Saturday, December 22, 2007

Drama continues

I was intending to write about this long time ago but I was busy the days before and couldn't do it. The situation in Iraq is just so damn ironic, a month ago I was talking to my cousin through the internet and I was asking him about how the situation is now in that area. He tried to explain to me the changes that have taken place in Baghdad, he said that the situation is about 5% better than how it was when I was Iraq, he says "do you remember the men we used to see on motorbics who used to kidnap people and kill people? Alqa`ida men?" I said "sure", he goes "well, yeah, now they call themselevs the Awakening men of Adhamiya, they have removed Alqa`ida masks from their stinky faces and now wearing the masks of the awakening wave, he said you would be amazed if you come to the area and see the checkpoints ran by even children, you may see a 14 year old kid rasing a gun in your face and asking you to obey him in order to check you for guns and explosives, he said the only reason that the situation now is a little better in the area is because the American troops have paid those guys money in order to work with them", he continues saying "the whole issue is about money, give money you get alliances".

I asked him "What if those men truely have repented and now are working for a better situation in the area and for security and order to be recieved in the area?" he answered me saying "yeah, we thought so too, but we found the truth by seeing them kidnapping people and killing people for no specific reasons or sometimes for money", he said the "the only thing changed is their name from Alqa`ida to the Awakening men, nothing else have changed".

As for others neighbourhood other than Adhamiyah, its so ironic how situation can be changed in a day and night, if that should give us a sign, the sign would be saying that everything is in fact is controlled by the American administration, they are the once who determine if violence should be continued or stopped, and the reason for this is how the situation now is a little better than before, and I'm so damn sure that after few months the American administration would order for violence to be resumed in Iraq in order to fulfill their sakes and benefits.