Tuesday, April 24, 2007

AlQa`eda activity

Writings on the walls say "Long live Abu Omar Albaghdady" , "Down The Rafitha" (meaning down shiite) and "Long live the men of the Islamic Iraqi state"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alqaida is in Power

Lately in my neighbourhood, violence is progressed and turned into a
new orientation, where the target now is the innocent people living
within the same neighbourhood (meaning: sunni people).
Yesterday, I was in a shop infront of my house owned by a friend of
mine,its a mini-market which sells food, drinks and ciggarettes..Recently me and some friends started to meet in that shop, and have
some drinks, play dominos and chat exchange news.We were sitting there playing domino and laughing on each other, then a
friend of ours came into the shop and said "Come on stop playing", and
told me to go to my house because I was wearing a short. We asked why??He said "Don't you know whats happening??" as he was hesitative and
afraid to speak, we asked him again to tell us whats wrong and he
started to explain to us.
He said,Alqaida is now in control of the neighbourhood, and they're doing
horrible things to the innocent people of the neighbourhood, he said
that a few minutes before he came to the shop, they killed a guy
infront of him because he was smoking in the street, and that he heard
that Alqaida shot a car of a bride and a groom because they were
celebrating in the street and playing music.I asked him why are you telling me to go to my house, he said because
you're wearing a short, I said "so f.... what??", he said its
prohibited to wear such clothes and that if they see you they would
kill you, I said why is it prohibited, he said Islam says so..my natural response was "OH REALLY???", he said who do you think you
are to argue with them, they would kill you without mercy, I said "ok" and went to my house.
Then I heard from my friends some ridiculous stuff, like Alqaida is now controling vegetable markets, and that its prohibited to put cucumbers along with tomato in the same sack, because cucumber is a male vegetable and tomato is a female vegetable, I chocked as I laughed about that story, they told me some extra ridiculous stuff of Alqaida and what they're doing in the streets and how they are killig people for no reasons.now I think that,ITS TIME TO LEAVE THIS SHIT HOLE COUNTRY, fuck Alqaida, fuck extremists, fuck Islam along with anyone who would kill innocent people just because they don't follow their fucked up rules.

And of course thanks to George Bush and his rat Almaliki for bringing us to this situation.
World War against terrorism, what a joke.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Its forbidden to say that you're happy in Iraq

Here's a funny story - its funny for me although it may sound horrible for you.

I was in my room, playing guitar as usual and was recording the song "Peace Train" for Cat Stevens, and after about 30 seconds on starting the song, when reaching the first line in the song, which was "Now I've been happy lately," a random bullet entered my room, crashed the window and broke all the glass and a heavy shooting then took place in the street.

I was like planted in my place and completely shocked because of the heavy shooting. I stopped the recording and went away from the windows to avoid getting in the cross-fire of the random bullets, and when the shooting was over, I went back to my room and checked what I recorded and here was the funny thing, that right after I said, "I've been happy lately," the bullet came in to my room.

It's like no one should be happy in this country, because if you say that you're happy, a bullet will come and smash your head right away.

maybe this country is cursed, because it's a really funny incident.

Here's the link for it.

Here's the link for the full song.