Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another Win for Iraq

Today Iraq won against Yemen 2-0 and qualified to the next round, Iraq now is in the top of the group with 9 points and 7 goals and either South Korea or Thailand will qualify with Iraq as a second team. Iraq's next match is against Syria I think it will be easy match for Iraq.

Olay Iraq!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Vote for your best football team

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WE won again

The Iraqi youth football team won today against Thailand 2-0 and now Iraq is taking the lead of his group, Iraq got 6 point and 5 goals and this number of points qualify Iraq to the next round even if Iraq lose against Yemen. The goals came by Wisam Zaki, it was a free kick from Iraq and then the one who was playing the free kick passed the ball to Wisam and he shot it very hard and scored the first goal to Iraq at the minute 8, and then the same player Wisam Zaki came back in an attack and passed the ball to Hider Sabah who scored the second goal to Iraq.
And here how the group is looks like
1- Iraq 6 points 3 goals
2- Thailand 3 points
3- South Korea 3 points
4- Yemen

Go Iraq
Olay olay olay olay!

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Iraqi Youth football team in the Asian Cup 2004

The Iraqi Youth Football team started his first round in the Asian cup with a very good wining against South Korea the team who won the cup before, Iraq beat Korea 3-0 goals came by a very good coming up player his name is Muslim Mibarak he scored the first two goals for Iraq and then Iraq scored their third goal by a head shoot from Fareed and that was the end of the match.
Here is the group that Iraq is playing in:
1- Iraq
2- Yemen
3- Thailand
4- South Korea

Iraq now is in the lead with 3 points and 3 goals today Yemen and Thailand will play.

Olay Olay Olay Iraq!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Thank You America

Thank you America is the word that the Iraqi PM said a lot in the congress yesterday….
The Iraqi PM spoke yesterday in the congress, he talked about some of his plans to destroy the terrorists and make from Iraq a new Iraq, Iraq which has freedom and democracy, and he spoke about the situation in Samara and how the law and the security are taking their way to rebuild this city which is in the north of Iraq, and he spoke about the cities which are still have fighting and wars, and then he turned to thank America for its sacrifices and army and government which helped Iraq to get rid of Saddam which he called him the bad regime.
I am so glad for this I think this is the first Iraqi PM who speak in the congress or in the US.
But there is something really surprise me which is I don’t know how many times that the congress members claps for him!
I saw his speech on BBC WORLD because I think all the Arabic channels were translating his speech with different words that he said you know they make it fake like Al Jazzera and Al Arabia.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Schools in Iraq

Schools are about to start in Iraq just two more weeks and then we have to attend again and wake up at 7 am but its okay for me since this is my last year in school and then I'll be in college, in this Month they changed the date of the schools opining a lot because of the situations in Najaf and Falluja because they cant start thr new studying year without make a second chanse for those who didn't make it, first the date was Sep, 10th then they changed it to Sep, 12th then they changed it to Sep, 20th and now they made the opening day in Nov, 2nd and I hope that they woun't change it again because if they do the studying year will be short and that is not good for us who are in the 12th grade because we need to study too hard to get the good college because we can't choose our college its not up to us but its up to our grades in the final exams and thats why we have to study to hard, and this is why I am not writing a lot these days because I am busy with studying and my team money problems.

In this vacation I didn't enjoy it because I have been studying all the days of the vacation, I studid Math, Bio, Chem, and Arabic language bases, and I did very good all the teachers told me that I will do good in the Finals but I am still warried about you know WHAT IF?, but I did very good and my last lesson I am studying is English I took a Female teacher her name is Gulala she is Christian and shes very good in English I told her about my blog and when she saw it she told me how did you learn all that then I told her from the world of blogging but she didn't understand me, and I waiting for the Finals to say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD BYE SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

And about my school team we are working on it we finished working on the stadium with the little money we had which we collected from the pearnts and we are waiting egarly for your supports.l

Saturday, September 18, 2004

A huge operation for the Iraqi National guards

The Iraqi national gaurds made a big operation in Baghdad in Hifa street, about 1000 soldiers from the Iraqi national gaurds did the operation and they succeed, they arrested a lot of criminals and catch a lot of ammunition, this was the biggest operation that Iraqi troops did after beating Saddam's regime. And I am so proud of them and I wish them luck to catch all the criminals and the thieves.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Saturday in Baghdad

Saturday was the day of the death of a big shiee Imam his name is Musa El Kadim, at that day shiee Muslims did their traditions like they were warring a black clothes and they hit their bodies and they give people food for free and they go to the Mosque which named from the name of the Imam and the place were the Imam buried called Kadmiah named from his name too. (what a people)

At Friday I had a chem. Lesson at 8 am so I waked up at 7:30 am and I had my breakfast then I waked my father because he is the one who take me by his car to the lesson and when we entered Anter circle I surprised by the big number of the Iraqi soldiers there were a huge number of them and beside them there were a big number of policemen too, those soldiers were protecting the shiee people who they come from a different places from Baghdad towards the mosque on foot and then I went to the lesson and about three hours I took a taxi and get home while the people were still walking to the mosque, At 6 pm 9 pm I saw them still going to the mosque and after that I didn’t go outside the house all the day.

This day was the shiee day I waked up ver early comparing with everyday I wake up I used to wake up at 1 pm but this day I waked up at 10:30 am to see the people I had my breakfast and went down to my street were I surprised of the huge number of the people who were going to the mosque across my street, and the soldiers and the policemen were still there they stayed all the night because as I heard the people didn’t stop coming all the night (again what a people) and the street were blocked there were no cars no buses in the street that really scared my first, at 3 pm , 6 pm, 7 pm , I went out and I saw the same scene the people were still coming then I took my cell phone and I called my best friend Yasser (you can see him on Iraq the future) and I asked him about lets go near the mosque and see what the people are doing, so we called all our Sunni friends like me because my shiee friends were with their families and then we went there and we saw that they were hitting their bodies and they were giving people food for free but we didn’t take anything because we knew that some of the food were full of germs, and at 9 pm we saw a minibus and there were some guys on the bus roof and the bus was moving but we saw that they were calling Muqtada Muqtada and then the police run after them and arrested them, I went back home at 10 pm but my friends stayed and saw that nothing happened and the people went back at 1 am and the soldiers went back to their bases and the police stayed in the streets.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Blog

I made a new blog for those who blame me for anything happens in Iraq.
here is the link

Visit it.......

Friday, September 10, 2004

Iraq and the way to Germany

The Iraqi national football team played their first round in a group which Uzbekistan, Palestine and Taiwan play in too.
Their first two matches went draw against Uzbekistan and Palestine and they beat Taiwan in third match 6-1.
Now they are playing the second round, a few days ago they beat Taiwan 4-1 the goals made by Salih Sadir (2 goals) and Razaq Farhan and Sa'ad Atieah. Now they have 8 points at the second place. If they beat Uzbekistan and do whatever against Palestine they will insure that they will qualify to the third round.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I am finished

I am so sorry that I didn't post those past days because I was very busy with finishing my summer classes, and I am done now with all the subjects I read in the vacation like Bio, Chem, Math, Arabic.. and about 3 weeks schools starts and I will be busy again with the school from a side and with my team in the other side... so I think you understood my situation now, and please dont blame me that I dont write a lot like before.