Tuesday, April 29, 2008

College students from Iraq to Jordan...

Finally, today I got to get credit for the subjects I studied back in Baghdad in my college.
I've been waiting for this since last summer, my papers were stuck up at the Jordanian Ministry of Higher education coz they're not verifying the iraqi degrees these days nor papers from Iraqi colleges. So I was asked by the deanship of my new college to get the papers coz otherwise they won't let me continue my studies and that I have to go back to the first grade and restudy all the subjects that I have already finished studying. So I was left with no choice and that I became convinced that they will not give credit for the stuff I studied back in Baghdad and that if I stay here I would have to get back to the zero point and would have to restudy everything.
Then I was introduced to a iraqi student who was elected as member, representing the iraqi students in the college who constitute nearly 75% of the college, as a member of the student council. She told me that I should get my papers even if they're not varified to the deanship of the college and that they would let me continue my studies to the end but they won't let me graduate until I bring them the varified papers, and so I did, and finally had most of my subjects credited and registered for me.
It really saddens me how they are dealing with iraqis, and how humulating situations the iraqi students are left in.
I went to the professor who is responsible for dealing with the crediting of degrees of iraqi students and asked him why he didn't equalize some of the subjects, the guy was logical by saying that he can't do anything more than what he did coz he was controlled by a strict regulations coming from the higher chairmanship of the university, which state not to equalize more than 50% of the subjects that the iraqi students have taken back in iraq.
And I said ok, but I didn't reach 50% yet, I only finished 2 years out of 5 back in iraq, why wouldn't you equalize them?, so he went on saying that "why should I?", "what would make me believe that you really did take these subjects?", "What would assure me that you really attended lectures back there???".
My answer was strict and really sensible, and you get to judge.
I told him that when I first came here I had subjects of the 3rd year depending on the obligation that I made that if you don't equallize the first to years I would retake them, right? he said "yes". I said ok, did I or not pass these subjects? he said "what diference would it make if you did pass or not?", I told him then what difference would it make if I took the subjects of the 5th year before the subjects of the 3rd year? (I was really pissed off by his answer), I said, you won't let me study the subjects of the 4th year unless you equallize the stuff that I took back in baghdad, right? and he said "sure", I said "why?" he said that "you need a base to walk on, you have to take some subjects before you go further studying the hard ones", I said "ok, now you started to talk with sense, then lets get back to the first question I asked on how did I pass them if I did not have a base?"
His tongue was tied and didn't know what to say, and he went on saying its not in my hand, I'm following regulations and blah blah blah, I tunred my back to him when he was talking and walked away.
There are many cases similar to mine of Iraqis who didn't get full credit for what they have studied back in Iraq.
So the same girl I mentioned above who I was introduced to is making a campaign and she's bringing the iraqis who have such problems together to go to talk to the chairman of the university.
The meeting is arranged tomorrow 2 pm, and we'll see what we can do, and would he be mercifull with us or he would just continue the jordanian aversion for iraqis.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long Time no see

It was a long time since I last wrote something here...I really miss the days when I used to post regularly, but here I am again back to writing and back to the old habit of murmuring and gaggling about the current situation in my country.

I observed the last events that took place in Basrah and I was really disappointed. I was first cheering for Al-Maliki hopping that finally he might take the last chance of destroying the militia of Al-Mahdi army but it was all thrown away by the trick of the fatso leader Muqtada Al-Sadr,
when he felt that he was on the edge he decleared his innocense from the actions of his followers leaving the government with no chance for blaming him of what his followers did to the harmless innocent people of Basrah, and yet Maliki welcomes Muqtada's innocense with open arms and over that he hugs him by stopping the military actions against Al-Mahdi militias.
I wonder what you western tax payers readers think about what happened in Basrah
doesn't that make you feel the irony and conspiracy behind all of whats happening in Iraq??