Wednesday, October 12, 2005

congratulations Iraq

I just want to congratulate the Iraqis for the New document which we will have questionary on it in Friday 15 oct. 2005, I thank God that the Sunni Parties agreed to this constitution because if the didn't we would had more violence, but I think when all the Iraqis approve this document, that will put an end to this severe violence.

And about the next elections, as i said before we will go with Allawi because he is the BEST.

I heard that he is going to be in the same list with the Kurds and the Sunnis, this will make parliament well-balanced, because every cult of the Iraqi people will have their representatives,
So we won't have a Shiite Kurdish Parliament, but will have a well-balanced parliament as I said..

And About Me, I was accepted at the pharmacology college.