Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy or Sad should I be??!!

Today...I woke up in the morning, supposed to be Eid's morning, the day that we should have celebration and having fun.
At first I went downstairs, hugged my dad and wished him the best for the new year..and after a while he just shocked me with the news. He said that Saddam was executed earlier this morning.. I was feelingless at that point, because I was still sleepy. I stood there speachless, thinking of the whole thing and the consequences of this matter, and about the timing of the execution which is in Eid's morning.

Anyway I went up to my room again, dressed myself up, and went straight to my grandpah's house, where all the family comes on Eid's morning and have lunch and enjoy the first day of Eid. I enterd the room where they were all gathered. I noticed the sad look on their faces. I started to hug each one of them and wish them the best for the new year, then sat with them for a while. They were talking about this execution and they were very mad and angry about it, first because they think that this trial is not legitimate, and secondly that the timing of this execution is very bad. I remained speachless there too, because I didn't know what to say, I wasn't so sure about my feelings myself, I was like am I happy or am I sad or what the hell am I feeling??!

Anyway, Eid continued at grandpah's house as usual. We had a nice lunch and everything was okay. Then after I went to see my friend who wasn't feeling anything about the whole matter and wasn't thinking about the consequences.

I returnd home and still haven't decided my feelings whether I'm sad or happy. Now as I'm writing this post I can describe my feelings very well, but still don't know what other people might think of me saying this.

I think I'm happy to see this despot receiving a fair verdict and being executed for the crimes he had done to the Iraqi people, and for his aggressive behaviour towards the poor people. And yet, I'm so sad actually that this (great man as he was) this symbol of the Arab nation (as hypocrites used to describe him) is being treated this way.. being hold with disgust by two guards, and executed in this humiliating manner, its too much for me to take easily..

I think the Iraqi government has taken this day to carry out the verdict to avenge themselves and to attack the Sunni community in an indirect way, because today was only the Sunni's Eid, not the Shiite's Eid..
They were eager to execute him as soon as they can, to insure their wicked sick minds that the idea of Saddam coming back to power will be terminated, though they know that this won't happen even if he remained alive..

Anyway, carrying out the verdict will not solve anything, and will not make the security situation any better, it will only make it worse, and by this bad timing they attacked an important sect of the Iraqi people, and I don't think that this sect will remain harmless to what they've did..

Finally, I still don't know whether I'm happy or sad.. but to say the truth I'm sad, because I think that Iraq will never ever have a president that knows how to deal with the bad groups of the iraqi people like Saddam.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A car filled of explosives exploded about 20 meters away from the outer gate of my house...

The car exploded when an American army patrol was passing the street...there was no injuries niether from the American soldiers nor the civilians...

Electricity high pressure wires got destroyed and now the neighbourhood is without electricity at all..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Translations for Posters which were attached on the walls in my street

To our kinsfolk from the students and professors in sunni districts:
Subject: Communique about Closing Universitys and institutes in Baghad:
As a result for the act of Al-Maliki government and the dirty death
squads that are supported by that government, in killing and torturing
people from the sunni sect, and after these crimes were done by small
groups, Today, they are done by hundreds of people in daytime, by the
Persian forces of the internal affairs ministry officailly.
And the incident of the Higher Education Ministry is our biggest
example, the number of these crimes had increased a lot, and you are
the ones who are living them day by day, because the you are their

Thus, After consulting with a group of experts and University
professors, WE! decided to cancel the official attendance for college
students and higher education students, for the studying year of 2006-
2007 in all the Universities and institutes and the private colleges in
the capital of Baghdad only, in order to fist save the blood of our
professors and students, and secondly to clean these institutions from
the death squads.

As for students in primary and secondary schools, they are not included
by this verdict, and they should continue their attendance, because
they are not suffering what University students are suffering.
Today, Universities are being administrated by the hands of ALRWAFITH
(Religion quoting), controlled by the people of the dirty black
turbans, those who they know nothing about life only they know how to
kill innocent people, and they changed these University from
Educational Building institutions to killing institutions, and after
professors and students were safe, teaching and studying in these
universities, nowadays they get killed on the doorsteps of these

60% of the students from the sunni sect didn't start studying at this
year, they didn't even go to their universities this year, because they
were afraid of getting kidnapped or killed, and the same for the
students of the higher educations, and the rest of the sunni students
and professors became the main target for the death squads. As with
what happened to Dr. Esam Alrawi who was assassinated in Al-Mansour

So for the people of the sunni sect, this verdict is to save your blood
and to save you from the perfidy bullets, because we are not satisfied
with that the RWAFITHS get the highest degrees and the sunni people are
staying at their homes because they are afraid of death, so to make
justice this year should be canceld for everyone not just for the sunni
sect people.

Again we repeart our advice for the students from the sunni sect, to
avoid going to their Universities and institutes and colleges, for this
year, and we know that the avoidance of going for studying is a painful
fact, but getting our professors and students killed is much more
painful, thats why we are working to clean these institutions from the
death squads.
And who Alerted is excused...who alerted is excused...who alerted is

Ansar AlSuna Group

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Its not safe for people...even if they were locked up in their houses

Pics for a mortar missile fell on the side-walk.....just a few steps away from the outer door of my house....

Mortar missiles are falling on my district for about a the rate of 15 mortar missile per day...lots of killed innocent people...lots of injuries from the people of the district...

I was in my room...around 7 pm...chatting on the internet with my friends...then I heard a huge sound of bombing...and huge amount of dust came into my room.... I was shoked... I stopped thinking for minutes...I didn't know what to do...then heard the voice of my mum from down stairs...screeming..Nabil, Nabil...are you okay?!.... I ran downstairs to check if my mom and dad are okay...and thanks to god they were okay.

Then we started to try to understand what happened...meanwhile we heard voices in the street...saying that a mortar missile fell on a shop infront of my house.... the owner of the shop is one of my friends... and his house is just behind the I ran out to check if they were okay... I crossed the was too electricity as usual...saw few men with torch lights looking at the shop and trying to find what happened...then a guy who was passing the street....stood in front of my house and shouted to us...that he found a hole in the street... we ran to his spot...and found what you see in these pictures...
We found that it was a mortar missile which fell on the side-walk as you see....

Its not safe for us...even being locked up in our homes...WHAT A MESS !!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

3 terrifying days had passed in Adhamiah District (Sunni district), tons of mortars had fell on the area....the targets were random...about 50 innocent people were killed..hunderds are injured...lots of houses are fully destroyed...streets are ruined.....

As what the people in that district said..that gunmen are surrounding the area...killing people..shooting mortars randomly...and we can do nothing to stop them...

Maliki goes on Tv screen...says that he opened an investigation on from where these mortars are being fired...well, excuse me... you can ask the army that you're leading..which is Al-Mahdi army...ask them...from where are you shooting that area...I guess that would be easier than opening an investigation and blah blah blah....

Some higher force has to interfere to stop this blood shedding....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh yes... Maliki orders check points removed from Alsader district..... well, what about other districts will they remain blocked???...Iraqi prime minister shows his alignment to the shiite publicly...

lets just review what happend... Alsader district was besieged for about a week... what happened within that besieging?? a car filled up with explosives exploded in that district?? doesn't that give the Iraqi government any idea about from where do thses bombing cars are coming??... I mean the city was besieged... there was no enterance for cars to that district.. and yet they had an explosion by a car... that means that most not all of the cars which are being exploded in Baghdad are coming from that area...

4 hours after the siege was opend and the check points were removed... police reports that 21 dead bodies were found in Alresafa side... I mean come on... do something about this!!

And if I'm wrong and if Almaliki is not backing up these militias and gunmen... why Alsader district was the only area that were not checked for guns, morters and other heavy weapons???

Even the most IGNORANT man in this universe can figure it out....that the current Iraqi government is backing up the militias and the gunmen... and all of the Iraqi government institutions are filled with corruption... and the loyalty of the IRAQ Army Soldiers and police men is not to Iraq but to the Black Militia of Almahdi Army..

14,000 piece of weapons are missing from the Iraqi Army... what an irony... I'm sure that they are in the hands of Al-Mahdi army which its members are over 150,000 men....approximatley to a 20% of Alsader district population.

P.S: Almahdi Militia men are preventing Students from going to their colleges or schools and government employees from going to their works, good news? we won't study this year... because the ignorant fatso Muqtada Alsader don't want us to..

Saturday, October 21, 2006


An Innocent life of a young hair styler woman had to end like that.....

As what Eye witnesses told me...
She was on her way home... after she closed up her shop.. around 5:30 pm.... she hired a taxi... just at the time that she got inside the taxi car...
A civilian car with four young men inside it.. just blocked the way on the taxi.. one of the young men..(As they said.. they doubt if he is over 18 yo... they meant that the age of those boys is certainly under 18).. came out of the car.... and headed to the taxi car... brought that woman out of the taxi by force... put a black plastic sack on her face... and he assassinated her.
for what??? why did they kill her??? no one knows....

later about 8:20 pm an Iraqi Army patrol came and picked up the dead body.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

News from the neighbourhoods (updates)

Violence is continued and there is no force that can save the innocent lives..

Two days ago in my street in the morning.. two roadside bombs blew up on an Iraqi army patrol who was passing the street.. there was no casualties.. only the road got messed up.. and an under-ground water pipe was broken... and wasn't repaired till today...

2 dead bodies were found near a mosque in the neighbourhood, they were just laying in the street.. and the people were afraid to pick them up and deliver them to the police... they got picked up by an American army patrol...

Two Days ago in Al-Adhamiah neighbourhood (Sunni Neighbourhood).. mosques announced to the people using microphones... telling them to stay at home for the next day.. cause there will be fake police patrols surrounding the neighbourhood exits in the morning... and they will assassinate people according to their IDs.. that means sunni people will get killed..

I don't know where are they going by doing these things....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

News from the neigbourhoods

Yesterday... I witness the most horrible thing since I got here in
Baghdad.. I was standing with some friends in the street.. and saw a guy
coming out from a house.. his eyes were coverd, his mouth was shut.. and
his hands were tied.. the house was across the street just about 20
meters away from us.. the guy came a cross the street without seeing and
went to a shop.. he was shouting.. untie me.. open my eyes.. some people
ran to help him, his only words were.."please take me to my house...
they will kill me".. so the people just helped him.. and hired a taxi
for him.. then we heard his story from the people of the house that he
came out from..
they said that they were sitting in their back garden.. waiting until
the time of eating comes.. (they were fasting as it Ramahdan now).. they
said suddenly... a body jumped into the garden from the back fence of
the house... at first they said that they thought he was dead.. but the
guy just stood him self up... and began to move.. they're were girls
sitting in the garden as well, so they started to scream as they were
very scared.. because his view was very scary..(I mean I freacked out
when I saw him), after the girls started to scream.. the guy said
"please, don't scream..I'm kidnapped..the kidnappers will hear you", the
girls just didn't stop screaming.. so he ran out from the front door of
the house..where we saw him coming out.

At first we thought that he was kidnapped and being held in that house..
but then we got the whole story..

About the people in the street.. they were confused.. whether should
they help him?? or should they not??some people just ran to help him at the moment that they saw him.. some people didn't move a finger.. because they were afraid of the
kidnappers.. thats how's the situation now.. people are afraid to help
each other..
An owner of a shop near by in the same street happens to know the guy who was
kidnapped.. after few hours of the scene.. we went again out to the
street.. the shop owner said that he contacted the parents of the
kidnapped guy.. and they said that they recieved their son.. and now
he's on his way to Arbil.. just to escape from the kidnappers.

In the same neibouhood.. in the evening of that night.. an armed guy
riding a motorbic.. just opend fire on a mosque three blocks away from
the same street.. just without reason..(I think he was just bored.. and
thought to waste some bullets by learning how to shoot on a mosque walls
when he is riding a motorbic!!!).

Later at the same day.. US army patrols found 2 dead bodies in the same

P.S: I am talking about just one neighbourhood, imagen what happens
in other ones.. and you count the number of the dead bodies and
kidnapped people.

I'm just living in an irony country... where religion scientists.. who
assume that they are scientists of religion.. are leading the country to
a total mess...

Expect more news updates from Baghdad neigbourhoods... but unfortunely
sad ones.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Education in Baghdad 2006-2007

The Iraqi minsiter of education announced that the schools (primary and secondary) starts on 20th sep. 2006 for the studying year of 2006-2007, well here's what I've heard...

In a school called Omar bin Abd Alaziz for boys (17th of july revolution before), in the day of the openning of schools, just one student went to school from about 600 students in that school, this guy said..
"I woke up in the morning, had my breakfast, and went to school for the new studying year, but I found myself alone in the school", he said that he was surprised to see the school was empty, at first he didn't know what to do, because there was no one in the school, no teachers.. no students.. he found only the guards, he spoke with the guards of his school, they told him to go back home, and to droop by in 1st of Oct. or maybe after Ramdan ends in nearly 22th Oct.

In Another school called Alhariry school for girls... I heard that only few students went to school at that day.. but the school was filled of Iraqi & American soldiers and vehicles in order to protect the student...

Sharqyia Tv Channel has made a report about the openning of schools, they chose one of Baghdad schools, I don't remember it's name, but there was a lot of students in that school.. the reason of the good number of students in that school, is because the school lies in a niegberhood which is a little better from other places by the security situation...

About The Universities and Colleges...
The Iraqi minister of high education still didn't decide.. when the studying will start.. but the rumers say that it will be in the 1st of Oct...
I heard from the students of the privte Baghdad college of pharmacy.. which is being transfered into another location... they said that the college administration haven't decided when will be the openning.. and maybe it will be too late because they still haven't transfered all the college labs and classes...

Students Rumers...
As for the people that I see here in Jordan... or what I hear from my friends in Baghdad...
some of them says that there will be no schools nor colleges for this year.. because of the messed up situation in Baghdad.. and because of Almahdi Militia which is kidnapping most of the people in the streets and even from their houses... and kills them for cults reasons..

Others says that there will be schools and colleges for this year... and they will start exactly in the 1st of Oct. and everything will be normal just like last year.. they say that they will experience the same situation of the last year...

Other people said that maybe and they were not very sure... they said maybe there will be schools and colleges for this year... but not before Ramadan ends...

Others here in Jordan said.. that Iraq is hell nowadays.. and everyone who goes back to Iraq will have one fated destiny which is death.. whether be explosions or by the Black Militias of Jaish Al Mahdi or Badir...

So lets just hope and pray.. for the people of Iraq.. and the students of Iraq to have a safe studying year... and may God let the good people of Iraq live and not get killed by the hands of the black men of Al Mahdi Militia and other Militias.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Can Anyone Stop Aljazeera Tv Channel

Today.. I was watching the news on Aljazeera tv channel, and most of the news were about the terorrist attacks... so the comercials came.. and one of them was about a programe that will be Brodcasted in Monday 12:05 am KSA time... this programe is about discribing how the terorrist are maneging to get to Iraq... through the borders with syria and Iran.. I mean a reporter was with terorrist crossing the borders when they taped the movie... and about how they bring the guns and the wepons with them..
I mean if Aljazeera knows about all these details.. how come the Iraq government or the Army and the American Army.. and the American administration doesn't know about it.. or can't stop it...
I mean do we have a fake government.. and all what they care about is stealing money from Iraq????
THe security situation is getting worse everyday.. and The Iraqi PM goes on tv and promice the nation that he will improve the security situation.. just bullshit.... they do nothing.. cause most of the Police and the Army soldiers are from the Almahdi Army and Badir association who works for Muqtada Al-Sadir and Abd Al aziz al hakeem, those Iranians (basterds) who work for Iran interest...
Iran is now playing in Iraq... they are behind everything now....
and I hope that the American Administration are satisfied with what they did to Iraq...
if I can give one advice to the Iraqi PM... my advice will be... execute everyone that you suspect he's a terorrist.. and do it the old fashion way ... by hanging with a gallows pole.. and keep them hanged in the streets so other people see them...
Saddam was right by doing that.. bacuase Iraqis terorrist deserve only this....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Getting Kicked Out Of Jordan

Today.. I went to a security center to make my residence in Jordan.. they gave me another month... till the third of October.. and then I should go home.. the system for Iraqis in Jordan here is only 3 months and then they should return home.. I mean Amman the capital of Jordan will be in stones age without the Iraqis because they're the only who are making the economy of Jordan get better.. U can see that clearly... go to restruants.. go to malls.. go to cafes.. go clothing shops... you'll see that only the Iraqis are buying and spending money... and the Jordanian Government is just not grateful with that....
I mean okay.. let all the Iraqis get out of Jordan... and live in Hell!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meeting with Iraqi Bloggers

Yesterday I met a group of Iraqi bloggers for the second time, But this one was the best.... I met Morbid Smile, Micho, Treasure of Baghdad, Attawi , 24 Steps, Anarki 13 and his friend, and of course my brother Zeyad was there, well, the first meeting was in a cafe' called Bellmondo, we had alot of chats but I actually didn't enjoy it, I don't know why, I mean it's not because of the guys, but there was some problems in my mind that confused me and I couldn't have fun... well, the second meeting was in Al-Husain Gardens in Amman, its not a meeting, in fact I can call it a pinic, because the guys made it sound like a pinic, they brought candies, nuts and drinks, and the amazing thing they brought which I was actually very lazy to bring with me is Attawi's acoustic guitar, I actually didn't have the mood to go to this picnic because I was lazy to bring my guitar, and the reason is that I lost my guitar case and I thought that I would be imbarressed to carry it and walk around without a case, but Attawi was better than me in that bacause she brought her guitar without a case too, so I just laughed when I saw it... I didn't go to the meeting actually, I told my brother that I'm not going and he left me and went to the meeting, I maneged to go with my friends to a cafe', but in the way to the cafe' my brother called my on my cell phone telling me that, they are all together and they asked for me.. so I changed my mind, canceled my friends and decided to go with them, so I went there and met them, we took a walk until we found the best place to sit which was a sidewalk (lol), and then the guys started to eat (Iraqis they have to eat when they go out heheh), they ate nuts and candies as I mentioned before... then I took the guitar, although I had to tune it by the assistance of Anarki who used to play an electirc guitar..

then we started to sing songs... I noticed the soft beautiful voice of Attawi, who she was great singing Hotel California... I played several songs of my favorite band of all time Metallica, and I was impressed that most of the guys knew those songs and their lyrics too, I felt happy playing nothing else matters, Mama said and the solo of Sad But True, we also sang our heritage songs, the special Iraqi songs which I like very much.. we did (sghira chent, win ya galob, fog el nakhel and many more...) and the funny thing that we did the soundtrak of F.R.I.E.N.D.S the tv show and rememberd the song of phoebe (the famous Smelly cat)... hehe..

WE had a great time, rememberd the picnics that I had back at school before the war...
it was a very Iraqi imviroment that we lived in and it was just a nice time that I had and rememberd me of my late country as I would say.....
peace out...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

From Baghdad To Jordan

The last month.. I forgot to mention that I'm now in Jordan for the summer vacation and maybe forever.. Life in Jordan is just strange to me.. it's like I don't imagine myself living in Jordan, I'd rather live in Baghdad with the explosions than living here in jordan... though most of my classmates are changing their colleges, and enter colleges here in Amman, most of my friends tell me to do the same..but I just don't want to change my college and don't wanna live outside my country... and still don't know what to do!
As for the Iraqis, they made an invation in Jordan.. there are like about million and a half of a million Iraqis are now in Jordan, 3/4 of them are living here.. and the rest quarter are here for the vacation... you know.. it's like nobody is left in Iraq except for the ignorants and the bad people, and most of those bad people are from Al-Sadir city, because they're like zombies, they are criminals, they don't care for the security to be made in Iraq, they don't even care about Iraq... their only goal is to steal and steal and steal money from the people by killing them or kidnapping them and ask for money to let them go... so I just wanna say that all the good people in Iraq are gone.. they are either dead or left the country... and thanks for the Iraqi government and the Iraqi troops and the coaltion troops for that....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

people are dying and the Iraqi media are away

in the last few days, at least 150 people were killed (AT LEAST), because they were sunnis or shiite, and where are the Iraqi army and police from these incidents????... no one knows... The Iraqi prime minster goes on TV, and he say (the situation in Iraq is improving though its coverd with the smell of the iraqi blood), what the hell is that??????......!!!!!..
the day before yesterday, in Al-Jihad neighberhood in Baghdad, in the early hours of morning, 50 iraqi sunni people were killed, by fake patrols of the Police (but in fact they were from Al-Mahdi army) ps: Al-Mahdi army is led by the shiite leader Muqtada Al-Sadir, and why they were killed because they were sunnis... those people were going to their shops, works and schools and they were stopped by these fake patrols, and they were asked for their IDs and when they found that the person they catch is a sunni (they can know if he/she is sunni or shiite by their name and their address) they kill him/her, just like that because they were sunnis, sunni neigberhoods are being attacked by Al-Mahdi army everyday.. and the Iraqi national Tv (al iraqia tv channel) haven't said a word about what happend, I mean 50 people were killed because they were sunnis, and the Iraqi Tv just neglect that....
The Iraqi government is away from all these things, they are busy collecting money and they're doing nothing to the Iraqi people, Iraqi prime minster says that there is no civil war in Iraq and that soon everything will be under control, and hundreds of people are dying everyday...
the situation just makes you laugh because they're all are ignorants, all the men in the government are ediots, they care only for their interst and for their chair in the parlimentt, even the sunni politicians when they got their chairs in the parliment, they just shut their mouths and why is that because they are getting paid for shutting their mouths...
its just killing me to see my country like this, Iraqis are killing each other and no one knows why, is it because their religions, is it because they want to be in the government?, is it because the American troops in Iraq? no one knows why this is happening in Iraq...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup 2006

Its a good one to watch, I'm following England though its obvious that Brazil have the best luck to win the competetion, they have the best players in the world, but I'm with Englad, I like Portugal's play, they're good too..
I wonder if anyone can send me the song of world cup 2002 on my email.. its called boom(fifa world cup 2002) done by Anastacia.. cause I'm not finding it...
for all of you.. watch the matches, they are really good ones to watch.

Monday, May 22, 2006


When this suffering will end???, when this killing will end?, Everyday when I watch the news, at least 30 innocent Iraqis are dead because of the explosions, when?when?when
we're sick of this kind of life.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

new start

Every New government says that it will be a new start, and the situation will be better, and the services will improve, and the terrorisim will end, I hope this new government is true and would stick to this promise, cause the Iraqi people sufferd alot, and every single citizin in Iraq, now wishes that this nightmare will end, and that we will have a normal safe life, just like other people in other countries do, because they're not better than us, why shouldn't we have a normal peice life....
and I hope that this New PM (Jowad Al Maliki) will be a good prime minister, and will not follow any Islamic advices, but work on this complicated situation to be solved, away from the Sunni and Shitte probelms, and take it as ALL OF THEM ARE IRQIS, and no one is better than the other, and thus he'll be strong and have the support of the people, if he stays away from religion.
Let us all pray that this very very sad situation will end....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

wars, wars and wars....

Its been two days that we've been locked up in our homes in my nighbourhood, here comes the story...
the day before yesterday(saturday), I went to bed about 11:30 pm, and about 1 am, I woke up on the noise of the bullets, the shooting was very heavy, at first I thought that maybe its the Iraqi national guards, because they shoot in the air when they cross a street, but then I realized that it was actully them, but they are not crossing the street, they were in the street, i thought that it must be a war between them and the resistance, but then from the sound of the bullets we knew that they were shooting anywhere, it was no war... they were shooting on the people, on the shops in the street, they shot the electricity towers, they shot the phone lines wires, they didn't have a target, everything they see they shoot it, we still don't know why they did that..
but as we can understand, they did it only to destroy the nighbourhood... they are mean, crazy and sick people, and I blame the lazy government for what happend....
All the politicians are bastreds.. they only fight for the incumbencies...
they don't care about the Iraqi people.. this country is destroyed and life is over in it...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Got Passed

I passed the first course.. with a medial grade......
my grades was:

Pharmaceutical calculations : good
Math: Medial
Bio: Medial
Chemistry: Medial
Computers: good

I guess they are good... right?

Saturday, February 25, 2006


why do we live like this?, I mean is that the end?, why do we have to live under an Islamic government with ignorants around, whats wrong with people???

The shiite people proved that they are aggrisvie, they started to shoot and burn sunnies mosques when the Ali-Alhadi Mosque got attacked (shiite Mosque), I mean do they think that the sunnie people are behind that attack, it makes me laugh.. really... it makes me laugh because it makes me think that how much stupid they are... why in the world would the sunnies do that? can anyone answer me?,
In the News we see Al-Sistani and Al-Sadir, they say some stupid stuff to the nation.. I mean who are those ignorants, they are nothing, and I mean it they are nothing but stupid and low educated liers, I don't care if people follow them, because they are liers.....
Al-Sistani went on the TV and said that its not allowed to burn the sunnies mosques, and after 2 hours, the sunni's mosques all over Baghdad got attacked, its like a call from the old stupid man..
its like he told them to do those things... I mean what do they want? huh?....... do they want a civil war? because I am not going to live in a country that have a civil war.....
I just can't stand this mesrible situation, I mean we are locked up in our houses for 4 days since the attack on their IMAM'S MOSQUE.....
is this a life we are living???????