Monday, May 31, 2004

here is some pics for the Iraqi team playing with kids  Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Finaly I hang with my friends

I just hang out with my friends yesterday I went to my friend's house and his name is Yasser and the other friend came with us too his name is Zeyad just like my brother name we really have fun and I went back to my house trying to start reading couse I must read in the vacation to be good in the 12th grade.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


For me as 17 years old, I don't like this way of life because I am now in the summer vacation and I don't have anything to do no studying no exams so what you are going to do…Here you are free but things that you like to do you can't do it there is no electricity you cant be online on the net you can not play on LAN with your friends and if you want to go hanging with your friends the weather make you feel so bad because it is very hot outside and inside too because there is no electricity and if you ignore all these things you will be afraid of getting robed or got shoot when you will be down on the streets on the other side the dirty people who they made you feel disgust just when you see them and see how they look and at most they will pick on you because you look clean and healthy and if they see you have a mobile or a car or a gold watch at once they will make a gang and come to you to steal these things and if you refused you will fell died at the same time if there is a girl with you like a (sister or a girlfriend) they will took her and rape her and you will never see her again and if you tried to stop them again you will fell died so this is a simple life for a 17 years old and I always wait for the electricity to get on the net because I think it's the only thing which make me feel I am living my life.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

This is the most worse pic that I have ever seen I mean what they are doing to him? Posted by Hello

This is my best wrestler rob van dam  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Stories about Saddam

I heard a lot of stories about Saddam some of people says that he is not arrested and he is fighting with FEDAYEEN and other say Saddam's time is end don't back for Saddam in every thing other who they used to love him Said he saw his wife a few days ago and he is fine and doing great this is all stories Saddam is in Qatar now and no way to survive.
سمعت قصصاً كثيرة تتحدث عن صدام حسين بعض الناس تقول ان صدام حر و يقاتل الأمريكان مع الفدائيين و بعضها تقول ان عهد صدام قد انتها و لا داعي للرجوع الى صدام في كل شي و بعض من الناس يقول ان صدام قد تقابل مع زجته مؤخرأً و انه جيد و بصحة جيدة و هو حر طليقز اما عن اعتقادي فأن صدام في قطر الأن و لا مهرب للنجاة.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Iraq national team

Iraq national team will leave Iraq to England they will saty there about a week or more they will play three matches against clubs from the second leauge in England. the team is without his younest profissional who he didnt played the last match for the olympic team Nashat Akram because of his bad playing. I hope they will do good.
المنتخب العراقي الأول سيسافر الى انكلترا لخوض معسكر تدريبي هنالك و سيلعب الفريق ثلاثة مباريات ضد فرق من الدرجة الثانية فالدوري الأنكليزي و سذهب الفريق العراقي بدون محترفه نشأت أكرم الذي لم ياعب المباراة الأخيرة للأولمبي بسبب انخفاض أداءه اتمنى للفريق الموفقية.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Iraqi Olympic team المنتخب العراقي الأولمبي

The Iraqi football team succeeds to qualifier to Athena after wining a huge match against Saudi Arabia they won 3-1 the Saudi team score first goal and after six minutes the Iraqi team made it draw 1-1 and at the second half the Iraqi team made a lot of attacks on the Saudi goal and they succeed to score the second goal and at the end of the second half when all the Saudi team is trying to make it draw the Iraqi team surprised them by scoring the third goal but this is not enough because if one of Oman or Kuwait win will qualifier to Athena but there mach went on 0-0 and the Iraqi team qualifier to Athena and after the wining they Iraqi people calibrate about this wining and they went outside to street and they dance and laugh because of this huge chance because If Oman or Kuwait win Iraq will never qualifier, and the Iraqi team played without his professional players because they are not playing good now days.

استطاع الفريق العراقي من النجاح في التأهل الى دورة الألعاب الأولمبية في أثينا و بعد مباراة كبيرة حافلة بالأحداث و الهجمات استطاع الفريق العراقي من التغلب على السعودية 3-1 وقد تقدمت السعودية في البداية بهدف من لاعبها ياسر القحطاني لكن بعد 6 دقائق عادل الفريق العراقي النتيجة و في مطلع الشوط الثاني استطاع الفريق العراقي و بعد عدة هجمات تسجيل هدفه الثاني من المتألق صالح سدير و قرب نهاية المبارة عندما كان الفريق السعودي بأكمله يهاجم محاولاً معادلة النتيجة تفاجأءة بالهدف الثالث من المتألق الأخر هوار ملا محمد ولكن هذا الفوز لم يكن كافياً للتأهل حيث اذا انتهت مباراة الكويت و عُمان بفوز احد الفريقيين سيتأهل الفريق الفائز من دون تأثير مباراة العراق و السعودية لكن و الحمد لله انتهت مباراتهم بالتعادل و تأهل العراق الى أثينا وبعد الفوز خرج العراقيين الى الشوارع معبرين عن فرحتهم بفوز فريقهم حيث تاعلت اهازيج الفرحة و الأنتصار و الرقص في الشوارع .

مزيد من الأخبار عن المعتقلين العراقيين

لقد سمعت ان صوراً جديدة نشرت عن تعذيب السجناء العراقيين من قبل الجنود الأمريكان و بمختلف صور التعذيب وقد وصلتني بعض الصور عن طريق البريد الألكتروني و عبر مواقع على شبكة الأنترنت اما في الشارع العراقي فالناس بدأو يألفون و يخترعون قصص عن التعذيب ليس لها اي علاقة بالحقيقة و هنا شيء يستحق الأبتسامة عليه في مرة كنت اتناقش مع صديق لي عن صور التعذيب و قلت له انا ظن ان هذه الصور مزيفة فقال لي اتمنى او اراك في هذه الصور المرة القادمة.

more about the prisnors

I heard that they found a new pics and new cinds of suffer using by the American soldiers against the Iraqi Prisnors and I saw those pics and I got some by email and by links on the net, the people outside the street are making there own story evrey one invent his story and her is somthing really will make you laugh once when I told my friend that I think those pics are fake he told my I wish I will see you in these pics next time LOL.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I'll write in Arabic too!

I will write in Arabis with English couse alot of my friends dont understand what I am writing in English
سوف اقوم بالكتابة باللغة العربية لان كثير من الأصدقاء لا يستطيعوا فهم ما اكتبه

Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Prisnors

As I saw in the news channels a group of American soldiers are trying to suffer Iraqi prisonrs in Abu Gharieb Prisaon, first time I suprised of these pics show an Iraqi men having sex under the power and Iraqi man standing on somthing and if he lose control he will die. after seeing these pics I went to my friends and I told them about the pics first time we laugh all about the point of having sex under the power but after that a huge confrsation began between us, some of them said this is not a reall photo and some one made it for laugh and these pics went out to the news and some of them said those soldiers just wanted to use saddem's suffer machines and they did that but most of them said those soldiers are crazy and cowrad because how could they do somthing like that? where are the human rights? where is the freedom that America brought to Iraq? if there soldiers do that to the Iraqi prisoners, I just saty with them without any comments about what they are talking about and after long talking between them and I was silent they turned to me all and said you Nabil you have a weblog and you can publish you thoughts I said to them I think if this thing is true those soldires are afriad of the situation and afraid of dying in Iraq without seeing their familes again so they did that just to relax they all said OH NO man how could you said that? I said to them this is what I am thinking if and when I turned back to the house I wrote this.
and on the other side the English soldier who have pess on the Iraqi man face this is completly un axceptable why he did that? what he thinks about himself? he think that Iraqis are coward I just wanted to say what I heard that the Iraqis are waiting and then they will exploed this is what a man in the street says to me.