Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Whats wrong with Captins in Euro 2004

there is somthing wrong with all the captins in Euro 2004, the two matches between Portugal and England is ended by penalty kicks like daivd Beckham he loss the first kick to englamd and the Captin of Portugal Rui Costa losss his kick too, and at the second match between Holland and Soweden is ended by penalty kicks too, the captin of Holland loss his kick and also the kaptin of soweden loss his kick too
so I wanted to say that maybe the Captins think that they are the captins and they should not lose their kicks but this is ended by losing their kicks.

Monday, June 28, 2004

This is a great day Iraq gets the Power back and we should give the new government a chanse to see what they going to do to slove Iraq problems and espicilay the Iraqis problems. I wish they will do good Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 26, 2004

The 30th of June

The 30th. Of June is the day which Iraq will have a new government, but if you talk to the Iraqi people they say that that day will be the killing day a lot of bombs a lot of dead police man a lot of dead citizens I never talked to a person and he say it will be a good day or nothing will happen, all of them try to say that nothing will change this situation will never end in Iraq and the bombers will never stop bombing the buildings and kill the people who they have nothing relate with A army or the CPA, one I heard about one man he was a guard in one of the American buildings here in Baghdad the terrorist kill him because he works with them and a lot of same stories, so what I want to say that people here are not happy about the becoming of the 30th. June they just try to stay at home and never go to work on that day. What I heard that some of Iraqi troops will go down to street in that day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

My Life

I have been in a very bad days because in all the days I have about two or three lessons and evrey lesson a 2 hours and when I get back home the time is 8 pm and I can't go out because its dengorus to go out that time but I still have one day free its thursday I go out with my friends evrey thursday, we go to eat in play PC games in the Network shops as we call it in Baghdad but it is a shops which have about 20 computers and poeple come to play together and the most games which is played is Medal of Honor and Counter Strike.........
I am playing Rise of Nations these days its a very good game..

Friday, June 18, 2004


I am very busy these days this is why I dont write a lot.... because I am reading so so so hard and I dont got a time to write and when I got the time the electrisity is off and this is making me very unhappy... I am busy becauase I am studying for the next year from now because the next year is the last year before college and in Iraq it is very hard students should start reading in the vaction. can you Imagine that I dont have time to play or whatch movies, and I am in the summer the time that I should have fun and hang out with my friends. but after all this is the last year and the marks that I will got will put me in the college not I can choose the college I want so I have to work hard and you have to forgive me because I am not writing evrey day.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Euro 2004

I saw the match between Portogal and Grecee and I felt bad when they loss 1-2.. but anyway my favorite player Ronaldo played in the match and he scored a goal.. I'm waiting to today's match between England and France I will follow England because I like Beckham..

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Chat with me

anybody want to chat with me I can chat with him on the Yahoo Messenger my Yahoo email is
and you can chat with me on my blog email
and it will be nice for me to talk to the pepole who I dont know them...

Friday, June 04, 2004

An Interveiw to a German Newspaper

there is an german newspaper want to make an Interveiw with me here is the interveiw
and when I got the link for it I will write it in another post...

What are your reasons for writing a diary (a blog) in the Web?

the reasons of writing at the blog is to share my thoughts with the world and to have fun by reading the comments and the emails.

Did you write a blog even before the war?

of course not because Saddam's followmen were scrambling the websites which allow the people to make blogs.

What is your feeling when you are thinking about the last two years?

my feelings for the last two years is good because since that time my English gets more better and allot of things have changed in my Life.

What is your feeling when you are thinking about the next two years?

my thougths of the next two years is really great I got allot of projects because I am now at the final year before college and I should study hard to get a good college.

What do you want to do after school, and why?

I want to get a good college I dont know what college should I pick but I would be very thankful to God for any good college

Do you want to have your own family? You have a girlfriend? If not, you
want to have?

I dont want to make family unless after 20 years from now and no I dont have a girlfriend now because I should study I should work hard untill I get the good college but I do have some good friends here in Baghdad they support me they are really good.

What is your opinion about the war? Was it right? Was it wrong? Do you
discuss these question whith your friends?

I think war has a good things and a bad things at the same time the war was good they came to free us anf that is right they make us feel free and this is the good thing but the bad thing is most of the Iraqis dont know What is freedom mean they start steal and kill the people by thinking this is the freedom and this is completly not right and there is another bad thing they didn't make a goverment fast this made the people who didnt steal or kill to start kill and steal and detroy the good things but now for me I got an Internet in my house I got a mobile I got a sattalight and I can watch what I do want to watch.. and I disscus these things allot with my friends Yes

What future has your country? And what are in your opinion the next
to go in a good future?

I think if we want to slove the problem of Iraq is to make the Iraqi police and the Iraqi army who were in charge in Saddam's time get back to there job bacuase they really know the bad people and the theives because the colaotiong forces dont know how to deal with those crimnls...

Some words about football: Which team wins the european championship,
to you think?

I think Holland have a good chansce to win the compation even Germany have a good team and England have a good team too but I dont think France will get a chance to win..

What do you think about the german team?

the german team is a great team but they do have allot of problems in their deffenders but they have a very good goal keeper Oliver Khan I think he moved to Manchester Unites from Byren Munich..

and this is the end