Friday, July 30, 2004

We Lost

I couldnt see our last match becauseI had a lesson and I knew from the news that we lost
its a big feild for the coach and the palyers.

Monday, July 26, 2004

We made it....

The Iraqi team succeeds to qualifier to the quarter finals after beating Saudi Arabia 2-1 with a wonderful match and now they are going to play against China I hope we will beat them too.
The Iraqi team start the game with the players who I wrote their names in the older post except Nasha'at Akram who he played in the place of Salih Sadeer and by that list they started their match and in the first half there weren’t a good attacks for the both teams and they just played for draw except some attacks from the Iraqi side. And after 10 minutes of the beginning of the first half Razak Farhan passed the ball to Nasha'at Akram who he shoots the ball like a missile to the goal declaring the first goal to the Iraqi team and after  5 minutes the Saudi an team make it draw their goal wasn't fair because the striker kicked Hawar and took the ball from him without any reaction from the referee who I hated him because he wasn’t a good referee and after scoring the draw goal Iraq was insure about that they are going to qualifier because if the game ended with a draw they will have 4 points and the Uzbekistan 9 points so they will qualifier as the second team, but they refused to be like that so they played and played until the time came and with a wonderful run by Qusai Moneer he lead an attack against the Saudi an team and shoot the ball but the Saudi an goal keeper hit it so it comes back to Younis Mahmood who scored the second goal and declare that Iraq won the game because the Time when he scored the goal was the minute 87 and just 3 minutes to the match to end sp the Iraqi coach let a defender get in who his name is Hider abed al razak and make the team play with 4 defender and the match ended like this. It was a wonderful match really Iraq didn’t beat the saudian team from 10 years and they did it now. Good work guys and God bless. Aash al Iraq.
Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow the Iraqi national team will play against Saudi Arabia (losers) at 3 pm in the iraqi time and that game will be brodcast on ( Iraqia , MBC , Al Jazeera sports(the Liers chennel) , LBC ) it will be great if we beat them!!!! with a big big big big result ( I hope so. )
the players of the Iraqi team who will play as I think are:
Ahmed Ali ( goalkeeper)
Hider Jaba'ar ( defender)
Bassem Aba'as ( defender )
Hider Abd Al Ameer ( Defender)
Mahdi Kareem ( defender )

The Middle of the Field players are:
Hawa'ar Mulla Mohamed
Abd Al Waha'ab Abo Al Hia'al
Qusai Moneer
Salah Sadeer

The Strikers are
Razak Farhan
Emad Mohamed

lets hope they will play good and we will beat them with a big result
olay olay olay olay..... Iraq.


Friday, July 23, 2004

We beated them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iraq beated Turkmeistan 3-2 after a really crazy game, first at the minute 13 we scored our first goal by Hawar Mulla Mohamed but just after two minutes Turkmenistan made it draw by a big mistake from the goal keeper he shouldnt be behind the striker he should be infront of him to get the ball, and after a big big big a really big match and after a histole playing from the Turkmenistan players the refree gave one of their deffenders a red card and after few minutes the Iraqi team scored the second goal ( Ahmed Monajjed shot the ball to the goal but the ball hit the it so it came back to Razak Farhan and he score it by his head) and after two minutes ( I dont believe this) the Turkmenistan got a free kick infront of the goal and by a mistake of Bassim Abaas the deffender they made it draw again and that was in the minute 83. the situation become very hard for the Iraqi team to score the winning goal in 4 or maybe 5 minutes but they did it they got a corner kick Hawar pass it to Nasha'at Akrram and he pass it again to Hawar and he cross it to the striker and by a wonderful head shot from Qusai Moneer the Iraqi team scored the third goal which is unblieveable to score the goal in that few minutes but at all they did it and I am very proud of them because they won. and the stricker Razak Farhan has been choosen to be the man of the match because his wonderfull goal. and the game which follow the Iraqi team match between Uzbekistan and Saudi Arbia, theu Saudi team lost 0-1 and this result is good for the Iraqi team. Let's hope that the Iraqi team will beat Saudi Arbia with a big result. Olay Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

  • Iraq's next two matches in the AFC 2004 are against Turkmenistan and Saudi Arbia lets hope they will win and with very big results ( Insha'a allah).

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A big failed

Iraq failed to beat Uzbakistan and loss the match 0-1 but Iraq played better than them all the time but at all they LOST

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Iraqi people Posted by Hello

Iraq in the AFC

Iraq is going to play his first match tomorrow against Uzpakistan and the new genral manneger Addnan Hamed brought about 15  players who they play for the Iraqi olympic team and he get rid of  a lot of the good players(old players), but anyway lets have a hope that the Iraqi team will beat Saudi Arabia and Uzpaistan and Turkmanistan and reach the finals....  

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Me studying to the 12th grade

I am in my vacation but I am studying to be ready for the next year before college (12th grade) my life really become very sad because I dont have any days off excpet one day which is Thursday that day is my best day these days because I can go out with my freinds and have fun, but the other days are very bad and full brcause somedays I have one lesson in the whole day and the lesson is about 2 hours and without electricity and somedays I have two lessons and the most day I hate is Wednsday because I have three lessons in that day and more than these lessons that there are exams and a very hard exams, the teachers said we have to give you a hard exams to insure that you become very good and you will do very good in the finals, and I am doing very good in those exams but I am tired of studying 8 hours per day or maybe less than that when I am bored, at all this is all for me and because of that I keep studying.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Baghdad after the handover

Baghdad at the time of Mr. Alawi and Mr. Al Yawed is not very different than Baghdad at the time of Mr. Bremer because the American patrols are still hanging out in Baghdad's streets and whenever there is an American Patrol in any street that's mean there is war is going to begin because the terrorist don't care about the Iraqis and how many innocents Iraqi will died in this small war which will never end by good results for the each sides. Today I heard a huge sound of bomb and after a minute I went out to see what happened they just told me an American vehicle just bombed by an ARPG missile and one minute later American helicopters started to fly around the place, so what I wanted to say is why don't the American soldiers and the other troops just stay in their bases to keep themselves safe and leave the mission to the IP or the ICDC maybe they can deal with their terrorist who I believe that they are not Iraqis maybe they can deal with them better than the American do because I think every policeman here know how to deal with Iraqis themselves and the terrorist. And back to my point about the situation after the handover I see on some news channels that the American soldiers start to remove the blocks from the street and try to make it better for the cars to pass and the other stuff but what I think is nothing will change until the capture of Al Zarkawi the biggest terrorist in the war of course after Osama bin Laden because anything they try to built or try to make it better is ended by bombing or burning or stealing by the thieves or the terrorists. I am going to give you my point of view to solve all the problems….
1-Try to make more IP men and make about 5 or 10 of them in every street in Baghdad and provide them with the latest weapons and the best weapons.
2-Try to rebuilt the Iraqi Army and increase the number and make them guard the limits of Iraq with the neighbor countries and don't let any one who have nothing to do in Iraq to get inside Baghdad.
3-Try to remove all the difference between the Iraqi people. I mean never talk about Shiea Muslims or Sunni Muslims, never talk about the Arab and the Kurd and the Turkman and never talk about Muslims or Christians and Jewish people and remove all the difference between them because they are all the same no one is better than the other not in his religion, not is his thought, everyone is free to talk about his thought but inside the limits of the law.
4-Give Mr. Allawi and Mr. Al Yawir a chance to let us see what they are going to do and never talk about they came from outside Iraq and didn't live under Saddam's government because they are Iraqis like us and they can be Prime Minters or to be presidents and all the good Iraqis have the right to come presidents but this come by the elections.
5-Try to rebuilt the electricity stations and make it better to stop the talking about the electricity and try to move to another important subject.
6-Advice the people to help the government and the IP to caught the terrorists and the thieves and never let them go.
7-Make the freedom a subject which is studied by the students in school and college to make the Iraqi people know what is freedom mean.
8-Deliver the security file to the Iraqi IP and stop the American army patrols hanging out to the street to stop the bombing and the horrible things
9-Make a free newspaper which talks about the good events that the new Iraqi government is doing.
10-the police should never let Al Jazeera and Al Arabia news channels work in Iraq again because they are responsible for everything happened in Baghdad and this is have to be the first decision which the new government have to make.
11-The most important thing is to never make Iraq an Islamic country
And these are all the things that I wish to consider by Mister Allawi.