Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy or Sad should I be??!!

Today...I woke up in the morning, supposed to be Eid's morning, the day that we should have celebration and having fun.
At first I went downstairs, hugged my dad and wished him the best for the new year..and after a while he just shocked me with the news. He said that Saddam was executed earlier this morning.. I was feelingless at that point, because I was still sleepy. I stood there speachless, thinking of the whole thing and the consequences of this matter, and about the timing of the execution which is in Eid's morning.

Anyway I went up to my room again, dressed myself up, and went straight to my grandpah's house, where all the family comes on Eid's morning and have lunch and enjoy the first day of Eid. I enterd the room where they were all gathered. I noticed the sad look on their faces. I started to hug each one of them and wish them the best for the new year, then sat with them for a while. They were talking about this execution and they were very mad and angry about it, first because they think that this trial is not legitimate, and secondly that the timing of this execution is very bad. I remained speachless there too, because I didn't know what to say, I wasn't so sure about my feelings myself, I was like am I happy or am I sad or what the hell am I feeling??!

Anyway, Eid continued at grandpah's house as usual. We had a nice lunch and everything was okay. Then after I went to see my friend who wasn't feeling anything about the whole matter and wasn't thinking about the consequences.

I returnd home and still haven't decided my feelings whether I'm sad or happy. Now as I'm writing this post I can describe my feelings very well, but still don't know what other people might think of me saying this.

I think I'm happy to see this despot receiving a fair verdict and being executed for the crimes he had done to the Iraqi people, and for his aggressive behaviour towards the poor people. And yet, I'm so sad actually that this (great man as he was) this symbol of the Arab nation (as hypocrites used to describe him) is being treated this way.. being hold with disgust by two guards, and executed in this humiliating manner, its too much for me to take easily..

I think the Iraqi government has taken this day to carry out the verdict to avenge themselves and to attack the Sunni community in an indirect way, because today was only the Sunni's Eid, not the Shiite's Eid..
They were eager to execute him as soon as they can, to insure their wicked sick minds that the idea of Saddam coming back to power will be terminated, though they know that this won't happen even if he remained alive..

Anyway, carrying out the verdict will not solve anything, and will not make the security situation any better, it will only make it worse, and by this bad timing they attacked an important sect of the Iraqi people, and I don't think that this sect will remain harmless to what they've did..

Finally, I still don't know whether I'm happy or sad.. but to say the truth I'm sad, because I think that Iraq will never ever have a president that knows how to deal with the bad groups of the iraqi people like Saddam.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A car filled of explosives exploded about 20 meters away from the outer gate of my house...

The car exploded when an American army patrol was passing the street...there was no injuries niether from the American soldiers nor the civilians...

Electricity high pressure wires got destroyed and now the neighbourhood is without electricity at all..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Translations for Posters which were attached on the walls in my street

To our kinsfolk from the students and professors in sunni districts:
Subject: Communique about Closing Universitys and institutes in Baghad:
As a result for the act of Al-Maliki government and the dirty death
squads that are supported by that government, in killing and torturing
people from the sunni sect, and after these crimes were done by small
groups, Today, they are done by hundreds of people in daytime, by the
Persian forces of the internal affairs ministry officailly.
And the incident of the Higher Education Ministry is our biggest
example, the number of these crimes had increased a lot, and you are
the ones who are living them day by day, because the you are their

Thus, After consulting with a group of experts and University
professors, WE! decided to cancel the official attendance for college
students and higher education students, for the studying year of 2006-
2007 in all the Universities and institutes and the private colleges in
the capital of Baghdad only, in order to fist save the blood of our
professors and students, and secondly to clean these institutions from
the death squads.

As for students in primary and secondary schools, they are not included
by this verdict, and they should continue their attendance, because
they are not suffering what University students are suffering.
Today, Universities are being administrated by the hands of ALRWAFITH
(Religion quoting), controlled by the people of the dirty black
turbans, those who they know nothing about life only they know how to
kill innocent people, and they changed these University from
Educational Building institutions to killing institutions, and after
professors and students were safe, teaching and studying in these
universities, nowadays they get killed on the doorsteps of these

60% of the students from the sunni sect didn't start studying at this
year, they didn't even go to their universities this year, because they
were afraid of getting kidnapped or killed, and the same for the
students of the higher educations, and the rest of the sunni students
and professors became the main target for the death squads. As with
what happened to Dr. Esam Alrawi who was assassinated in Al-Mansour

So for the people of the sunni sect, this verdict is to save your blood
and to save you from the perfidy bullets, because we are not satisfied
with that the RWAFITHS get the highest degrees and the sunni people are
staying at their homes because they are afraid of death, so to make
justice this year should be canceld for everyone not just for the sunni
sect people.

Again we repeart our advice for the students from the sunni sect, to
avoid going to their Universities and institutes and colleges, for this
year, and we know that the avoidance of going for studying is a painful
fact, but getting our professors and students killed is much more
painful, thats why we are working to clean these institutions from the
death squads.
And who Alerted is excused...who alerted is excused...who alerted is

Ansar AlSuna Group