Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm loving my life here in the US... much more stability and peace of mind...
Thanks to the all the people who helped me....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothing yet happened, still in amman and stuck in the security checks..
Whenever I call the IOM, they reply saying pending the security checks, its been like 5 months now and nothing is happening, I'm worried, what if my application was just left in the dark untouched.
anyway, if anything happens, I'll tell you right away.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have got accepted by the jury and I'm only waiting for the security apporval of my case
its been like 3 months since I got the approval and the security check is not done yet.
I'm losing my patience and can't wait any longer, most of the people who have applied to the same program as me, are already in the states now.
whenever I contact the IOM, they tell me that the security check isn't done yet
I wonder what they're doing.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hi all, I'm still in jordan and I recently applied to the IOM as a refugee trying to get assylum to the USA, and am still waiting for the jury's answer about my case...
They'll answer me next saturday..
pray for me that they accept me :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back to writing...

Time have passed, nothing had changed, worse it got....frustrating I am.
It definitely feels good to be back to writing, it was the most suffocating period I have ever experiend while away from writing. I've been into lots of discussions and controversies, most of them were a no-point discussions, they were supposed to build up for something but the arrogant nature or instincts of an iraqi person just threw everything away.
Lots of controversies about the iraqis situation in Jordan, lots about security in Iraq, lots about Islam and Ramadan, the religion ones were the warmest.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it was hard for me for not being able to experss myself freely, I had to ignore lots of subjects about religion mostly, because most of them had a dead-end, and no one would accept any ideas from the other. The shiite is holding to his own thoughts so does the sunni and there's no space for exchanging some constant concepts and ideas about the mother religion, anyway I was the most blamed one as usual because I don't agree with both sides and as usual I was called an atheist, but that doesn't matter much to me as much as I wish from the bottom of my heart, that one day one chance one moment, one of these two sides would just listen to the other, or just forget about their differences and just learn to listen!.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

College students from Iraq to Jordan...

Finally, today I got to get credit for the subjects I studied back in Baghdad in my college.
I've been waiting for this since last summer, my papers were stuck up at the Jordanian Ministry of Higher education coz they're not verifying the iraqi degrees these days nor papers from Iraqi colleges. So I was asked by the deanship of my new college to get the papers coz otherwise they won't let me continue my studies and that I have to go back to the first grade and restudy all the subjects that I have already finished studying. So I was left with no choice and that I became convinced that they will not give credit for the stuff I studied back in Baghdad and that if I stay here I would have to get back to the zero point and would have to restudy everything.
Then I was introduced to a iraqi student who was elected as member, representing the iraqi students in the college who constitute nearly 75% of the college, as a member of the student council. She told me that I should get my papers even if they're not varified to the deanship of the college and that they would let me continue my studies to the end but they won't let me graduate until I bring them the varified papers, and so I did, and finally had most of my subjects credited and registered for me.
It really saddens me how they are dealing with iraqis, and how humulating situations the iraqi students are left in.
I went to the professor who is responsible for dealing with the crediting of degrees of iraqi students and asked him why he didn't equalize some of the subjects, the guy was logical by saying that he can't do anything more than what he did coz he was controlled by a strict regulations coming from the higher chairmanship of the university, which state not to equalize more than 50% of the subjects that the iraqi students have taken back in iraq.
And I said ok, but I didn't reach 50% yet, I only finished 2 years out of 5 back in iraq, why wouldn't you equalize them?, so he went on saying that "why should I?", "what would make me believe that you really did take these subjects?", "What would assure me that you really attended lectures back there???".
My answer was strict and really sensible, and you get to judge.
I told him that when I first came here I had subjects of the 3rd year depending on the obligation that I made that if you don't equallize the first to years I would retake them, right? he said "yes". I said ok, did I or not pass these subjects? he said "what diference would it make if you did pass or not?", I told him then what difference would it make if I took the subjects of the 5th year before the subjects of the 3rd year? (I was really pissed off by his answer), I said, you won't let me study the subjects of the 4th year unless you equallize the stuff that I took back in baghdad, right? and he said "sure", I said "why?" he said that "you need a base to walk on, you have to take some subjects before you go further studying the hard ones", I said "ok, now you started to talk with sense, then lets get back to the first question I asked on how did I pass them if I did not have a base?"
His tongue was tied and didn't know what to say, and he went on saying its not in my hand, I'm following regulations and blah blah blah, I tunred my back to him when he was talking and walked away.
There are many cases similar to mine of Iraqis who didn't get full credit for what they have studied back in Iraq.
So the same girl I mentioned above who I was introduced to is making a campaign and she's bringing the iraqis who have such problems together to go to talk to the chairman of the university.
The meeting is arranged tomorrow 2 pm, and we'll see what we can do, and would he be mercifull with us or he would just continue the jordanian aversion for iraqis.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long Time no see

It was a long time since I last wrote something here...I really miss the days when I used to post regularly, but here I am again back to writing and back to the old habit of murmuring and gaggling about the current situation in my country.

I observed the last events that took place in Basrah and I was really disappointed. I was first cheering for Al-Maliki hopping that finally he might take the last chance of destroying the militia of Al-Mahdi army but it was all thrown away by the trick of the fatso leader Muqtada Al-Sadr,
when he felt that he was on the edge he decleared his innocense from the actions of his followers leaving the government with no chance for blaming him of what his followers did to the harmless innocent people of Basrah, and yet Maliki welcomes Muqtada's innocense with open arms and over that he hugs him by stopping the military actions against Al-Mahdi militias.
I wonder what you western tax payers readers think about what happened in Basrah
doesn't that make you feel the irony and conspiracy behind all of whats happening in Iraq??

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Drama continues

I was intending to write about this long time ago but I was busy the days before and couldn't do it. The situation in Iraq is just so damn ironic, a month ago I was talking to my cousin through the internet and I was asking him about how the situation is now in that area. He tried to explain to me the changes that have taken place in Baghdad, he said that the situation is about 5% better than how it was when I was Iraq, he says "do you remember the men we used to see on motorbics who used to kidnap people and kill people? Alqa`ida men?" I said "sure", he goes "well, yeah, now they call themselevs the Awakening men of Adhamiya, they have removed Alqa`ida masks from their stinky faces and now wearing the masks of the awakening wave, he said you would be amazed if you come to the area and see the checkpoints ran by even children, you may see a 14 year old kid rasing a gun in your face and asking you to obey him in order to check you for guns and explosives, he said the only reason that the situation now is a little better in the area is because the American troops have paid those guys money in order to work with them", he continues saying "the whole issue is about money, give money you get alliances".

I asked him "What if those men truely have repented and now are working for a better situation in the area and for security and order to be recieved in the area?" he answered me saying "yeah, we thought so too, but we found the truth by seeing them kidnapping people and killing people for no specific reasons or sometimes for money", he said the "the only thing changed is their name from Alqa`ida to the Awakening men, nothing else have changed".

As for others neighbourhood other than Adhamiyah, its so ironic how situation can be changed in a day and night, if that should give us a sign, the sign would be saying that everything is in fact is controlled by the American administration, they are the once who determine if violence should be continued or stopped, and the reason for this is how the situation now is a little better than before, and I'm so damn sure that after few months the American administration would order for violence to be resumed in Iraq in order to fulfill their sakes and benefits.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A story of an Iraqi

An iraqi male born in Baghdad in 1987 in a well-educated family.
At his early years of life he suffered blockage in his bowels and had to go through a
surgical opeation in order to continue his life.
As a kid he was very naughty, he almost got himself killed several times, once by drinking
some pure oil by mistaking it with water, once by burning his leg in an accident during the
second gulf war, and another time by having his tongue almost cut into 2 pieces while
playing in a place not proper for kids to play in.

This iraqi kid grew and opened his eyes to the world and witnessed the modern history of his
country and the stupid policies that destroyed his country and made his fellow countrymen
flee the country.

As a kid in the primary school, this iraqi kid was taught to glorify his president Saddam
Hussain because he was the guard of the Arab homeland and he was the hero of the Qadissyia
(First Gulf war), this iraqi boy grew innocently and followed what he was told from his
teachers in school, this iraqi kid feared wars very much, so during the American attacks on
Iraq in 1998, he was very frightened because of the bombing and killing that took place in
his country in that time, so at the early years of this kid's life, he knew the taste of war
and pain, and knew what its like to live under planes shelling.

After finishing his 6th grade of primary school, this kid made a score of 98% in his
studies, and he wanted to apply to the best secondary school in Iraq, which is called
Baghdad college, he applied and went through a qualification exam, he passed the exam but he
didn't qualify to enter the school because of the increasing number of the student who got
private qualification to the school because some of them were sons of Bathies or ministers
or their fathers were friends of saddam, so this kid lost the chance to enter the best
school in iraq, anyway the kid went to another school which was famous of the bad behaviour
of its students, this kid had to go through many fights with his classmates and arguments,
because if he don't prove himself in a fight, he won't be respected in the school and he
would become the biggest loser that gets his ass kicked everytime.

this kid graduated from that school at the year 2003 and went to the Alnidahmiyah high
school which was one of the respected schools in Iraq, this kid lost most of his friends in
the school before this one, because he went to a school far away from his home, and most of
the students of his previous school went to the nearest high school to their houses, so this
kid went to this high school with having absolutely no friends at this school.The kid made a lot of friends at his first year and was happy with his new high school and the life he was living, until the end of his first year at that school, the kid had to leave school and stay at home because the war was on the doors, the Howasim war as how it was named by his president.
The war took place and the kid stayed in his house with his family and several of his relatives that came to stay in his house until the war ends.The kid was very delusional, he dreamed of a new iraq, new progressed iraq, he dreamed of Iraq having freedom and prosperity. The war began and the kid had several talks with his older brother who was the source of wisdom and advice for this young kid, his brother described to him what could happen to iraq if iraq can lose Saddam Hussain, he told him that a new government would be formed, and an election would take place, and Iraqis would elect the proper government, that would take up this country from hell and bring back the dignity of this country and its position between the world.
this kid had long nights of darkness, and sitting on the lights of candles talking to his
brother about the future of his country, and what will happen while gambling and playing
poker for what he and his brother had saved of snacks and drinks, because all the stores
were closed and there were no sources for those stuff.

After less than a month since the war started, The kid, his brother and parents were shocked
when they opened the tv with their hidden setelite and saw on the news that the American
forces had enterd Baghdad suddenly. they were the first people in their street to hear about
what happened, the kid went out to the street and saw the Bathies and the police still in
position and carrying their weapons and standing in the street, the kid thought that maybe
those soldiers still don't know that Baghdad was invaded several hours ago, he was afraid to
open his mouth and tell his neighbours about what has happened. so he decided to go back to
his home and see what will happen next day.

At the dawn of the next day, the kid was awakened by the sound of tanks and war vehicles
while roaming his neighbourhood, and witnessed the war that took place between the Americans
and some of the remaining Bathies and Arab fighters who were still in the neighbourhood, the
war took about 6 hours, and the kid was frightened by the sound of explosions and his house
was hit by some of the American helicopters which were shooting randomly, after this small
war has ended, The kid and his parents and the neighbours saw the American tanks and
soldiers in their street, and at that moment the kid knew that the eon of Saddam hussain has

The kid had several talks with his older brother about the siuation in iraq at that time and
what will happen, and he was shocked by his uncle reaction when this kid waved to the
Americans when they entered his street, his uncle shouted at him and said "how can you wave
to the occupiers, wait and see what they will do to our country and how will they rape our
women and kill our children", the kid neverminded to his uncle and continued dreaming of the
new iraq.

After few months of nothing changed in iraq, a group of resistance was formed in his
neighbourhood, and wars began to take place in his neighbourhood, the first roadside bomb
planted in iraq was planted in this kid's street against the Americans.
Days and days went on in this kid's life with his planted hope of a new iraq, but the fact
is that his dream is getting far away from coming true, the expolsions increased, the
innocent lives were killed for no reasons, but the kid's dream and hope was still in his

The kid enterd his college life, and he was accepted at the pharmacy school in Baghdad, the
kid had dreams of being a pharmacist in iraq and that he would live in peace again, he was
still hoping that life can continue, even with the random explosions taking place everday
everwhere, but still life can go on and that the kid can still have his own dreams and plans
for his life until Feb. 2006 when Alaskari shrine was attacked in Samarra, the kid witnessed
what can religion do to his country, he witnessed how sunni mosques were burned by shiite
people as a reaction to the attack on the shiite shrine, and he witnessed the segregation
between his fellow countymen, the kid finished his first year at college and travelled to
Jordan hoping that when he come back the situation would be better.

In Jordan the kid was adviced by his friends that he should stay in Jordan, and that he
should forget about iraq and his beloved Baghdad, and that he should forget about the dream
planted in his heart. The kid refused and insisted on going back home.

In Oct. 2006 the kid went back to Iraq with his hopes of a better situation than the
situation before, but he was shocked of the worst situation than that when he left, the
situation was very bad, militias were everywhere, secterian violence became a very normal
thing, killing for secterian reasons became a habbit, mortar shelling has become a new
technique of militias to kill innocent people. The kid was very disappointed for what his
country ended up to, and how his united people were seperated and divided because of stupid
reasons and for stupid benefits, and the kid witnessed the foreign interferenece of the
neighbouring countries and their role in dividing the iraqi people, the kid couldn't stand
the situation and wanted to leave this country that he lived in for 19 years and that he
loved more than anything, the kid tried to get a visa to New Zealand with the help of his
new zealand friend but his pursuit didn't end the way he wished for.

The kid went back to his college and decided to continue his studies without taking into
consideration the dangers and threats of going to his school which was located in a shiite
nighbourhood and being an easily sunni target for militants to kill him, he wanted to finish
his studies.

Days went on, and the kid lived in a country dressed by death and smelled blood, the kid got
used to losing friends who got killed either by explosions or getting killed by militias or
died because of mortar shelling, The kid got used to waking up and finding unidentified
corpses lying scatteredly in the streets, The kid got used to the hatred planted in his
countrymen hearts, a sunni's hatred for shiites and a shiite's hatred for sunnis, The kid
grew angry and sad because of what war has done to his country, The kid couldn't wait until
he finishs his studying year and flee the country, the kid wanted to flee the country he
wished to return to, because it was impossible for him to continue living in this country,
even an animal would flee the country he was living in, the kid finished his studying year
and left the country the next day.

The kid travelled to Jordan via plane, the kid witnessed the humiliation of Iraqis in the
Arab countries, specially Jordan, he saw how iraqis where treated with disgust by Jordanian
authorities, and being sent back to iraq because the Jordanian intelligence didn't like
their looks or their names, shiites were nearly impossible to enter Jordan, and it wasn't
easier for sunnis either.

The kid saw the suffering of iraqis living in Jordan, they suffered of not having
residencies in Jordan, and they feared getting caught by the Jordanian authorities and
getting thrown on the Jordanian-iraqi borders, the kid saw the humiliation of iraqis in the
Jordanian ministry when they were trying to extend their residencies, the kid grew angry and
hated everything, and wanted to leave Jordan desperately but he was faced with the fact that
there's no place else to go to, the kid was very sorry for what happened to him and to
iraqis and was heart broken for what happened to his country, the country in which the first
civilization in the world was formed in to end up like this, he was sorry for his countrymen
that are not accepted anywhere in this world.

The kid was sorry because of the American policies that got him to this point, and that made
about 3 milions of iraqis vagabonds, the kid blamed everyone for what happened to him, he
blamed the American administration, he blamed the iraqi government, he blamed the Arab
countries, he blamed Iran, he blamed Syria, he blamed Saudi Arabia, he blamed Iraqis, he
even blamed Saddam Hussain for going through that war.
And the kid remained on blaming everyone, and on blaming the world for not considering
Iraqis as Humans.

The kid kept on Saying "We are not accepted anywhere in this world, we are not accepted even
in Iraq, where shall we go?????""
Pray for Iraq!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Its been more than a month for me in Jordan and I don't know what my next step will be. The jordanian ministry of higher education has suspended certifying iraqi degrees, which means that they won't certify my degrees from Baghdad, and by that I can't continue my studies as I reached the third grade in Iraq, but I have to start all over again from the zero point.
I'm not willing to start again from the zero point, it took me too much of hard work to reach this point and it would be crazy to restudy the things I've already studied and passed.
too many students are suffering from the same decision, some of them came to Jordan last year and applied to universities in Jordan and continued their studies but they didn't bring their degrees with them but they were willing to bring it from baghdad this vacation, but with this decision the jordanian ministry won't give credit to their degrees which means they have to restudy the things they studied again.
some of my friends who are still in Baghdad and they wanted to come to Jordan heared about this decision and they decided not to come here but to stay in Baghdad and bear the risks of staying their only to complete their studies.
I'm really sorry for Iraqis, my heart bleed with every sad story I hear about an Iraqi family without shelter or Iraqi student who can't finish his studies, or an Iraqi worker who can't work to put food on the table, or a story about an Iraqi who got kicked out of Jordan because he didn't have residency...and with etc... of stories.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Congratulations Iraq

Its proven again, the Iraqi football team reunites Iraqis and shows the entire world who Iraqis really are....
Saudi people are the best people, they proved that they care about iraqis and that they are brothers to the iraqis.
you should have seen what happened here in Amman, all the iraqis went out to the streets in their cars carrying the iraqi flags and singing iraqi songs specially the song "Elyoum yomak ya batal" which means "Today is your day, you are a hero"
The feeling we had today will never be forgotten, Iraqis here were all united, there weren't sunni or shiite or kurdish people, they were all iraqis just iraqis.
We all had great moments today, where laughter was mixed with the clean tears of joy of the true iraqs who love their country and do not care about being sunni or shiite or whatever.
Saudi people were the best, I really respected them today, they went out in their cars carrying iraqi flags an said "Iraqi....Iraqi... you deserve it".
it was really a very happy day but the bad thing was the response of the Jordanian authorities, they started to stop the cars and take the iraqi flags from the people and they arrested several people and beated several guys.


Ole' Ole' Ole' Iraq.
Elyoum yomak ya iraqi.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iraqis and Jordan

It has been two weeks for me in Jordan but it was like a whole month, the first week I had a lot of fun when I had several reunions with my old time friends, the second week was the worst because I had to go to the interior ministry in order to extend my residency for another 3 months, but I was told that I can't do that, becuase Jordan is not extending residencies for iraqis nowadays, so I had to apply for an annual residency with an excuse that I will apply to a jordanian university and become an international student, so I applied and they asked me to return within another two weeks to have me interviewed by the jordanian intellegence and if I passed the interview they would ask me to return after another two weeks to get my residency.
People here say that they won't accpet my demand for an annual residency because Jordanian authorities are treating the iraqis with humiliation and disgust.
anyway, I'll wait and see what happens next.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Made it to Jordan

I have arrived in Jordan yesterday, my plane was supposed to fly at 10:30 am but we didn't fly until 11 am because they are always not accurate with the timings.
The road to Baghdad airport is so annoying, too much check points before the gate of the airport, and too much searching of the luggage like three or four sonars to check the luggage and then they search it visually and open each suitcase and search it by hand.
I had to get out of my house at 6:30 am, but there was an American patrol blocking the street, I thought thats it I wouldn't be able to reach the air port at the right time, then my mum went there slowly and talked to them and convinced them to clear the road for us becuase we have a plane to catch.
after leaving iraq on the iraqi airways plane, I was so scared that what if they won't let me in in Jordan but thanks god it all went smoothly and they let me in but they only gave me three days residency and here the people say that they won't extend the residency but we'll see what we should do.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Operation : Adhamyia

As you may have heared what's been going on lately in Adhamyia, and
maybe you haven't because of the media mask from both the Americans and
the iraqi government.
Its been 3 days since the attack on the American patrol which ended up
killing 9 American soldiers and starving all the population of

Here comes what happened:
Day 1:
Thursday 10 am, an American tank gets bombed by a roadside bomb and 9 soldiers were dead, then huge battle starts between American soldiers and unknown (or as I may say no one), ending up on destroying the main underground water pipe which supplies the whole street, and destroying high tension electricity wires which went down laying on the street and electrifying the drowned street.After the shootings from the American side, while the American tank was still burning, two patrols of ING comes to back the American patrol against again "no one", and continue to shoot with them randomly and destroying more stuff and ruining the surrounding houses. pictures may speak up for themselves.

Then after about 30 continueous minutes of shooting arrives a fire
fighters team of the civil defense and extinguishs the burning tank.then shooting stops and silence finally is reached, two hours later the ING leaves, and the American patrol remains, I assumed they were still gathering the pieces of the blown up soldiers. finally at around 6 pm,
the American patrol leaves and the street was opened again, people went out and headed to the explosion scene to check out the damages. Some of the remaining piece of the dead soldiers were still there, Alqa`eda members diffuse to the street and gather around the scene and start to
take pictures of their achievement.
10 minutes later a huge number of American heavy tanks and hummers come back to the scene again and arrest all the people who were standing in the scene but bad luck as I heared alqa`eda members has already left the scene, as I heared the arrested individuals were driven to an
unknown destination and never been seen after the arressment.
Then Antar sequre (Gate of Adhamyia) gets blocked and no cars were allowed to get in or out of the neighbourhood, (my dad had to go somewhere else because he was not allowed to enter the area).

Day 2:
Waking up on the sound of American soldiers and hummers roaming the street, streets were all blocked and shops were all closed. A child lost his leg because of an American tank ran over him, and left him without help, he was discoverd by locals 2 hours after he was injured and they found his leg two meters away from him, he was taken into some house and his leg was put in a refrigerator, I don't know if he's still alive or dead.

Day 3:
The neighbourhood is still besieged and no cars are allowed to get in or out of the neighbourhood, but people were allowed to exit the neighbourhood on foot, my friends were leaving to Syria, they had to carry their luggage till anter sequre and then hired a taxi from there. A man who was pushing a carriage filled up with vegetables was stopped at Antar sequare by INGs and was not allowed to enter the neighbourhood with the carriage, the ING said to him "I have orders not to let any GoD DAMN thing to enter Adhamyia".
Day 4:
I had a final exam so I had to go to college, I went on foot to Antar sequare and took a taxi from over there to college and did the same thing when returning home. You can see in this vedio how empty and scary the street looks when I was walking to Antar sequare.

this is how it looks like from out side Antar sequare.

Anyway, this operation is just not doing both sides any good, if as they say they are after Alqa`eda and this operation is beneficial for the people of the neighbourhood, well I see no benefit gained of ending up dying due to starving or lack of medications.

I'm sorry for those 9 soldiers who has died due to the attack but I'm much more sorry for the innocent people of the neighbourhood who may die because of this siege.

Anyway: Where is the Iraqi government from all this?? huh?? or is Adhamyia not a part of Baghdad, and haven't Almaliki said no the siege will not be constructed and he ordered to stop working on it.well guess what prime minister of the green zone, the siege is complete and you may kiss your ass because it seems like no one follows your orders, you're just a crown puppet moved by Americans, Alhakiem, Alsistani and Muqtada Alsadr.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alskari shrine again

Here comes the reinforcement for the first sectarian wave started back
in Fab. 2006.

Today, I woke up on the sound of American soldiers breaking their way
into the shops located infront of my house and destroying them on the
excuse of checking for guns and explosives.
A friend of mine who is one of the shop owners and lives just behind
his shop, he said that when the Americans came to the area and started
destroying the doors of the shops as they were locked, he said that he
went out and told him that he had the key and there's no reason for
them to break the door of the shop, the American soldier answerd him
exactly with these four words "shut the fuck up".

Anyway, after talking to my friend and seeing how damaged his shop was
by those mercenaries. I recieved the news about Alaskari shrine.
At first they said that two mortar shells fell close to the shrine
without damaging it, then I heard that 2 bombs were planted near the
towers of the shrine and destroyed the towers.

I actually didn't care about it at first, because Abu Hanifa shrine in
Adhamyia gets bombed almost every month and no one mention anything
about it in the news, also Abd Alqadir Shrine was attacked about a
month ago and it didn't have that kind of reaction from politicians,
then I was so surprised to see the reactions in the media, the huge
deprecation from politicians about what happened. It was like Sunni
shrines are okay to be bombed, but shiite once are not.

Anyway, the thing is that the shrine is besieged by Americans and that
no one from the citizens are allowed to reach it, or even to reach 1Km
near it, so how the hell did that shrine get bombed by Alqa`eda or
other terrorists?

Rumor has it, that yesterday a unit of police was sent to Samarra, and
that they are the ones behind the attack.

Anyway, My opinion is that I'm 100% sure that the Iraqi
government is behind that attack.

By the way, only 30 minutes after the shrine was attacked and it was in
the news, Alrubai Mousque in Alrubai street was burned by Alsadr
militia and several people were kidnapped from Alghazalyia.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Abandoned City

Few days ago, I was at college and I recieved a call on my cell phone
from my mum, she said that there were gun shootings and bombings in my
street and that the only entrance to the neighbourhood was blocked, she
asked me to be careful when coming back home.

So Several friends of mine and I took a cab and headed back home, when
we reached the only entrance street of the neighbourhood, it was
blocked and that no car was allowed to enter the neighbourhood. So we
got out of the cab and decided to walk home, we asked the check-point
of the iraqi national guards which is located at that only entrance
street if it was okay for us to walk home, and they said yes.
So we walked in that entrance street and it was like walking into a
street in like a resident evil movie or old cow-boys movies.It was like walking into an abandoned city, the street was completely empty, there were no signs of life in that street, the street was
messed up and destroyed, the shops were all closed and broken, there was no single human being in that street, smoke clouds were coming out from a bombed or destroyed buildings, birds were flying high and it was completely quiet. After walking about 20 meters we heard gun shoots and bombing sounds and the check-point which we passed started to shoot back in our direction, they didn't have any target to shoot at, they were just shooting in the street. so we walked beside the walls and waited until it was quiet again and then continued walking to home. I was so sad to see that my neighbourhood which was one of the most famous neighbourhoods of baghdad of being so crowdy and never sleeps neighbourhood to end up like this.

Here's a video shows my street at 10 am in the morning, you can see
that there is no sign of life in the street and its completely empty
and quiet, and of course with Alqa`eda on motor bics roaming the street
every 4-5 minutes.

Here is a picture showing the damage to the electricity high tension
towers and light shafts of the street.

Here is another picture showing how the street is completely abandoned.

And never forget that each day we wake up in the morning finding
corpses lying on scattered areas of the street.

Friday, May 18, 2007

New Era of Sunni-sunni and shiite-shiite conflicts has began

In my last two posts, I have mentioned that Alqa`da became in control
of my neighbourhood, and I mentioned what they are doing to the
innocent people but I never imagened it could come to this..

A few days ago, an owner of a store in my neighbourhood came to his
store which he has abandoned for almost a year and a half, he came back
to take his big genertaor out of the neighbourhood, he was acompanied
by two patrols of the Iraqi national guards. They tried to take it but
they couldn't as it was too big to move, so they delayed taking it to
the next day. Before he came the generator was used by locals without
permission from the owner, and as those locals knew that the guy came
back for his generator, they grew angry and of course some of those
locals are alqa`eda members, so they burned the generator and set his
big store on fire and burned the whole store which contains a huge
amount of electrical systems and equipments, and then they sent a bomb
-car and put it infront of his store and destroyed it.The store was fully destroyed as you can see in the pictures below.The problem is that this owner of the store is a sunni guy, and he
worked in this street over 4 years and he knows most of the locals
around his store area, but those locals where the same who destroyed
his store and burned it.

Here's another story for a building which lays a few meters away from
that store, whose owner was asked for money by Alqa`eda to cover Jihad
expenses, and as the guy said that he didn't have money to give them,
the jihadists decided to take their revange out of his building, so
they asked the owners of the shops in the building to evacuate their
shops and they went bombing and destroying the building which is one of
the most famous building in the whole neighbourhood.And of course the owner of the building has escaped from the neighbourhood because otherwise they would have killed him for saying I

You can see Alqa`eda actions in those pictures. ..

These people on the motorbics are Alqa`eda members.

So as I say a new era of conflicts has began, its true, becuase those
two examples above represent sunni-sunni conflicts, and what we hear in
the news about confilcts in the southern governorates such as Basrah,
Nasiriya and Simawah, those represent shiite-shiite conflicts.I wonder when will it come to the brother-brother conflicts!
I started to see new persons inside the persons that I knew for a long
time, everyone has became very cultic, and would blame the anit-cult
for anything that happens. Here in my neighbourhood, there were
independent educated people who never cared about being sunni or
shiite, they are now changed and became very cultic and aggressive
towards the anit-cult and when they hear that people of the other cults
were killed they kinda become happy and say like "they should die just
as people of our cult are dying", this has made me stay at home all the
time, and never go out and talk to those people about anything.
Even in college, its funny but I have to mention it, we had couples
from different cults who loved each other for two or three years, now
they broke up because one of them is shiite and the other is sunni. And
when a guy loves a girl, he first ask whether she is shiite or sunni
before he talks to her, and if she was from the other cult he would
neglect his feelings.Those are really funny and sick minds at the same time and I'm really
sorry for what happened to the people of my country and how ignorants
and sloven people they become! :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

AlQa`eda activity

Writings on the walls say "Long live Abu Omar Albaghdady" , "Down The Rafitha" (meaning down shiite) and "Long live the men of the Islamic Iraqi state"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alqaida is in Power

Lately in my neighbourhood, violence is progressed and turned into a
new orientation, where the target now is the innocent people living
within the same neighbourhood (meaning: sunni people).
Yesterday, I was in a shop infront of my house owned by a friend of
mine,its a mini-market which sells food, drinks and ciggarettes..Recently me and some friends started to meet in that shop, and have
some drinks, play dominos and chat exchange news.We were sitting there playing domino and laughing on each other, then a
friend of ours came into the shop and said "Come on stop playing", and
told me to go to my house because I was wearing a short. We asked why??He said "Don't you know whats happening??" as he was hesitative and
afraid to speak, we asked him again to tell us whats wrong and he
started to explain to us.
He said,Alqaida is now in control of the neighbourhood, and they're doing
horrible things to the innocent people of the neighbourhood, he said
that a few minutes before he came to the shop, they killed a guy
infront of him because he was smoking in the street, and that he heard
that Alqaida shot a car of a bride and a groom because they were
celebrating in the street and playing music.I asked him why are you telling me to go to my house, he said because
you're wearing a short, I said "so f.... what??", he said its
prohibited to wear such clothes and that if they see you they would
kill you, I said why is it prohibited, he said Islam says natural response was "OH REALLY???", he said who do you think you
are to argue with them, they would kill you without mercy, I said "ok" and went to my house.
Then I heard from my friends some ridiculous stuff, like Alqaida is now controling vegetable markets, and that its prohibited to put cucumbers along with tomato in the same sack, because cucumber is a male vegetable and tomato is a female vegetable, I chocked as I laughed about that story, they told me some extra ridiculous stuff of Alqaida and what they're doing in the streets and how they are killig people for no I think that,ITS TIME TO LEAVE THIS SHIT HOLE COUNTRY, fuck Alqaida, fuck extremists, fuck Islam along with anyone who would kill innocent people just because they don't follow their fucked up rules.

And of course thanks to George Bush and his rat Almaliki for bringing us to this situation.
World War against terrorism, what a joke.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Its forbidden to say that you're happy in Iraq

Here's a funny story - its funny for me although it may sound horrible for you.

I was in my room, playing guitar as usual and was recording the song "Peace Train" for Cat Stevens, and after about 30 seconds on starting the song, when reaching the first line in the song, which was "Now I've been happy lately," a random bullet entered my room, crashed the window and broke all the glass and a heavy shooting then took place in the street.

I was like planted in my place and completely shocked because of the heavy shooting. I stopped the recording and went away from the windows to avoid getting in the cross-fire of the random bullets, and when the shooting was over, I went back to my room and checked what I recorded and here was the funny thing, that right after I said, "I've been happy lately," the bullet came in to my room.

It's like no one should be happy in this country, because if you say that you're happy, a bullet will come and smash your head right away.

maybe this country is cursed, because it's a really funny incident.

Here's the link for it.

Here's the link for the full song.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Filling the Emptiness!

There's nothing more amusing to do than writing songs with my old friend Yassir..
Here's a song about love and lying, the sound is not very clear, coz we used only one microphone and only one acoustic guitar.

Music Writing and playing by Nabil (one acoustic guitar)
Lyrics by Nabil and Yassir

Here are the lyrics of the song:

All my life I've been trying...
to never see myself crying..
to never let myself be fated..
to never let this heart be traded..
but you turned me baby...
and you took me baby..
you changed the man in me..
with you I couldn't see..
in a glimpse you had me..
and in the next you left me...

And now that she left me...
I'll remember her endlessly... (Spoken)
I'm not the man I used to be..
From now and on I'll never be lonely..
Coz this man won't be traded..
New man won't be fated..
I did love you baby...
and you killed me baby..
your lies I won't buy..
Now I have to say Good-Bye..


I hope you like it
here's the link:

Broken-Hearts - Good-Bye

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The New Security Plan!

It's been almost 13 days since the Iraqi army and police supported by American troops started to carry out the new security plan, did anything change??
I think, yeah, actually there are things that have changed, now we have more blocked streets, and more fake checkpoints and patrols who practice sectarian violence in day and night.

It became almost impossible for people who lives in Karkh side to come to Alrasafa side on time and vice versa.
During my final exams in college, some students couldn't make it to college, others were like 2 hours late, because all streets and bridges are blocked, the rest suffered a lot to come to college and they had to bear the bad language and tirades of the soldiers in every single checkpoint.

The streets are still empty and filled with horror, gunmen and militias are still roaming the streets even in the presence of American or Iraqi patrols.
its really funny that the policy of those patrols is that if those gunmen won't hit us we won't hit them, so they can do whatever they want to do to the harmless people as long as they don't shoot us.

I think this is really what making Maliki and his crap security plan successful.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Life in Baghdad

Life in baghdad is like Hell, I used the term Hell and yet its worse than hell. People are locked up in their homes trying to be safe and yet they're not safe enough. streets are almost empty all the time and though they aren't safe enough.
All life's activites are stopped, for me I stopped going to school two months ago, and now I only go there if I have an exam or an important lab.

Life in Baghdad became less meaningful, there is no life in the city, people are scared to go out, they are afraid of fake police patrols or fake check points, they are afraid of random explosions, they are afraid of black militias and gunmen who would kill people for sectarian reasons.Horro is everywhere, people are terrified even from their own shadows.

My life became less active since I got back to Baghdad in Oct. 10th, Now I stay at home 24 hours a day, without going out, I only go out if I had to do something important or go to college if I had an exam, otherwise, I won't go out, because it's too dangerous to be out in the streets.

Being locked up at home is a very sad experience that I'm going through, there's too much emptiness in our lives nowadays, too much horror and too much grieve for the innocent people who are dying everday.
I lost several friends of mine, because they died either in a field of action or due to sectarian violence.
my long-time neighbour died during a random mortar shells attack on our neighbourhood, one of the shells fell on his house and killed him.
I stopped seeing my best friends for a long time ago, because its dangerous to go to other neighbourhoods to see them.

Due to secterian violence, now we have sunni and shiite neighbourhoods, and thus a sunni man can't enter a shiite neighbourhood and vice versa.
For this reason, I haven't gone to some places for a long time, because its too dangerous for a sunni man to go there, because gunmen would kill me just because I'm sunni.

Now people are even afraid to say their full names or in which district they live, we started to experience this even at college, some of our friends changed their names and made fake IDs for themselves, trying to protect themselves, others just left their houses and their neighbourhoods and moved to another places because they recieved death threats, such threats said "either you leave the area, or you will be killed", my ex-girlfriend and her family were forced to leave their house, she was a shiite living in a sunni distrist, and her family recieved a death threats telling them to evacuate their house in 24 hours or they all will be killed, other friends of mine just couldn't stand the situation and left the country and went to Jordan or Syria.

On the other hand in college, most students are failing in all their exams, they can't concentrate on studying while living in such horror and terror, I don't know how I managed to pass all my exams, but it is very hard to focus on studying while people are dying in the streets for no reasons.

So the situation in Baghdad is painful as much as it's dangerous, people can't keep on the right track anymore, everone is confused and scared.

The only victim of this situation is the good Iraqi people, whom their lives became shortened on just eating and sleeping and try to survive for another day.

Another terrifying day

Yesterday was round 2 of mortar attacks on my neighbourhood. Over 20 mortar missiles fell on the neighbourhood and caused 30 deaths and injuries. Here is my side of the story:

I was at my grandmah's house which happens to be next door to my house. Me and my cousin were at the back garden playing soccer and mocking each other. Suddenly we heard a very loud noise of mortar missile passing over us. I said "did you hear it?" and by the time he was saying "yes", a huge explosion took place. It was very close to us, we couldn't tell where it exactly fell as it was too close. We ran inside my grandmah's house and waited there for several minutes.
Shortly after that, we heard screaming, shouting and people running in the street, we ran out to the street to see what happened.

At first, I couldn't see as there was alot of dust and ashes in the air, then my vision cleared and I saw smoke clouds coming out from the roof of the house of my neighbour which is in front of my house. Instinctively I ran with the people to the inside of my neighbour's house to check for survivers. There were women all over the place shouting and screaming "help him, help him, he is at the roof", meanwhile mortar missiles were falling here and there very close to us. Me and several people ran to the roof of the house, and there was my neighbour lying on the floor with his legs got cut due to the explosion and he was severly bleeding and there was blood stains all over him. I was completely shocked, scared and terrified, I stood there and didn't know what to do. A man who was standing next to me shouted on me "come on!, grab him with me, lets take him to the hospital." I ran to him and carried my neighbour with him, we went down to the street carrying my neighbour where a kind man stopped his car and took us with him to the hospital.

Although I tied his cut off legs and squeezed on it trying to stop the bleeding, but by the time we arrived to the hospital, he was already gone, as he was bleeding severely.

In the hospital they didn't do anything to him, because he was already dead, they took him to the bodies refrigerator.shortly after his son (my neighbour's son) arrived to the hospital, he was shouting and crying "where is he? I wanna see him." We went to the bodies refrigerator, and it wasn't actually a refrigerator, bodies were lying on the floor, as there were too many bodies and there weren't enough rooms for them in the frig. The view of the bodies lying on the floor was very disgusting and sad, most of the bodies were victims of the mortar attacks.

Anyway, my neighbour relatives came to the hospital and brought a coffin for their dead relative, we took the body and headed back to my neighbour house, so that his wife and kids can see him for the last time before they bury him. I told them not to take him to his parents, because it would be very painful for his kids to see their father dead and his legs cut off. Anyway, his son insisted on taking him back home. We took him back to his house, and there was his wife and kids waiting for him and by that time they didn't know whether their father was dead or not. By the time they saw the coffin they started screaming, shouting and crying. I was very touched seeing the tears of his little kids crying with so much pain.

Shortly after that, his son said "lets take him to the cemetery, I want him to be buried before it gets dark". so they took him to the cemetery right away. they considerd him as a martyr.(In islam the martyr should be buried right away, with his blood and with his clothes he was wearing when he died). Anyway, we went to the cemetery, and the handlers started to bury him. I was standing with my cousin, near them watching them, before they were done closing his grave, another round of mortar attacks took place very very close to the cemetery, people just started to run and left his grave not completely closed, Me and my cousin closed his grave and ran to the car and headed back home.

When me and my cousin went back, my neighbours told us that another mortar missile fell on my grandmah's house but it didn't explode. Thank god it didn't explode because my grandmah was alone in the house.

Thats what happened yesterday. God knows what more can happen.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy or Sad should I be??!!

Today...I woke up in the morning, supposed to be Eid's morning, the day that we should have celebration and having fun.
At first I went downstairs, hugged my dad and wished him the best for the new year..and after a while he just shocked me with the news. He said that Saddam was executed earlier this morning.. I was feelingless at that point, because I was still sleepy. I stood there speachless, thinking of the whole thing and the consequences of this matter, and about the timing of the execution which is in Eid's morning.

Anyway I went up to my room again, dressed myself up, and went straight to my grandpah's house, where all the family comes on Eid's morning and have lunch and enjoy the first day of Eid. I enterd the room where they were all gathered. I noticed the sad look on their faces. I started to hug each one of them and wish them the best for the new year, then sat with them for a while. They were talking about this execution and they were very mad and angry about it, first because they think that this trial is not legitimate, and secondly that the timing of this execution is very bad. I remained speachless there too, because I didn't know what to say, I wasn't so sure about my feelings myself, I was like am I happy or am I sad or what the hell am I feeling??!

Anyway, Eid continued at grandpah's house as usual. We had a nice lunch and everything was okay. Then after I went to see my friend who wasn't feeling anything about the whole matter and wasn't thinking about the consequences.

I returnd home and still haven't decided my feelings whether I'm sad or happy. Now as I'm writing this post I can describe my feelings very well, but still don't know what other people might think of me saying this.

I think I'm happy to see this despot receiving a fair verdict and being executed for the crimes he had done to the Iraqi people, and for his aggressive behaviour towards the poor people. And yet, I'm so sad actually that this (great man as he was) this symbol of the Arab nation (as hypocrites used to describe him) is being treated this way.. being hold with disgust by two guards, and executed in this humiliating manner, its too much for me to take easily..

I think the Iraqi government has taken this day to carry out the verdict to avenge themselves and to attack the Sunni community in an indirect way, because today was only the Sunni's Eid, not the Shiite's Eid..
They were eager to execute him as soon as they can, to insure their wicked sick minds that the idea of Saddam coming back to power will be terminated, though they know that this won't happen even if he remained alive..

Anyway, carrying out the verdict will not solve anything, and will not make the security situation any better, it will only make it worse, and by this bad timing they attacked an important sect of the Iraqi people, and I don't think that this sect will remain harmless to what they've did..

Finally, I still don't know whether I'm happy or sad.. but to say the truth I'm sad, because I think that Iraq will never ever have a president that knows how to deal with the bad groups of the iraqi people like Saddam.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A car filled of explosives exploded about 20 meters away from the outer gate of my house...

The car exploded when an American army patrol was passing the street...there was no injuries niether from the American soldiers nor the civilians...

Electricity high pressure wires got destroyed and now the neighbourhood is without electricity at all..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Translations for Posters which were attached on the walls in my street

To our kinsfolk from the students and professors in sunni districts:
Subject: Communique about Closing Universitys and institutes in Baghad:
As a result for the act of Al-Maliki government and the dirty death
squads that are supported by that government, in killing and torturing
people from the sunni sect, and after these crimes were done by small
groups, Today, they are done by hundreds of people in daytime, by the
Persian forces of the internal affairs ministry officailly.
And the incident of the Higher Education Ministry is our biggest
example, the number of these crimes had increased a lot, and you are
the ones who are living them day by day, because the you are their

Thus, After consulting with a group of experts and University
professors, WE! decided to cancel the official attendance for college
students and higher education students, for the studying year of 2006-
2007 in all the Universities and institutes and the private colleges in
the capital of Baghdad only, in order to fist save the blood of our
professors and students, and secondly to clean these institutions from
the death squads.

As for students in primary and secondary schools, they are not included
by this verdict, and they should continue their attendance, because
they are not suffering what University students are suffering.
Today, Universities are being administrated by the hands of ALRWAFITH
(Religion quoting), controlled by the people of the dirty black
turbans, those who they know nothing about life only they know how to
kill innocent people, and they changed these University from
Educational Building institutions to killing institutions, and after
professors and students were safe, teaching and studying in these
universities, nowadays they get killed on the doorsteps of these

60% of the students from the sunni sect didn't start studying at this
year, they didn't even go to their universities this year, because they
were afraid of getting kidnapped or killed, and the same for the
students of the higher educations, and the rest of the sunni students
and professors became the main target for the death squads. As with
what happened to Dr. Esam Alrawi who was assassinated in Al-Mansour

So for the people of the sunni sect, this verdict is to save your blood
and to save you from the perfidy bullets, because we are not satisfied
with that the RWAFITHS get the highest degrees and the sunni people are
staying at their homes because they are afraid of death, so to make
justice this year should be canceld for everyone not just for the sunni
sect people.

Again we repeart our advice for the students from the sunni sect, to
avoid going to their Universities and institutes and colleges, for this
year, and we know that the avoidance of going for studying is a painful
fact, but getting our professors and students killed is much more
painful, thats why we are working to clean these institutions from the
death squads.
And who Alerted is excused...who alerted is excused...who alerted is

Ansar AlSuna Group

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Its not safe for people...even if they were locked up in their houses

Pics for a mortar missile fell on the side-walk.....just a few steps away from the outer door of my house....

Mortar missiles are falling on my district for about a the rate of 15 mortar missile per day...lots of killed innocent people...lots of injuries from the people of the district...

I was in my room...around 7 pm...chatting on the internet with my friends...then I heard a huge sound of bombing...and huge amount of dust came into my room.... I was shoked... I stopped thinking for minutes...I didn't know what to do...then heard the voice of my mum from down stairs...screeming..Nabil, Nabil...are you okay?!.... I ran downstairs to check if my mom and dad are okay...and thanks to god they were okay.

Then we started to try to understand what happened...meanwhile we heard voices in the street...saying that a mortar missile fell on a shop infront of my house.... the owner of the shop is one of my friends... and his house is just behind the I ran out to check if they were okay... I crossed the was too electricity as usual...saw few men with torch lights looking at the shop and trying to find what happened...then a guy who was passing the street....stood in front of my house and shouted to us...that he found a hole in the street... we ran to his spot...and found what you see in these pictures...
We found that it was a mortar missile which fell on the side-walk as you see....

Its not safe for us...even being locked up in our homes...WHAT A MESS !!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

3 terrifying days had passed in Adhamiah District (Sunni district), tons of mortars had fell on the area....the targets were random...about 50 innocent people were killed..hunderds are injured...lots of houses are fully destroyed...streets are ruined.....

As what the people in that district said..that gunmen are surrounding the area...killing people..shooting mortars randomly...and we can do nothing to stop them...

Maliki goes on Tv screen...says that he opened an investigation on from where these mortars are being fired...well, excuse me... you can ask the army that you're leading..which is Al-Mahdi army...ask them...from where are you shooting that area...I guess that would be easier than opening an investigation and blah blah blah....

Some higher force has to interfere to stop this blood shedding....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh yes... Maliki orders check points removed from Alsader district..... well, what about other districts will they remain blocked???...Iraqi prime minister shows his alignment to the shiite publicly...

lets just review what happend... Alsader district was besieged for about a week... what happened within that besieging?? a car filled up with explosives exploded in that district?? doesn't that give the Iraqi government any idea about from where do thses bombing cars are coming??... I mean the city was besieged... there was no enterance for cars to that district.. and yet they had an explosion by a car... that means that most not all of the cars which are being exploded in Baghdad are coming from that area...

4 hours after the siege was opend and the check points were removed... police reports that 21 dead bodies were found in Alresafa side... I mean come on... do something about this!!

And if I'm wrong and if Almaliki is not backing up these militias and gunmen... why Alsader district was the only area that were not checked for guns, morters and other heavy weapons???

Even the most IGNORANT man in this universe can figure it out....that the current Iraqi government is backing up the militias and the gunmen... and all of the Iraqi government institutions are filled with corruption... and the loyalty of the IRAQ Army Soldiers and police men is not to Iraq but to the Black Militia of Almahdi Army..

14,000 piece of weapons are missing from the Iraqi Army... what an irony... I'm sure that they are in the hands of Al-Mahdi army which its members are over 150,000 men....approximatley to a 20% of Alsader district population.

P.S: Almahdi Militia men are preventing Students from going to their colleges or schools and government employees from going to their works, good news? we won't study this year... because the ignorant fatso Muqtada Alsader don't want us to..

Saturday, October 21, 2006


An Innocent life of a young hair styler woman had to end like that.....

As what Eye witnesses told me...
She was on her way home... after she closed up her shop.. around 5:30 pm.... she hired a taxi... just at the time that she got inside the taxi car...
A civilian car with four young men inside it.. just blocked the way on the taxi.. one of the young men..(As they said.. they doubt if he is over 18 yo... they meant that the age of those boys is certainly under 18).. came out of the car.... and headed to the taxi car... brought that woman out of the taxi by force... put a black plastic sack on her face... and he assassinated her.
for what??? why did they kill her??? no one knows....

later about 8:20 pm an Iraqi Army patrol came and picked up the dead body.