from my team want to play in this competition because the best players in the competition will have the chance to go to the coach of the Iraqi youth football team, and maybe they will be in the Iraqi youth team, so if you can help we will be thankful.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Next Match

Our next match is against Paraguay, we have to be so careful because we don’t want to lose, and we have to win to insure that we will get a medal at all, even if we take a silver or bronze medal that will be good.
I think the Iraq coach Adnan Hamed will let all his best players to play like Younis Mahmoud and Emad Mohammed and he have to do his best to take the first medal in football for the first Arabian team.

Here is the list of the players which I think the coach will let them to play in the first half:

1- Nour Sabray (GK)
2- Hider Abd El Jabbar (BD)
3- Hider Abd El Razaq (BD)
4- Hider Abd El Amir (RB)
5- Bassim SAbbas (LB)
6- Qussai Moneer (CB)
7- Abd EL Wahab Abu El Heel (CB)
8- Nashat Akram (CF)
9- Emad Mohammed (LF)
10-Hawar Mullah Mohammed (RF)
11- Younis Mahmoud
I hope Iraq will do good because we (here in Baghdad) really are waiting to see wins for the Iraqi team.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Emad Mohammed Posted by Hello

Amazing Boys

The Iraqi just made and qualifies to the semi finals, when they beat Australia 1-0, I can't tell you what happened in Baghdad when the scored the goal, when they just score it the commentator just yell and shut GOAL GOAL!, and he end his yelling by crying, he cried when the match ended, because Iraq haven't qualify to this round over his whole history, and when we scored the flying bullets covered the sky, it was about 8:30 PM in Baghdad time when we scored our goal so they just stop and get back to see what will happen in the last 19 minutes but nothing changed, Iraq won and the history open his hand for them, the team which has been beloved by all the Iraqi people even the people who don't care about football they saw that game and get out to street and celebrate the moment of joy, I want to tell you what happen in MY street when the match was over, its like a hundreds people went out and holding the Iraqi flags with them and just yelling and crying in the street but of course with shooting bullets because this has become a tradition that when the Iraqi team win a match they have to celebrate by shooting bullets, I can hear the sound of the bullets now and its about 90 minutes from the time which the match ended.
Now let me describe the match: The first half:
The first half was so quite, each teams wanted it to end and the result is draw, but as I saw two failed chances to Australia, Iraq didn't do anything in the first half, except some few shy attacks
.The second half: Australia began this half very heavily they did a lot of good attacks against us but Nour Sabry the incredible goal keeper just saved a lot of shoots against us, but Iraq re arranged his forms and they start to attack and by a corner kick for Iraq Hawar Mullah Mohammed play it but the Australian defenders kick it away but Mahdie Kareem kick it back to the penalty area by his head, and the ball just came to Emad Mohammed and by a double kick he scored our goal. And we won and our Olympic team become one of the best 4 teams in the world.
Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq.
Check out a freind of mine http://mynewznideas.blogspot.//

Emad Mohammed Posted by Hello

Friday, August 20, 2004


I have a lot of things to say, after I knew the whole story that you heard from the press about the two players and the coach,
First I have to say from where did those two players came from:
1-Ahmed Monajed
This player came from Fallujah and after the events in fallujah and the military action over there to clean up the city from the terrorist and the thieves, a lot of innocent people died and a lot of houses destroyed, so let's say that Ahmed was one of the people who hurt from the military action, so of course he will say this and about when he said "I will come back to Iraq and kill the Americans" he said that because of what happened in his home. So I think when he said that he say it to express his feelings.

2- Salih Sadir
This player came from Najaf and maybe he said that because the same thing which has been said by Ahmed Monajed, maybe he said that because his city was destroyed and a lot of innocent people died. And when he said Mr. Bush is using us to win his campaign, this is a bullshit.

And about the Coach Adnan Hamed
He benefit from Uday because he was the coach in Uday's time too, so he loss the money which Uday was giving him, and now he don’t have only the salary form the government.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I don't know WHY

I don’t know why our coach gave them this win, for what? The Iraqi coach didn’t let our best players to play just like the list which I post earlier, it was exactly the same, I thought of what could our coach think and my thoughts were right because I gave the exactly list of the players before the game start. Like we didn’t let Younis Mahmoud to play and he is the best scorer and we let Razaq Farhan to play instead of him, and we didn’t let Emad Mohammed play till the middle of the second half, and we let Ahmed Salah to play in his place, but they did good at the first match and they started the second half very good by scoring the first goal, but the referee gave them a penalty kick and they scored the draw goal, but the Iraqi players didn’t play well when we reached the end of the second half and they scored their wining goal, but then the Iraqi team felt the shame and started to make it draw and they made a very good attacks on of them was by Qussai Moneer but at all they loss.
Here is a list for how the group looks now
1- Iraq ( 6 points ) ( 7 goals )
2- Costa Rica ( 4 points ) ( 5 goals )
3- Morocco ( 4 points ) ( 4 goals )
4- Portugal ( 3 points ) ( 6 goals )
Here is a list of our goals
1- Hawar Mullah Mohammed ( 2 goals )
2- Salih Sadeer ( 2 goals )
3- Mahdie kareem ( 1 goal )
4- Younis Mahmoud ( 1 goal )
5- Emad Mohammed ( 1 goal )
Our next match is against Australia the team which didn’t play good and just qualify by the help of Argentina.

I hope Iraq will do good next match and just forget today's match.

I have to say this even when we loss today's match,
Olay Olay Olay Olay iraq!

The Iraqi Boxer Najah wins his match against the Korean Player he beated him very hard. LOL
I hope this player will get us a medal.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Today's Match

Today Iraq is going to play against Morocco at 5:30 GMT but Iraq has insured his qualify to the quarter finales so today's match has no effect on the Iraqi way to the gold, but at the same time the Iraqi national Olympic team must continue his wonderful results by wining the match tonight and therefore Iraq will have 9 pointes and conquer the first place in the 4th group and avoid meeting Argentina in the quarter final and hold up playing with them until the Final match , but if we talk about the Arab part and the Islam part and the blood-brothers between the tow teams, Iraq should give morocco an easy win with a big results to make them have the chance to qualify with us, and this is what I heard from the different Arab sports channels, they said if Iraq respect the relation between Arab countries and stuff they should give them a win ( AL Jazeera Sport Channel ) but I don't think that Adnan Hamed the (Iraqi coach) will do that, because Iraq have to continue his wonderful results, and they don't have to give them a win because this is football this, is a championship, you have to fight and do everything which leads you to the next round, you don't have to wait till the other teams give you a gift and let you qualify with them, right?. And if we win today we will have a great incorporeal to win our match in the next round (Quarter Finals).
I think the Iraqi coach will not let the professional players play in today's match because he have nothing to lose so I think he will let those players to play this match:
1- Nour Sabry (Goal Keeper)
2- Hider Jabar (Defender)
3- Sa'ad Atieah (Defender) ( if he let this player to play, this will be his first match in the Olympics)
4- Basim Abbas (Defender)
5- Hider Abd EL Ameer (Defender)
6- Qussai Moneer (Center Back)
7- Salih Sadeer (Center Forward)
8- Ahmed Salah (Left Forward)
9- Ahmed Monajed (Right Forward)
10- Abd El Whab Abu EL Heel (Resting)
11- Razaq Farhan (Striker)
And that's mean that our scorer players will not play like
1-Hawar Mullah Mohammed
2-Emad Mohammed
3-Younis Mahmoud
4-Mahdie Kareem
Best wishes to the Iraqi team to beat Morocco and CONQURE the first place in the list.
Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq!

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Victory of Iraq over Costa Rica

The Iraqi team continued their very good playing in the second match against Costa Rica. They proved to the entire world that nothing can stop the Iraqis no matter what situations they are in, even the players don’t know if their families are alive or how they are doing but they showed the world that they are good players no matter where or when they play.
The First Half:
The first half started normally from the both teams there weren’t good attack until the minute 10 when Nashat Akram made a shot and it went beside the goal and a lot of attacks for the Iraqi team happened but no point they all failed to touch the goal net, and there were a very good attacks from the other team too, the player Diaz made a lot of attacks from the left side, but all those attacks from the both teams failed.
The Second Half:
The Second half started by a lot of attacks from the Iraqi side especially by Emad Mohammed from the right side and Hawar Mullah Mohammed from the left side, and then from a shot by Qussai Moneer the ball hit the player and comes to Hawar Mohammed so he shot it very heavy and he scored the first goal and a few minutes from scoring the first goal an Hawar Mullah Mohammed made an attack from the left side and crossed the ball to Mahdi Kareem and this man scored the second goal by his head, and those are all the events in the second half nothing changed at all.
But I have to talk about Nour Sabry ( the Goal Keeper ) he saved a lot of attacks against him and he played very good.
And now our position is the first in out group:
1- Iraq ( 6 goals) ( 6 points )
2- Portugal ( 3 pointes )
3- Costa Rica ( 1 point )
4- Morocco ( 1 point )
The Players who scored for the Iraqi team in the first and the second match are:
1- Hawar Mullah Mohammed ( 2 goals )
2- Younis Mahmoud ( 1 goal )
3- Emad Mohammed ( 1 goal )
4- Salih Sadeer ( 1 goal )
5- Mahdi Kareem ( 1 goal )

Lets hope that we will beat Morocco next match and complete the the first round with 9 pointes.
Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today's Match

Today Iraq has to win over Costa Rica to insure that they will qualifier, Iraq is going to play with the same players who they played the first match against Portugal.
Here is the list of the players:
Nour Sabry ( Goal Keeper )
1- Hider Jabar ( Center of the Defenders )
2- Hider Abd Al Razaq ( Center of the Defenders )
3- Basim Abbas ( Left Back )
4- Hider Abd El Ameer ( Right Back )
5- Qussai Moneer ( Center Back )
6- Nasha'at Akram ( Center Forward )
7- Abd El Wahaab Abo El Hea'al ( Center )
8- Hawar Mulla Mohammed ( Left Forward )
9- Emad Mohammed ( Right Forward )
10- Younis Mahmmod ( Stricker )

Iraq will play with this arrange 4-5-1
That means we have one striker when we defend and we have three strikers when we attack.
Best Luck to the team…
Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq

Here is the Joy Moment Posted by Hello

Friday, August 13, 2004


We Won We WON.......
Iraq beated one of the great football teams, they beated Portugal which they got the second place in Euro 2004. I can wait to check out
the FIFA website to see our place between the world teams,we were the 40th but now I dont know where they are going to put our team...
The Match started with a very good playing from the Iraqi team and they made a lot of attacks in the minutes 4 ,7, 9 but with a mistake from the deffender Hider Jabar,Almeda scored his first goal, when they scored that goal I thought that the match is over and Portugal is going to win but after a few minutes Emad Mohamed scored a goal and made it draw with a mistake from the deffender too. and I dont know which minutes we scored the second goal and then with a very fast run from Emad Mohamed from the right side and he pass the ball to Younis Mahmmod but he couldnt score it because it went too high from the goal but the ball comes back to Hawar Mulla Mohammed the very very very good player who he scored it by his head declaring the second goal for Iraq and at the end of the first half Portugal won a free kick in front of the goal the fabulous player Ronaldo shoot the ball but the ball return back and the Iraq deffender shot it out to a corrner kick for Portugal and they played the kick but the ball return back from the deffender and Bowtinga shot it back so he scored the second goal for Portugal and made it draw again.
At the beginning of the second half the Iraq team continue their control on the middle of the field and they made a very good attack, first the ball was with Qussai Moneer and he passed it to Emad Mohammed it looks like it was off side but it wasnt so all the player of Portugal couldnt do anything and then Emad Mohammed Passed it too Younis Mahmmod and he scored the third goal for the Iraqi team, after that Portugal coach made a very good changes he let Dany play and Martenize but the Iraq coach did make a very good changes too so he let Salih Sadeer play who he made Dany cant do anything and then Ahmed Monajed played in the place of Emad Mohammed so he made an attack and the ball was to close to get out to be a goal kick for Portugal but Ahmed Monajed run and brought it back to Mahdie Kareem and then Mahdie passed it too Salih Sadeer and this man scored the 4th goal for us and WE WON. but in the match the player of Portugal didnt play like a regular match, Ronaldo beated Younis Mahmmod on his face so Younis fall down and the blood coverd his face and the refree gave Ronaldo a yellow card the refree must give him a red card because he hit him on his face, and Bow Mortree got a red card because he hit Bassim Abbas on his leg. and we only get a one yellow card for Younis Mahmmod and it was because he was celelbrating his goal too

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Olympics 2004

Iraq is going to play today against Portugal, they are playing in the second group which also Morroco and Costarica play in, I think the Iraqi team will play to make it draw because I think its imposible to beat them, but in football evreything happen like Greece when they won the cup of the Euro 2004, so lets hope they will do good.
here is the list of the Iraqi player:
1- Uday Talib ( goal Keeper)
2- Noor Sabry ( goal Keeper)
3- Hider Jabar ( Center of the Deffenders )
4- Hider Abd El Razaq ( Center Of the Deffenders)
5- Basim Abbas ( Left Back )
6- Hider Abd El Ameer ( Right Back)
7- Qussai Moneer ( Center Back)
8-Nasha'at Akram (Center Forward )
9- Mahdie Kareem ( Right Forward )
10- Hawar Mulla Mohammed ( Left Forward )
11- Razaq Farhan ( Striker)
12- Ahmed Monajed ( Striker )
13- Emad Mohammed ( Striker )
14- Younis Moahmood ( Striker )
15- Ahmed Salah ( Striker)
16- Salih Sadeer ( Center Forward )
17- Alaa Abd El Sataar ( Left Forward )
18- Abd El Wahaab Abo El Heel ( Center Back )
19- Hider Sabah ( Right Forward )
20- Sa'ad Atieah ( Center of the Deffenders )
21- Qussai Hashem ( Center Back )
22- Haithem Kadim ( Center Forward )

Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq

Saturday, August 07, 2004

What is wrong in Iraq?

The Iraqi stuation becomes very bad last few days, the number of the terrorist is increasing and evreyday the news show us a new gang and a new forgine hostge, WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?.The Iraqis showed the world very bad things like stealing the government bulldings and burn them and other things, do they want to stay away from the world? do they want to stay un ecducated? do they do they? a lot of things. In Iraq the number of un educated is very surprising and those poeple who dont know anything and dont feel anything towards Iraq they are destroyding Iraq they will make Iraq a place of horor and violent. I am wondering of how can we slove this problem. of course we cant educate this big number of people even if we tried I am sure that a lot of them will never come to study how to live and not to be selfish and not to stay out of order. the Sadr's gang are fighting from a side the Sunna are fighting from a side, why are they fighting. why dont they just see what the new government can do to them? do they like this way of living no elctricity because they stole all the cables and they are attacking evrey forgine man who comes to fix the stations. no oil for the cars because they are stealing the cars which brings oil to cities. What do they want to do? just fight until make the worlds country stop helping us and they will fight each other then. what will happen if those forgine troops goes out of Iraq and leave Iraq to those terrorist, I think Iraq will become a place which people die evreyday in. I have a lot of feeling but I cant say it in words because those people are really making our lifes bad. They said Al Sestani has a big effect in the Iraqi shiee Muslims then why did he leave Iraq and in this situation in Najaf. dont you think because this man thought that nothing will change those people so he said I'm out of here, and he left Iraq now. And about this fat man Muqtada al Sadr ( SMS) what dose he think himslef is doing ( he is non Iraqi) I believe in that he is just an agent who work for Iran.. I think nothing will change Iraq until the Iraqi people change their minds.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Iraq in the Olympics

Iraq is going to play in the Olympics I don't know Infos till now but I will get it soon.
but I knew that it will start in Aug, 13th ( Friday) and in the Iraqi group there are Portugal. Morroco and Costarica. I am not waiting anything from My team because I know those are a big teams and we can't beat them. but let us see what will they do.

Najaf !!!

I heard in the News that there were a big battels in Najaf between the Iraqi + the American Army and the followmen of Muqtada Al Sadir, and the Army is trying to arrest Muqtada and that is what I wish. and they found an Iranian wepons which have been used by those followmen, I dont know why do the Iranian government support those terrorist. is it because they are a shiee Muslims?... and at the same time Al Sestani is out of Iraq because of a problems with his heart, dosen't this mean somthing?!!!. well I hope we will get a ride of those terrorsit and live a happely life...
Here is a joke, my freinds told me:
what dose SMS mean?????
it means Said Muqtada Sadir hahahahahah

Monday, August 02, 2004

Another hostile attack

With a very bad move from the terrorists by attacking some churches in Baghdad, one of the churches which attacked was near my school I don’t know if my friends were in there that time because I have a big number of christen friends and I hope they are safe now, but lets move back what is the goal by attacking these churches why they attack a place which people go to pray and wish that their lives will continue happily, why the terrorist want to bomb them (WHY?) I mean if they are fighting to liberate Iraq as what they say so what is the purpose by bombing these places is that Jihad? Its not it is completely not I mean in Islam it's not allowed to go and kill the people even if they are not Muslim people it's NOT ALLOWED also it is against human rights, I mean what did they do? Why those people deserve to die? Its shame of them to kill people who they have nothing to do relate with occupation like when they kill those who work with the American's army they kill them because they work with the occupation as what they say, but about those people who just died today is their only fault was they were Christian people not Muslim people. If we take an example of one of the world's counties do their people who they are Christians kill Muslims people? They don’t because they are living safely together no one have to die no one have to suffer, why in Iraq they have to…… I don’t know what to say but in this situation I can't live my life.

Friday, July 30, 2004

We Lost

I couldnt see our last match becauseI had a lesson and I knew from the news that we lost
its a big feild for the coach and the palyers.

Monday, July 26, 2004

We made it....

The Iraqi team succeeds to qualifier to the quarter finals after beating Saudi Arabia 2-1 with a wonderful match and now they are going to play against China I hope we will beat them too.
The Iraqi team start the game with the players who I wrote their names in the older post except Nasha'at Akram who he played in the place of Salih Sadeer and by that list they started their match and in the first half there weren’t a good attacks for the both teams and they just played for draw except some attacks from the Iraqi side. And after 10 minutes of the beginning of the first half Razak Farhan passed the ball to Nasha'at Akram who he shoots the ball like a missile to the goal declaring the first goal to the Iraqi team and after  5 minutes the Saudi an team make it draw their goal wasn't fair because the striker kicked Hawar and took the ball from him without any reaction from the referee who I hated him because he wasn’t a good referee and after scoring the draw goal Iraq was insure about that they are going to qualifier because if the game ended with a draw they will have 4 points and the Uzbekistan 9 points so they will qualifier as the second team, but they refused to be like that so they played and played until the time came and with a wonderful run by Qusai Moneer he lead an attack against the Saudi an team and shoot the ball but the Saudi an goal keeper hit it so it comes back to Younis Mahmood who scored the second goal and declare that Iraq won the game because the Time when he scored the goal was the minute 87 and just 3 minutes to the match to end sp the Iraqi coach let a defender get in who his name is Hider abed al razak and make the team play with 4 defender and the match ended like this. It was a wonderful match really Iraq didn’t beat the saudian team from 10 years and they did it now. Good work guys and God bless. Aash al Iraq.
Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow the Iraqi national team will play against Saudi Arabia (losers) at 3 pm in the iraqi time and that game will be brodcast on ( Iraqia , MBC , Al Jazeera sports(the Liers chennel) , LBC ) it will be great if we beat them!!!! with a big big big big result ( I hope so. )
the players of the Iraqi team who will play as I think are:
Ahmed Ali ( goalkeeper)
Hider Jaba'ar ( defender)
Bassem Aba'as ( defender )
Hider Abd Al Ameer ( Defender)
Mahdi Kareem ( defender )

The Middle of the Field players are:
Hawa'ar Mulla Mohamed
Abd Al Waha'ab Abo Al Hia'al
Qusai Moneer
Salah Sadeer

The Strikers are
Razak Farhan
Emad Mohamed

lets hope they will play good and we will beat them with a big result
olay olay olay olay..... Iraq.


Friday, July 23, 2004

We beated them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iraq beated Turkmeistan 3-2 after a really crazy game, first at the minute 13 we scored our first goal by Hawar Mulla Mohamed but just after two minutes Turkmenistan made it draw by a big mistake from the goal keeper he shouldnt be behind the striker he should be infront of him to get the ball, and after a big big big a really big match and after a histole playing from the Turkmenistan players the refree gave one of their deffenders a red card and after few minutes the Iraqi team scored the second goal ( Ahmed Monajjed shot the ball to the goal but the ball hit the it so it came back to Razak Farhan and he score it by his head) and after two minutes ( I dont believe this) the Turkmenistan got a free kick infront of the goal and by a mistake of Bassim Abaas the deffender they made it draw again and that was in the minute 83. the situation become very hard for the Iraqi team to score the winning goal in 4 or maybe 5 minutes but they did it they got a corner kick Hawar pass it to Nasha'at Akrram and he pass it again to Hawar and he cross it to the striker and by a wonderful head shot from Qusai Moneer the Iraqi team scored the third goal which is unblieveable to score the goal in that few minutes but at all they did it and I am very proud of them because they won. and the stricker Razak Farhan has been choosen to be the man of the match because his wonderfull goal. and the game which follow the Iraqi team match between Uzbekistan and Saudi Arbia, theu Saudi team lost 0-1 and this result is good for the Iraqi team. Let's hope that the Iraqi team will beat Saudi Arbia with a big result. Olay Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

  • Iraq's next two matches in the AFC 2004 are against Turkmenistan and Saudi Arbia lets hope they will win and with very big results ( Insha'a allah).

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A big failed

Iraq failed to beat Uzbakistan and loss the match 0-1 but Iraq played better than them all the time but at all they LOST

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Iraqi people Posted by Hello

Iraq in the AFC

Iraq is going to play his first match tomorrow against Uzpakistan and the new genral manneger Addnan Hamed brought about 15  players who they play for the Iraqi olympic team and he get rid of  a lot of the good players(old players), but anyway lets have a hope that the Iraqi team will beat Saudi Arabia and Uzpaistan and Turkmanistan and reach the finals....  

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Me studying to the 12th grade

I am in my vacation but I am studying to be ready for the next year before college (12th grade) my life really become very sad because I dont have any days off excpet one day which is Thursday that day is my best day these days because I can go out with my freinds and have fun, but the other days are very bad and full brcause somedays I have one lesson in the whole day and the lesson is about 2 hours and without electricity and somedays I have two lessons and the most day I hate is Wednsday because I have three lessons in that day and more than these lessons that there are exams and a very hard exams, the teachers said we have to give you a hard exams to insure that you become very good and you will do very good in the finals, and I am doing very good in those exams but I am tired of studying 8 hours per day or maybe less than that when I am bored, at all this is all for me and because of that I keep studying.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Baghdad after the handover

Baghdad at the time of Mr. Alawi and Mr. Al Yawed is not very different than Baghdad at the time of Mr. Bremer because the American patrols are still hanging out in Baghdad's streets and whenever there is an American Patrol in any street that's mean there is war is going to begin because the terrorist don't care about the Iraqis and how many innocents Iraqi will died in this small war which will never end by good results for the each sides. Today I heard a huge sound of bomb and after a minute I went out to see what happened they just told me an American vehicle just bombed by an ARPG missile and one minute later American helicopters started to fly around the place, so what I wanted to say is why don't the American soldiers and the other troops just stay in their bases to keep themselves safe and leave the mission to the IP or the ICDC maybe they can deal with their terrorist who I believe that they are not Iraqis maybe they can deal with them better than the American do because I think every policeman here know how to deal with Iraqis themselves and the terrorist. And back to my point about the situation after the handover I see on some news channels that the American soldiers start to remove the blocks from the street and try to make it better for the cars to pass and the other stuff but what I think is nothing will change until the capture of Al Zarkawi the biggest terrorist in the war of course after Osama bin Laden because anything they try to built or try to make it better is ended by bombing or burning or stealing by the thieves or the terrorists. I am going to give you my point of view to solve all the problems….
1-Try to make more IP men and make about 5 or 10 of them in every street in Baghdad and provide them with the latest weapons and the best weapons.
2-Try to rebuilt the Iraqi Army and increase the number and make them guard the limits of Iraq with the neighbor countries and don't let any one who have nothing to do in Iraq to get inside Baghdad.
3-Try to remove all the difference between the Iraqi people. I mean never talk about Shiea Muslims or Sunni Muslims, never talk about the Arab and the Kurd and the Turkman and never talk about Muslims or Christians and Jewish people and remove all the difference between them because they are all the same no one is better than the other not in his religion, not is his thought, everyone is free to talk about his thought but inside the limits of the law.
4-Give Mr. Allawi and Mr. Al Yawir a chance to let us see what they are going to do and never talk about they came from outside Iraq and didn't live under Saddam's government because they are Iraqis like us and they can be Prime Minters or to be presidents and all the good Iraqis have the right to come presidents but this come by the elections.
5-Try to rebuilt the electricity stations and make it better to stop the talking about the electricity and try to move to another important subject.
6-Advice the people to help the government and the IP to caught the terrorists and the thieves and never let them go.
7-Make the freedom a subject which is studied by the students in school and college to make the Iraqi people know what is freedom mean.
8-Deliver the security file to the Iraqi IP and stop the American army patrols hanging out to the street to stop the bombing and the horrible things
9-Make a free newspaper which talks about the good events that the new Iraqi government is doing.
10-the police should never let Al Jazeera and Al Arabia news channels work in Iraq again because they are responsible for everything happened in Baghdad and this is have to be the first decision which the new government have to make.
11-The most important thing is to never make Iraq an Islamic country
And these are all the things that I wish to consider by Mister Allawi.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Whats wrong with Captins in Euro 2004

there is somthing wrong with all the captins in Euro 2004, the two matches between Portugal and England is ended by penalty kicks like daivd Beckham he loss the first kick to englamd and the Captin of Portugal Rui Costa losss his kick too, and at the second match between Holland and Soweden is ended by penalty kicks too, the captin of Holland loss his kick and also the kaptin of soweden loss his kick too
so I wanted to say that maybe the Captins think that they are the captins and they should not lose their kicks but this is ended by losing their kicks.

Monday, June 28, 2004

This is a great day Iraq gets the Power back and we should give the new government a chanse to see what they going to do to slove Iraq problems and espicilay the Iraqis problems. I wish they will do good Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 26, 2004

The 30th of June

The 30th. Of June is the day which Iraq will have a new government, but if you talk to the Iraqi people they say that that day will be the killing day a lot of bombs a lot of dead police man a lot of dead citizens I never talked to a person and he say it will be a good day or nothing will happen, all of them try to say that nothing will change this situation will never end in Iraq and the bombers will never stop bombing the buildings and kill the people who they have nothing relate with A army or the CPA, one I heard about one man he was a guard in one of the American buildings here in Baghdad the terrorist kill him because he works with them and a lot of same stories, so what I want to say that people here are not happy about the becoming of the 30th. June they just try to stay at home and never go to work on that day. What I heard that some of Iraqi troops will go down to street in that day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

My Life

I have been in a very bad days because in all the days I have about two or three lessons and evrey lesson a 2 hours and when I get back home the time is 8 pm and I can't go out because its dengorus to go out that time but I still have one day free its thursday I go out with my friends evrey thursday, we go to eat in play PC games in the Network shops as we call it in Baghdad but it is a shops which have about 20 computers and poeple come to play together and the most games which is played is Medal of Honor and Counter Strike.........
I am playing Rise of Nations these days its a very good game..

Friday, June 18, 2004


I am very busy these days this is why I dont write a lot.... because I am reading so so so hard and I dont got a time to write and when I got the time the electrisity is off and this is making me very unhappy... I am busy becauase I am studying for the next year from now because the next year is the last year before college and in Iraq it is very hard students should start reading in the vaction. can you Imagine that I dont have time to play or whatch movies, and I am in the summer the time that I should have fun and hang out with my friends. but after all this is the last year and the marks that I will got will put me in the college not I can choose the college I want so I have to work hard and you have to forgive me because I am not writing evrey day.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Euro 2004

I saw the match between Portogal and Grecee and I felt bad when they loss 1-2.. but anyway my favorite player Ronaldo played in the match and he scored a goal.. I'm waiting to today's match between England and France I will follow England because I like Beckham..

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Chat with me

anybody want to chat with me I can chat with him on the Yahoo Messenger my Yahoo email is
and you can chat with me on my blog email
and it will be nice for me to talk to the pepole who I dont know them...

Friday, June 04, 2004

An Interveiw to a German Newspaper

there is an german newspaper want to make an Interveiw with me here is the interveiw
and when I got the link for it I will write it in another post...

What are your reasons for writing a diary (a blog) in the Web?

the reasons of writing at the blog is to share my thoughts with the world and to have fun by reading the comments and the emails.

Did you write a blog even before the war?

of course not because Saddam's followmen were scrambling the websites which allow the people to make blogs.

What is your feeling when you are thinking about the last two years?

my feelings for the last two years is good because since that time my English gets more better and allot of things have changed in my Life.

What is your feeling when you are thinking about the next two years?

my thougths of the next two years is really great I got allot of projects because I am now at the final year before college and I should study hard to get a good college.

What do you want to do after school, and why?

I want to get a good college I dont know what college should I pick but I would be very thankful to God for any good college

Do you want to have your own family? You have a girlfriend? If not, you
want to have?

I dont want to make family unless after 20 years from now and no I dont have a girlfriend now because I should study I should work hard untill I get the good college but I do have some good friends here in Baghdad they support me they are really good.

What is your opinion about the war? Was it right? Was it wrong? Do you
discuss these question whith your friends?

I think war has a good things and a bad things at the same time the war was good they came to free us anf that is right they make us feel free and this is the good thing but the bad thing is most of the Iraqis dont know What is freedom mean they start steal and kill the people by thinking this is the freedom and this is completly not right and there is another bad thing they didn't make a goverment fast this made the people who didnt steal or kill to start kill and steal and detroy the good things but now for me I got an Internet in my house I got a mobile I got a sattalight and I can watch what I do want to watch.. and I disscus these things allot with my friends Yes

What future has your country? And what are in your opinion the next
to go in a good future?

I think if we want to slove the problem of Iraq is to make the Iraqi police and the Iraqi army who were in charge in Saddam's time get back to there job bacuase they really know the bad people and the theives because the colaotiong forces dont know how to deal with those crimnls...

Some words about football: Which team wins the european championship,
to you think?

I think Holland have a good chansce to win the compation even Germany have a good team and England have a good team too but I dont think France will get a chance to win..

What do you think about the german team?

the german team is a great team but they do have allot of problems in their deffenders but they have a very good goal keeper Oliver Khan I think he moved to Manchester Unites from Byren Munich..

and this is the end


Monday, May 31, 2004

here is some pics for the Iraqi team playing with kids  Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Finaly I hang with my friends

I just hang out with my friends yesterday I went to my friend's house and his name is Yasser and the other friend came with us too his name is Zeyad just like my brother name we really have fun and I went back to my house trying to start reading couse I must read in the vacation to be good in the 12th grade.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


For me as 17 years old, I don't like this way of life because I am now in the summer vacation and I don't have anything to do no studying no exams so what you are going to do…Here you are free but things that you like to do you can't do it there is no electricity you cant be online on the net you can not play on LAN with your friends and if you want to go hanging with your friends the weather make you feel so bad because it is very hot outside and inside too because there is no electricity and if you ignore all these things you will be afraid of getting robed or got shoot when you will be down on the streets on the other side the dirty people who they made you feel disgust just when you see them and see how they look and at most they will pick on you because you look clean and healthy and if they see you have a mobile or a car or a gold watch at once they will make a gang and come to you to steal these things and if you refused you will fell died at the same time if there is a girl with you like a (sister or a girlfriend) they will took her and rape her and you will never see her again and if you tried to stop them again you will fell died so this is a simple life for a 17 years old and I always wait for the electricity to get on the net because I think it's the only thing which make me feel I am living my life.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

This is the most worse pic that I have ever seen I mean what they are doing to him? Posted by Hello

This is my best wrestler rob van dam  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Stories about Saddam

I heard a lot of stories about Saddam some of people says that he is not arrested and he is fighting with FEDAYEEN and other say Saddam's time is end don't back for Saddam in every thing other who they used to love him Said he saw his wife a few days ago and he is fine and doing great this is all stories Saddam is in Qatar now and no way to survive.
سمعت قصصاً كثيرة تتحدث عن صدام حسين بعض الناس تقول ان صدام حر و يقاتل الأمريكان مع الفدائيين و بعضها تقول ان عهد صدام قد انتها و لا داعي للرجوع الى صدام في كل شي و بعض من الناس يقول ان صدام قد تقابل مع زجته مؤخرأً و انه جيد و بصحة جيدة و هو حر طليقز اما عن اعتقادي فأن صدام في قطر الأن و لا مهرب للنجاة.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Iraq national team

Iraq national team will leave Iraq to England they will saty there about a week or more they will play three matches against clubs from the second leauge in England. the team is without his younest profissional who he didnt played the last match for the olympic team Nashat Akram because of his bad playing. I hope they will do good.
المنتخب العراقي الأول سيسافر الى انكلترا لخوض معسكر تدريبي هنالك و سيلعب الفريق ثلاثة مباريات ضد فرق من الدرجة الثانية فالدوري الأنكليزي و سذهب الفريق العراقي بدون محترفه نشأت أكرم الذي لم ياعب المباراة الأخيرة للأولمبي بسبب انخفاض أداءه اتمنى للفريق الموفقية.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Iraqi Olympic team المنتخب العراقي الأولمبي

The Iraqi football team succeeds to qualifier to Athena after wining a huge match against Saudi Arabia they won 3-1 the Saudi team score first goal and after six minutes the Iraqi team made it draw 1-1 and at the second half the Iraqi team made a lot of attacks on the Saudi goal and they succeed to score the second goal and at the end of the second half when all the Saudi team is trying to make it draw the Iraqi team surprised them by scoring the third goal but this is not enough because if one of Oman or Kuwait win will qualifier to Athena but there mach went on 0-0 and the Iraqi team qualifier to Athena and after the wining they Iraqi people calibrate about this wining and they went outside to street and they dance and laugh because of this huge chance because If Oman or Kuwait win Iraq will never qualifier, and the Iraqi team played without his professional players because they are not playing good now days.

استطاع الفريق العراقي من النجاح في التأهل الى دورة الألعاب الأولمبية في أثينا و بعد مباراة كبيرة حافلة بالأحداث و الهجمات استطاع الفريق العراقي من التغلب على السعودية 3-1 وقد تقدمت السعودية في البداية بهدف من لاعبها ياسر القحطاني لكن بعد 6 دقائق عادل الفريق العراقي النتيجة و في مطلع الشوط الثاني استطاع الفريق العراقي و بعد عدة هجمات تسجيل هدفه الثاني من المتألق صالح سدير و قرب نهاية المبارة عندما كان الفريق السعودي بأكمله يهاجم محاولاً معادلة النتيجة تفاجأءة بالهدف الثالث من المتألق الأخر هوار ملا محمد ولكن هذا الفوز لم يكن كافياً للتأهل حيث اذا انتهت مباراة الكويت و عُمان بفوز احد الفريقيين سيتأهل الفريق الفائز من دون تأثير مباراة العراق و السعودية لكن و الحمد لله انتهت مباراتهم بالتعادل و تأهل العراق الى أثينا وبعد الفوز خرج العراقيين الى الشوارع معبرين عن فرحتهم بفوز فريقهم حيث تاعلت اهازيج الفرحة و الأنتصار و الرقص في الشوارع .

مزيد من الأخبار عن المعتقلين العراقيين

لقد سمعت ان صوراً جديدة نشرت عن تعذيب السجناء العراقيين من قبل الجنود الأمريكان و بمختلف صور التعذيب وقد وصلتني بعض الصور عن طريق البريد الألكتروني و عبر مواقع على شبكة الأنترنت اما في الشارع العراقي فالناس بدأو يألفون و يخترعون قصص عن التعذيب ليس لها اي علاقة بالحقيقة و هنا شيء يستحق الأبتسامة عليه في مرة كنت اتناقش مع صديق لي عن صور التعذيب و قلت له انا ظن ان هذه الصور مزيفة فقال لي اتمنى او اراك في هذه الصور المرة القادمة.

more about the prisnors

I heard that they found a new pics and new cinds of suffer using by the American soldiers against the Iraqi Prisnors and I saw those pics and I got some by email and by links on the net, the people outside the street are making there own story evrey one invent his story and her is somthing really will make you laugh once when I told my friend that I think those pics are fake he told my I wish I will see you in these pics next time LOL.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I'll write in Arabic too!

I will write in Arabis with English couse alot of my friends dont understand what I am writing in English
سوف اقوم بالكتابة باللغة العربية لان كثير من الأصدقاء لا يستطيعوا فهم ما اكتبه

Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Prisnors

As I saw in the news channels a group of American soldiers are trying to suffer Iraqi prisonrs in Abu Gharieb Prisaon, first time I suprised of these pics show an Iraqi men having sex under the power and Iraqi man standing on somthing and if he lose control he will die. after seeing these pics I went to my friends and I told them about the pics first time we laugh all about the point of having sex under the power but after that a huge confrsation began between us, some of them said this is not a reall photo and some one made it for laugh and these pics went out to the news and some of them said those soldiers just wanted to use saddem's suffer machines and they did that but most of them said those soldiers are crazy and cowrad because how could they do somthing like that? where are the human rights? where is the freedom that America brought to Iraq? if there soldiers do that to the Iraqi prisoners, I just saty with them without any comments about what they are talking about and after long talking between them and I was silent they turned to me all and said you Nabil you have a weblog and you can publish you thoughts I said to them I think if this thing is true those soldires are afriad of the situation and afraid of dying in Iraq without seeing their familes again so they did that just to relax they all said OH NO man how could you said that? I said to them this is what I am thinking if and when I turned back to the house I wrote this.
and on the other side the English soldier who have pess on the Iraqi man face this is completly un axceptable why he did that? what he thinks about himself? he think that Iraqis are coward I just wanted to say what I heard that the Iraqis are waiting and then they will exploed this is what a man in the street says to me.

Thursday, April 29, 2004


When I get back from my school there were IP blocking the street which lead to my house I run to ask them why they said there is a bomb in front of a school when I walked to ask them without I know I passed beside the bomb but after I know that its a bomb I harried to my house and I saw there another police because of fedayeen were fighting the American it was a huge day really I think the Iraqi police should be provided with a lot of weapons so they can fight the fydaeen.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

about my school grade

In Iraq there are primery school in 6 years and after the primery the secondary school in 6 years too. they name it from 1to 6 grade in the primery and they name it from 1 to 6 grade in secondary school too.
I am in the 12th grade in the American system. so I will be in college after this year but I am still now in the 5th grade untill I finish my final exams and then I'll be in the 6th grade. 12th in America. one of the comments said what position do I play in? if you now Gary Nievil the player who play in ManU, I play in the same position which the call right back.

Monday, April 26, 2004

latest news about Iraqi Olympic team

The Iraqi Olympic football team will play the 5th match against Oman in Oman
the Iraqi team is on the top of this group with six points and six goals and follow Saudi Arabia and Oman and Kuwait. the Iraqi team loss against kuwait in kuwait last match because of the situation in Baghdad but now the Iraqi team is over the problems and ready for the match the team members are:
the general maneger is Adnan Hamad
the goal keepers are (Nour Sabbry, Ahmed Ali . Udday Talib )
the diffenders are ( Saad Atiah, Hider abd al razak, Hider abd al amier , Basim Abaas, Yassir Raad )
the the Middle players are: ( Nashaat Akram, Howar Mula Mohammed, Mahdi Kareem, Salih Sadier, Qussay Munier, Hider Sabah )
the strickers are : ( Younis Mahmmod with 2 goals, Imad Mohammes with one goal, Ahmed Salah , Ahmed Monajed )
best wishes for the Iraqi team.....

latest news in my school

I am ready for the final exams of this year.
after this year I will be in the final year before college and I have to read hard and alot. and maybe I'll stop writing in this blog untill I finish the sixth grade

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Manchester United Attacks

As I heard that the British cops arrest 4 terrorist who they were trying to put bombs in Manchester United stadium which they will bomb it in the match of ManUtd v LiverPool, JUST WHY
Why those terrorist want to bomb a stadium which is a place that people going to have fun and enjoy watching matches…
I think because England until now there are no any attacks happened inside it, so how could they show that how much terrorist hate the people who they are living in peace I thinks there are some people who they are get inside the terrorist minds and incite them to kill and bomb and suffer the good people.

Sunday, April 18, 2004


We (me and my brother Zeyad) were watch a horror movie the movie is I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and the electricity went off we turn our generator on and continue watching and we where afraid from the movie and we were inside the movie and suddenly a huge sound of explosion we said its in our street yes we are sure but the next day we cheeked the street there is not any damage in the street. Until now I don't what was the cause of the explosion.


I've an email reached me and I don't remember who sent it to me but the point is he asked me about my bus driver. I want to explain the bus is not the school bus it's a line for 11 students which I am one of them and after the exams of the half of the year he quite (my house is very far from the school) he said I cant back you to your house, I said to him as you like because I really hate him after what he says about the Americans troops \. And here is the funny part when all the students who they were with me in the bus said to him we will not continue without Nabil then he said ok. Tell Nabil to get in the line again I said NO I will never get in the line again so he loss all of us and loss the money that we were giving him every month and now we are going back to our houses by the buses of the government.

Ahmed's Blog

Ahmed is one of my favorites friends however he is older than me he is older than me about 3 years but we are really good friends and I like him and he like me and we use to play football together but he is not in my school team because he is in a college now and I am still in high school. And his English is worse just like me first time when I start this blog and he don't know about what to write and how to deal with the stuff of blogging and how to put comments and email, I will do it for him but not these days because I got a lot of exams these days and the final exams is about 3 weeks so you can imagine how I am busy.

Friday, April 16, 2004

A new Iraqi Blog

This is a new Iraqi blog by my friend Ahmed which he is my neighbor and I hope you will like him gradually

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Baghdad Now

Yesterday and today Baghdad it quite and the situation is good with a little of attacks and explosion but to the Iraqis it's a normal thing when you hear a sound of explosion. As I know the police cops toke their jobs again and after a week without seeing the police cars in the city yesterday we've saw a one car with a one man who look like a man how steal this police car because he is not dress like a policeman but the thing that make us sure that he is a cop that why he is touring in the city. And after these days as I saw a lot of traffic lights were completely destroyed and the streets looks to bad because of the effect of tanks and the American army vehicles.

Something really weird

There is a newspaper in Iraq are published by one of the American troop I thinks it's the fifth one, the newspaper is called BAGHDAD NOW some of the soldiers brought a thousands of these papers to deliver it to the students but suddenly and after the American soldiers leave the school and in the break time I surprised first time but when I came near the group of students which they were calling (don't read the occupation's news paper) and one of them was raise and he was saying kill the Americans don't let them steal our country I was standing in front of him and I was laughing at him and after that this group burn all the newspapers except my one because I said to him that what he is saying is wrong he said you are a betrayer I said fine I am a betrayer but you cant take my newspaper and I leave him with my group which they did the same.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


Yesterday was a huge day it was full if fighting, full of bombing, full of dead people and was a scary day too.
When I waked up I saw the American soldiers blocked the streets and there were a big battle between the soldiers and fedayeen and as what the fedayeen said they destroyed four tanks and four humer and killed about three soldiers. It was a horrible day to me because (think about it) wake up in a middle of the fighting. I've taken shower and went down to see what happen I saw the traffic lights are completely destroyed and the street is look like shit I said oh my god not again like when the American came to Baghdad first time and from 9.30 am to 4 pm the fighting didn't stopped, I saw some guys which I know them near my house I went for asking them about what in the hell is going on they told my the story after that I went back to my house and had my breakfast and I went down to the street and I saw al Mujahdeen in my eyes OH THIS IS THE FIRST TIME TO MY TO SEE THEM and when I turn my face and turn around to the right I saw the man when he shoot the tank with the missile of RPG weapon first time I scared and thought to get inside the house and I do it I get in the house and after a while I went to the street and the same thing happen again I thought of maybe it will be the third world war but suddenly my friend just came to me he said there is nothing going on near there house and he thought that there is nothing in my neighborhood and about two hours nothing happened we thought that its over but suddenly a huge sound and a lot of bullets after from the American side and another one in about 20 minutes we all get in the house and we saw a big queue of a big tanks and a lot of American cars and soldiers the and the last car stopped facing my house I told every one in my house we all goanna die but the fedayeen when the saw the big queue they just stopped and leave the place and every thing now is alright but in 9 pm I was out of my house with my friends which they are my neighbor and another sounds of bombing and shooting we all gets inside our house and we didn't leave our houses for all the day and I hope I will never see a day like this day.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The situation in Iraq:

The situation in Iraq now become more bad and more than bad because the Sheia Muslims are fighting the collusion Forces and the Sunni Muslims are fighting them from another side and We the Iraqi citizens are hurt of what happens. I just wanted to know of why these things are happening and why the Allied Forces are not taking a great part to solve this problem. I hope that Saddam is the president now to see what he will do I think that he will kill all these people and make them afraid this is not the freedom like what they now, the freedom is not let them do this stuffs. Today I was in Adhamiah and I heard the people are talking about the MOJAHEEN (terrorist) and they are waiting to shoot the allied forces and to hurt them and when I turned back to my house I saw the American soldiers blocked my house street I thought to warn them but I afraid of someone see me and tell the terrorist about me, and when I was in that place I saw Al Jazeera news channel are taking pictures of what happened the day before and I saw the people around them sounds like a victory for the people of that place but I hope this will not make the American give the Iraqis their right to lead themselves to the way of democracy and freedom……

News about the Iraqi Olympic team:

The Iraqi Olympic team played against the South Korean team the result went for Korea its 0-1 to Korea but the Iraqi team really played a good ball the players are to fast and the passes were too good and they are playing without the professional's players like Emad Mohamed and Younis Mahmod and the others that was really good for us and I hope the Iraqi Olympic team will play in Athena.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The situation in falluga:

the situation in Fallouga is increased day by day I want to give the Americans an advice that they should take a hard diction because these horror pics that we've saw was really hurt the feelings I cant imagine how could the human kill the others this way I mean why (why they are doing this) Iraq is getting better now and the situation is getting really good in Baghdad, the phone lines worked again the electricity is good but day by day it will because better and better.
They don't have any right to kill these men and shot there car with a missile and pull the bodies of the men on the ground. Now every bad thing happiness against the people of falluga they deserve it.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Some News about Manchester United:

This is a special news for the E-Member of Manchester United team which I am one of them.

Fergie Expects Another Nailbiter

Sir Alex Ferguson believes Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal will be another tense affair. "It's going to be a very close game, there's no question about that. Nobody can say anything different, the evidence was there for all to see at Highbury. We showed our desire to win there and we'll show it on Saturday too."

Saha: Ruud Needs FA Cup Glory

Louis Saha believes Ruud van Nistelrooy will benefit from playing in the FA Cup Final - if he can help the Reds to shoot down Arsenal on Saturday. Comparing his strike partner with Arsenal star Thierry Henry, Saha says: "Thierry has played in the World Cup. Ruud has never played in major finals. He needs to gain experience at the highest level."

Win Man Utd Club Football game & Playstation 2!

We have a copy of the fantastic Manchester United Club Football video game, signed by the team, and a Playstation 2 to give away to one lucky Red View reader. All you have to do for a chance to win is login to (free) and then answer a simple question. The closing date is 12:00 BST on Friday 30 April 2004. Good luck!

Keane Relishing Cup Battle

Roy Keane is relishing the prospect of another game against United's arch-rivals Arsenal. In an interview to be published on this Friday, the skipper says: "There's a lot of rivalry between us, but there's also mutual respect. You like to test yourself against good players. I'm looking forward to another battle on Saturday."

Somw News about Manchester United:

This is a special news for the E-Member of Manchester United team which I am one of them.

Fergie Expects Another Nailbiter

Sir Alex Ferguson believes Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal will be another tense affair. "It's going to be a very close game, there's no question about that. Nobody can say anything different, the evidence was there for all to see at Highbury. We showed our desire to win there and we'll show it on Saturday too."

Saha: Ruud Needs FA Cup Glory

Louis Saha believes Ruud van Nistelrooy will benefit from playing in the FA Cup Final - if he can help the Reds to shoot down Arsenal on Saturday. Comparing his strike partner with Arsenal star Thierry Henry, Saha says: "Thierry has played in the World Cup. Ruud has never played in major finals. He needs to gain experience at the highest level."

Win Man Utd Club Football game & Playstation 2!

We have a copy of the fantastic Manchester United Club Football video game, signed by the team, and a Playstation 2 to give away to one lucky Red View reader. All you have to do for a chance to win is login to (free) and then answer a simple question. The closing date is 12:00 BST on Friday 30 April 2004. Good luck!

Keane Relishing Cup Battle

Roy Keane is relishing the prospect of another game against United's arch-rivals Arsenal. In an interview to be published on this Friday, the skipper says: "There's a lot of rivalry between us, but there's also mutual respect. You like to test yourself against good players. I'm looking forward to another battle on Saturday."

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Manchester United

The last match for Manchester United was not good for the team Me as a Manchester follow I didnt like the match against Arsenal because Sir Alex Fergeson didn't put the right players for the match and didn't let Tim Howard the American Goalkeeper play who he is better than Roy Carol because the goal of terry Henry was very easy to save from the goal. and Sir Alex didn't put the good players in the middle of the feild put after the Arsenal's goal Sir Alex make a good destion when he let Luis Saha abd Oly Gonar Solskier play because these two players score the goal . I hope Sir Alex Hear my OPINION of let Kleberson and Ronaldo and Furtune play.

Manchester United

Iraqi football team played against Palasine

the Iraqi football team played a very bad match against Palstine the team which all its player are professional and they are playing in an Uruguay team. The Iraq team was very bad and the player were very slow so the match ended on 1-1 for each teams

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

HI I am Back again

HI evreybody I am back againg to the world of blogging because I got the Internet in my house now so I can write every day

Friday, February 27, 2004

I would like to:

I would like to make an email adrees at AOL.Com but I don't know how could you teach me how.

Don't know how:

a lot of my readers asked me to put a comments section but I don't know how to make one the oldest one which I put it my brother zeyad make it but I don't know how to put one now could you please teach me how.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Answering an interesting message:

Here is a message I got from an Australian man read it! But I don't know why he talks as an American citizen and he's not

This is the message:

Saddam told you many lies, about how bad Americans are,
And how they wanted to steal your oil, rape Iraqi women,

You should know that this is not true. America is giving
lots of free aid money to Iraq, and stealing NOTHING.
Chief Wiggles is giving toys to children. What does
America need to do to prove to you that it doesn't hate
all Arabs/Iraqis? This is not the sign of someone who
hates Arabs. If America hated Arabs it would drop a
nuclear bomb on Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo etc etc.

But many Arabs still hate America, and want to kill
Americans. America needs to kill its enemies, in

So what I want to know is:

1. Why do you not hate Americans, but some of your
classmates do?

2. Do you recommend that American soldiers come to
your school, ask who hates America, and anyone who
puts their hand up, shoot them? Basically, what is your
recommendation on how to respond to hostile Arabs?

Note. Do not think that America will change its foreign
policy to be what terrorists would like. That will NEVER
happen. We don't give in to terrorist demands. There are
only two choices:

1. We kill all Arabs.
2. We kill only the Arabs who hate us and want to kill us.

I am sure you agree that number 2 is the better option, but can
you tell me why some of your classmates hate us, but you
don't. Did you have different education to them? Do you
have a different religion to them? And how do we tell the
difference between you and them? It's only them we want
to kill, but if we can't tell the difference, some bad things
might happen.

You can probably understand that if we have too many
terrorist attacks in our countries, we can't afford to be
very careful trying to figure out the difference between good
Arabs and bad Arabs, we just need to drop some nuclear
bombs and say "sorry" to the good Arabs.

Sometimes there are only two bad options to choose between,
no good options.

We need to try to find a good solution before someone decides
it is time to try the bad solutions.

Remember, I am from Australia. My country doesn't have
nuclear weapons. So I am just telling you what my American
friends *may* *have* to do in order to save their own

Are your schools teaching your classmates to hate Americans?
Is Al Jazeera teaching them? Should we bomb Al Jazeera?
It is better to bomb Al Jazeera than Baghdad for sure!!!
Are the mosques teaching the hatred? Should we bomb the
mosques? Please tell us how we can kill our enemies, but
not kill our friends like you. We want to help our friends
and kill our enemies. But you need to show us how we can
do this. Give us some suggestions.


First not all Iraqis hate America and not all the Iraqis or Arabs at all are terrorist but when you ask why some of my classmates do hate America I'll tell why because there is traditional enmity which Saddam put inside there minds why because in the time of Saddam we were reading a tow books there names is WATANIEA and QAUMIA these books if you read it and just believe what they are saying it will turn your mind as Saddam's mind which I mean a terrorist mind, but when you ask me why you don't hate America but you already read this books because I have a parents which they have a good mind from the time of 1951 so they teach me that this is all a lie and Saddam is a lair but the classmates with me not all of them had the same parents so you can understand now. This is all about me self now I will talk about the school.
The school is not teaching us to hate America but in the past they did and when he talk about Al Jazeera news channel I think I talked about this fucken channel and why they are doing this against Iraq and America the Iraqis are good people believe me they are not terrorist these attacks are done by a Syrian and Iranian people America should take care of this case because these fucken countries are just hurt the Iraqis, and when he said should we bomb Al Jazeera this is ridicules the good thing is to tri to stop it by making a channel against it.
And when he talk about the mosques I think he don't have the right to say DO WE HAVE TO BOMB IT the mosque is a place to pray and to make you a good human its just like the church its not teaching us to hate America.
And he asked me about what the Americans should do in Iraq I am telling you something now the Iraqis are strong people not are a chicken so how do you want them to stop fighting the American and the US soldiers are putting a pictures in there neighborhood which its show an American soldiers and his shows is on an Iraqi head tell me why!, anyone of you accept this picture if this picture in his city and the citizen is from his nation!!! I don't think so the right thing is to make pictures which shows the rebuilding of Iraq and the good future in Iraq and building schools and colleges and hospitals and mosques and also a football stadiums because it is a very popular game in Iraq!!.

This is the longest post which I have ever posted.