Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005


I just wanna say that I am still alive (lol), doing fine at college, I got my mid term examination results, it was not that good, but I think because as I am not studying as much as I did in the 12th grade, I got....
83/100 in Chemistry
15.4/20 in pharmaceutical calculations
18/20 in math
18/25 in computers
14/20 in Bio

I guess what I need is only passing the exams, not getting high results, because that changes nothing for what I want..... anyway, I am having fun at college, with my two best friends, Hagoop and noor, and Rami whis is very 7abab, I wish that I could post some pics, but of course I can't.......

HELP>>>>>>PEACE (lol)

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I woke up today at 11:30 am, and i had a little breakfast while I was checking the internet, then at 12:00 pm, I went down my street and found some of my friends, so I went with them to our pool station, and we voted, I voted for Ayad Allawi as I said before....
I felt very happy when I voted because its the first time that I actually vote, I love being 18 because it gives you alot of things....... loooooooool

ALLAWI is going to be the new iraqi PM......YEAAAAAAAAH

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Having Exams AGAIN

Hi people,
I just wanted to say that I am fine and I am sorry for not writing for the past weeks, I am doing exams in my college, its the (Mid-Term exams) and I am doing good, until now I had three exams Math, Pharmaceutical calcualtions and Bio, and I did good in each of them... and about me nothing is really new, just having fun with my firends at college... thats all


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Eid Sa`eed عيــــــــد سعيد

Happy Eid for all the people in the entire world, and I wish that next year we will all celbrate the Eid in the FREE IRAQ.......

كـــــــــــــل عـــــــام و انتـــــــم بخيـــــــر
أيــــــــامكم سعيــــــــدة

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

congratulations Iraq

I just want to congratulate the Iraqis for the New document which we will have questionary on it in Friday 15 oct. 2005, I thank God that the Sunni Parties agreed to this constitution because if the didn't we would had more violence, but I think when all the Iraqis approve this document, that will put an end to this severe violence.

And about the next elections, as i said before we will go with Allawi because he is the BEST.

I heard that he is going to be in the same list with the Kurds and the Sunnis, this will make parliament well-balanced, because every cult of the Iraqi people will have their representatives,
So we won't have a Shiite Kurdish Parliament, but will have a well-balanced parliament as I said..

And About Me, I was accepted at the pharmacology college.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Back to Home

I got back to baghdad to weeks ago, but I didn't have the chance to write, I was to busy doing the necessary papers for college and stuff, and there is nothing that I want to write about, I just wanted to say that I got back home.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

In Jordan

I am in Jordan now spending the summer holiday , Jordan is a nice place, but still Baghdad is better for me, because all my friends are in Baghdad, I called my dad few days ago and he told me bad news that my grandmother died just a few days after I left for Jordan, and he told me about the colleges, he said that I have a 0% chance to enter a medicine college, but I have 50% to enter a dentistery college and 50% for pharma college, I am just confused about what college should I go to, my heart tells me to choose the pharma college, in the other hand my mind tells me to go to the dentistry college, I guess I will follow my heart, at all being a pharmacist is cool, anyway I have to go, I have a full day today.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Me, After the results

I was pleased by my final result, I felt that I deserved it, cause I really worked too hard in the last 60 days before the final exams, here are my result :
Islamic Religion : 96/100
Arabic Language : 90/100
English Language : 97/100
Math: 93/100
Bio : 96/100
Chem : 82/100
Physics : 92/100

Total: 646 + 10 (because I never failed in the last 11 studying years) = 656/7 (the number of the subs I studied) = 94 .

we have to write at least 30 colleges, I chose those:
Medicine college, the University of Baghdad
Medicine college, the University of Kindi
Medicine college, the University of Mustansiriya
Dentistry college, the University of Baghdad
Dentistry college , the University of Mustansiriya
Pharma college, the University of Baghdad
Pharma college, the University of Mustansiriya
Engienerring college, the University of Baghdad
Engieneering college the University of Mustansiriya
Engienerring college, The University of Technology
Sience college , the University of Baghdad
Sience college, the University of Mustansiriya

and many more...

I think the college that they will choose for my is one of the first 5 colleges, because i have a high score, that means in the future I will be eigther a Doctor or a Dentist....

IMAGEN me as a Doctor or a Dentist (hahahahaha)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Feels Good, Isn't it?

I passed this year with a good result, my final result is 94/100, that means I have a large selection of colleges that I can get myself in to..... I am just satisfied with it so as my parents...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I liked the concerts that had been held in the G8 countries, because they made it for a very noble and honorable purpose, I wonder where are the arabs from those things, i mean why didn't they do the same thing, they could've made the same thing and gave the money to those who deserved it, I specially liked the concert in London because great singers had sang there such as Madonna, Elton John, Joss stone, dido and Bob geldof, and I also liked the concert in Philly, specially Will Smith, he made me laugh too much, he have such a good songs, and I hate Jay-Z, he shouldn't have sang with Linkin Park cause they're great....

I just respect the reason.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Life in Iraq

Life in Iraq, is like hell, because its very hooooooot, I wonder how is it if you go to hell, will it be the same?(lol), and the thing that is killing me that the electricity is not on all the day, and that means no airconditioning, cause i can't run an aircondition on the generator, add to that, that some places in Baghdad have lake in water, I just can't understand the situation in Baghdad, because its like we have two rivers and a lot of lakes and some places doesn't have water, or like we're the country of oil, and there is a gas problem(cars fule), so life is just boring, if we go back on Saddam's time, it would be better (lol), I wonder about this new Iraqi government, they did nothing but making things get worse, like our PM is justing visiting another countries, stealing Iraqis money, and he says that he is working for Iraq, he is just a big fat laier, I was right when I said that no body is good for Iraq like Alawi, our government is busy with taking Iraqis money....
we're never gonna live like the other countries, only if we change this Jafari (the new pm)....

Monday, June 20, 2005

I am donnnnnne

I am donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne with my exams finaly, now I am in my vacation...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Only 14 days

Only 14 days, and my exams will start, they start in the 5th of June, and they end on the 19th of June, and then I will be free for ever, but again I will have problems on which college to choose, for now I am like a prisoner, because I was like locked up in my room for 51 days, everyday, I get in the morning start studying at 7 am to 9 am and then I take a rest, after that I start at 9:30 am till 1:30 pm and then I take a rest and then I start at 3 pm till 6 pm and then I take a rest, and then I start at 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm and then I take a rest, and then I start at 10 pm till 11 pm and thats IT for the day, I kept doing that for about 51 days, I started this studying vacation in the first of April and today is the 21th of may and that means that I've been doing this crazy studying for about 51 days, and still have 14 days to go.... and I am dying right now, since that 51 days I only went out of my home three times, two times to school and once I visited my friend. I think now you have an idea about what I am doing, but what kills me is that my parents always tells me that you're not studying alot, you're not taking this seiriously and stuff like that, I just ignor them when they do stuff like that.....
well, thats all what I got for now....

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Being close

Hi people,
My exams are too close from now, only 37 days and I'll be free agian, I will get back to LIFE again !!!, for now I am restudying all the stuff again, and I will do it again after I finish doing this one, this how we get ready for the Final exams for 12th grades in Iraq, we call it (Muraj'ah), when I finish my exams, My friends and I are going to make a picnic to Amman, we're gonna stay there about 2 weeks and then we will return homw to get the RESULTS, and I am very scared of that, cause I said before my whole future depends on this exams, I still don't know which college to pick, my parents are continuing their insistance, they want me to go to Medicine college, but I don't want to do that, I just don't want to spend 9 years of my life studying and then I will work, I am thinking of a lot of colleges like computer engineering, or gentics engineering, or maybe I would go to a dentistry college just like my brother, I just don't know, besides, I can't decide because my results at the finals will lead me to a college, its just like that, here in Iraq we can't decide the colleges that we want, the results decide....., as I said I will not write often these days but I will get back as I was before just when I FINISH MY CREEPY EXAMS........

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I just can't write these days cause my exams are being so close, as I said I will be in Amman right after the exams so if you can do anything that might helps me of getting to America, I would be very thankful.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

About my last post

I really felt bad today when I read the comments on my last post, I didn't mean that those people are bad, all what I meant was that those people are not good for us whether we are a sunni or a shiite or Kurdish or Arabian, guys like Al Hakiem and Al Ja'fari are the worse not because their thoughts or because they are shiite (I didn't mean that at all), but because they are members of Islamic parties and thats not good, I mean its not fair enough, Iraq have christians , Sabe'a and even Jewish people, will they accept an Islamic government? NOOO!!!, even ME, I am a muslim but I don't accept it, because I think that Islam never agree with freedom, Islam prevent people from doing lots of stuff, I don't mean to disrespect Islam but thats the truth and I wanna say the truth, I think that people like Allawi, Yawer, Pachachi and Mahdi al Hafez and many guys like them, are the best, they can lead Iraq to be a democratic country, and we'll have freedom if they were in charge, but if we have Ja'fari or Al Hakiem, we would never have freedom, because as they think, all the decisions that they'll make would be based on relegion rules and as a result of that, the people who are not muslims would never be free to act like what they want, or to do what their relegion thinks that they should do, they will never feel free....., so what I am saying that I am not against shiite, like what those fools accused me in the comments, I just don't Hakiem or Ja'fari to be our presidents, and thats my thoughts and you people (hassan and the others ) have the right not to accept, but you don't have the right to accuse me on somthing I didn't say just because I don't like Al hakeim or Ja'fari, I am not against shiite, infact I am with Allawi who is shiite too....., and we will fight in the next elections not to make the same mistake of letting those people be incharge, (as when the next elections come, I will have the right to vote and thats cool).......

And about Sistani and what I think of him, or is he worthy of getting the noble prize or peace...
I think that he is a good guy and he woud never AGREE to what those people said in the comments, but about the noble prize, he doesn't worth it, because he did nothing that make him worthy of getting such a big prize like that.......

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iraq after the stupid elections

HI, I just had time so I thought that I will write somthing about the elections....

I wasn't really surprised when the results of the elections came out, cause the Saied (Sistani) had make his decision!!!!!, if you know what I mean accorrding to my earlier post about the elections, what I mean is that those Iraqis and spicialy the Sheas didn't elect the man that they think is good for Iraq, they chose the man that SISTANI thinks is good for Iraq, cause he supported their list (the Iraqi united colation), and because of that we're gonna have a prime minsters like Al Ja'fari who thinks that Iran is the mother country, and thats a fact I know it from one of my relatives who lives in London, he said that when Saddam was in charch, once he went to a Hussinia (shea's mosque), Al jafari was there and he said that........
so what I'm saying is that Iraq is going to have bad leaders just because the IMAM had decieded..
but I hope that the Kurds will join Allawi and choose him to be our PM, cause he is the one, he is the man that Iraq needs.......

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I just wanted to say that I'll stop writing from now till I finish my final exams cause I have to do alot of studying....

Friday, January 21, 2005

Elections and Me

Those past days all the parties were making announcements and stuff for their parties, I saw their followers hanging out in streets and giving people pictures and posters and telling them to elect their party, I didn't like that because a lot of uneducated people would believe anything they say like they tell them they will give them money, but if we be more logical that's impossible, I mean why would they give them money for nothing. When I finished my exams I went out with my friends to have lunch out, and when we were walking towards the restaurant, some of the parties' followers jumped beside us from their cars saying you're our students, and they gave us photos of Al Jafari the man that I HATE, I told they guy that if you know we are students, how come you're giving us pictures of those people and you know that we can't vote?, he told me that they would be happy if we support them, I didn't answer him because I didn't want to get in to a conversation with him.

Here is another story about what the people are doing to get elected:A guy from my school called Ziad, brought pics and posters with him in the last exam's day, the pics was of Abdul Azziz Al Hakim, he pasted the pics on the walls in and out of the schools, when I saw him I went to talk to him, I told him that, this is a SCHOOL, its not a place that you could paste pics of the guys that you like, (like, I like Madonna, can I put her posters on the school's wall?) of course the answer is no, when I told him that he told me that I don't have ethics and that I am not a Muslim ( I don't why is this, every time that I talked to a guy, and I told him that what he's doing is wrong, he tells me that I am not a Muslim), is it when you don't say anything and that someone else takes your rights is Islam???!!!!!!, so I told him alright consider me not a Muslim because I used to hear that from the people like you (LOL), I told him if you put those pics I will put Madonna's pics on the pics that you've put, he shouted at me and said, do you want to put pics of a girl on Al Hakim pics?, I said, (WOW) hey is that guy that important!!!!, he told me that he is the leader of the Islamic revolution party, I told him that I never saw a revolution those past two years, how come they named their party like that?, he said there will be a big revolution if we're not ELECTED !!!!!!!!!, I said than what will you do? Kill Sunni people? Or Christian people? , he said that they don't kill Iraqis, I told him, then what are you going to do?, kill the guys from the foreign press like what those terrorist are doing, he just started to talk about bullshit things, that his MASTERS will do, my friends came and asked me to leave him alone, I went with them but I returned and told him that if you put these pics, I swear I will put Madonna's pics on them, when we finished the exam and went out, I saw him taking off those pics, I just laughed as laud as I can.
So what I am saying that if these parties think that they are the best for Iraq, why would they make spies in schools and hire some people to give pics to the Iraqis.
For me I think Allawi is the best for Iraq, because he is a tough guy, and that he will protect Iraq from those animals terrorists.
P.S: I am in my vacation now, so I will write about everyday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mery Xmas
Happy New Year

Hi,I am sorry I didn't write all these past days because I was too busy doing my mid year exams, I did pretty good atually.About my last post, I received a lot of emails and comments, most of the people thought that I would like to go to USA for studying and they tried to advise me about the colleges that I should pick, this is not what I meant, what I meant was that I wanted to go to America to spend the summer and to have the chance to see some of my readers (maybe). I don't know about the rules or the stuff that people should do to visit America, but I know that it is hard to get to go to America especially for the people from middle east, and then I added that if it's not possible, I'll be in Amman/Jordan to spend the summer over there incase if I couldn't go to America, and then some people sent me links and comments, right now I can't get to the internet a lot because my final exams are being close, my exams are in June but right away when I finish them I'll go outside Iraq, I'll go to Amman whether if I get the visa or not, and after I get to Amman I'll go to the American embassy, and ask if it is possible....So please help me with anything you can,thats all what I can write about for now because I am completly busy and I don't have enough time even to see my friends.