Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I received this by an Email, this picture is made by a friend of mine,. This pic shows you the spots that my readers are visiting my blog from...... USA has the biggest number of my readers as I said before.... Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

wars near me

A few days ago I couldn't go to school because wars were been held between the resistors (as they call themselves) and the American Army + the Iraqi national gurds because they were right in my street, here comes the story:
I waked up a little late like I have to wake up in 6:30 am but I waked up in 6:45 so my line driver called me and told me that I have to hurry because he said that armed people are in my street, I thought he was joking because he always do that when I get up late, so I toke my time and changed my clothes and went down to the street but when I opend the outdoor of my house I saw them in the street, I was like shocked because I only had seen them in T.V. (the people who cover their faces in black) he shouted at me to get in my house and never get out, so I went back in my house and called the line driver on his mobile, he siad that he saw them and they told him to go home but he just stopped about 200 meters away from my house, so he told me just go out and walk to me and then we can leave beacuse from the other side there were no resistors (TERRORISTS), so I opend the door again and told the guy who was the nearist one to me that can I walk a few meters to reach my line car and go to school because my school is very away from my house about 15 minutes in car, but he said to me NO, NO SCHOOLS. so i turend back home because I can't say anything to him because if I argue him he will certinly kill me, so I called my line driver and told him that I can't go out they don't let me to walk to you and I called my friends and told them to tell the headmaster about my story because I had an exam in that day it was English exam, and that I can't come, and then I sat in my house garden waiting that maybe this will end, but a few minutes later a huge explosion happend that was an RPG missile hitting a Hammer and then the resistors said Allah Akbar (this is the word they say when they hit some one) so I knew that a WAR gonna start, so I ran right away to my house and waked up everyone in the house, and then a lot of bombings happend and a lot of bullets were shot, but about 1 and a half hour i took a look to them and saw that they left and then the people who were coming accross my street and saw the terrorists and couldn't go back started to get up and return to walk and go for their jobs but when the first man reached the top of the street and explosion took place so the people run back again and then a war took place too, but about a half an hour evreything was too quite and we knew that its over so that was in 9:45 am so I told my dad to give me a ride to my school and talk to the headmaster for me so I went to school and (thanks god) that my class was didn't make the exam yet so I made the exam and did very good, but when I return back the Iraqi National Guards were in my street and evreything was quite and a man who ran a store in front of my house told me that the American lost a hammer humvie and they drag it and wait the terrorists to show but the cowrds didn't and then evreything became normal and that HELL day ended safly and no body I know got hurt......

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Tell me what is your country

I just wanted to know the countries that my readers come from, I want to know that which country is more visiting my blog, so please write your name in a comment and your country with it.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fallujah, Fallujah......

Fallujah is the biggest problem in Iraq. I have been talking to some people here, some of them were beside Allawi and they said that Allawi made the right decision by invating Fallujah because this situation will not be sloved only by killing the terrorsits who are staying in that little city, the others said that its very wrong to attack fallujah they directly said to me that if you are a muslim how come you agree at that situation in fallujah, the problem is that when you speak to those people, I don't know why they start to talk about ISLAM and that it is HARAM (not allawed) to kill the muslim terrorsits, they say that they are fighting to lebrate us from the American occupation, but I always tell them that there is no occupation in Iarq, what you're seeing is because the terrorists,
i told them that did the American Army or the new Iraqi Army bomb schools or mosques or chruchs the people who are doing that are ARAB TERRORISTS ( and you saw in the news how many arab terrorist got arrested) but when you tell them that (the people who said that Allawi's decision is wrong) they say that you are a lier and not a muslim and that you should been killed and somthings like that.

For me Allawi's decision is very right and I am with troops which they are fighting in there to make us get ride of the terrorists and we are praying for them that God help them and make them win evrey battle the get in.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Congratulation America

Hi Guys,

I am sorry I didn't have the chance to write those past days because I really was very very busy I even didn't buy an Internet card for 2 weeks now I am using my friend card, I was very busy doing some exams but I did good at those exams( thanks God).

I want to congratulate the American people about the last elections (America you did the right thing), I was by the side of Bush, in fact I wanted him to win because he is the man, he is the one who lebrated us from the SH, and I am not against Kerry because I don't know much about him. what am I talking about I can't even vote I am just giving some talking.....(LOL)
I saw Bush and Kerry's speaches on Al Hurra (because you know about Al Jazeera and Al Arabia), for me Bush looked very strong and full of confidense but Kerry looked depressed.

I wish that Iraqis will do the same in thier in coming elections in Jan 2005, I hope that they will choose the man who deserves to be the president of Iraq not a man who don't know about anything but relgion's stuff.I'm under the legal age I can't vote in this in coming elections I have to wait for the next time.

I also want to tell you about the pics (I bought a camera) as soon as the competition starts, as I said I promice you that I will post the pics I don't want you to say that I am a lier or somthing like that, and maybe I will put videotapes making interviews with the players and put the translation as soon as I learn how to put videos on my blog page.

People thats all what I got for today,
don't forget wait for the pics.