Sunday, January 11, 2004

Living and Studying in America:

There is a scholarship program in Iraq now is going to take about 120 student from Iraq to live and study in America/California I vote myself to this program and I hope they will except me and then I can see AMEICA god if this thing get true I will live with a family first to improve my language and then I will join an American high school maybe in California or Miami or new York this will be a great thing but I am thinking if I will pass in the exams that the program will exam us with it, first they will make an interview to see how is your language and then they will make a exam to see how could you use the computer ( these things I am very good on it ) and then they will make an exam to see your information and if you are clever or lazy I hope one of my blog readers is working in this program and see if my English is good or not. Please wish luck for me and I will have another tow week of exams but this time it is the exams of the half of the year.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

a nother Iraqi websit

New Iraqi young man start a page like the blogbut its not on the blogger its one jeeran in arabic and english his name is ahmad cheak out his new page I will name it because its not a weblog

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the good people and I wish all of you a good year and all your dreams come true and this year will be a better year for the Iraqis.

the telephone lines gets back to my neigborhood:

In the war the American destroyed my neighborhood building of telephone and now and after 7 months I see the telephone engineers are working to get the telephone work again and this is very important thing because of think how could you live without telephone lines but thanks god the fix it at all. And the Mobile is come to Iraq by a company called IRAQNA for mobile lines but the lines is very little its 250000 line and the Iraqis are 22000000 people so they must build more mobile companies.

Oil in Iraq:

Iraq right now is the most country has an oil and we can see that the oil in Iraq is very expensive which we are living in the country of oil you could see the oil is about 35$ for home using so its very expensive, in the past the money that the government give to the people was very little and now after the give a lot the oil and food and every thing is too much expensive than before you could see the Taxi the owner of the Taxi tell you if you don’t give me what I want I will never take you to the please that you want to go, lets talk about me in the past I went to my school by the Taxi and I pay about 1000 dinner a half if dollar but right no if I want to go to school I should pay 3000 dinner about 1 and half dollar why is this because of he said the benzene is very little and you should wait about 9 hours in the benzene station to get your enough benzene but today and yesterday the benzene gets batter because of in the past I see the cars near the benzene station are waiting for a very long queue about 400 meters of cars and you could see the streets are empty because all the cars in the benzene station but today I saw the benzene queue is about a 50 meters this is very better because of the taxi prices will getting better and every thing is going to be better, I heard that the American are stealing the Oil but I don’t believe this because America is the country of Oil and had Oil more than Iraq so how could them steal it.

What I do with my new friends:

Actually I have a very old friend our friendship stay for 10 years but when we get in the high school our friendship broken because every one went to a deferent high school so I heard that he got attack from boys in his high school I really worried about him so I decide to go to him and see what is happening to him I went to his house but thanks god he is alright we start to get back to our history and start to hanging together again this is about three weeks so we decide to make a dates and go out with him and I met his friends they are really good friends and very respectable so I decide to make them my own friends and I succeed we are now very close friends and every Thursday we hanging together because in Iraq the weekend on Friday not on Saturday so we go out side and went to the café and in Iraq there is something like the smoking it’s a kind of what do you like apple, strawberry, orange and you take a something but it in your mouth and brave then you will get a lot of smoke its taste like what did you chose at the beginning and after that we went to the games café like we played LAN games or ping pong and poker and a lot of games and we end our tour to our homes and sleep very hard because a lot of things we must do in the next day.

Man United win the match against Everton:

The last week in the English premiership the first match was between Manchester United and Everton it was very important match because of if Manchester win then will stay the first on in the list of clubs, Manchester start the match very strongly at the minute 8 Nicky But score a wonderful goal after he shot the ball very hard with his right leg after a few minutes Everton start to attack Manchester and the succeed to get a free kick which they played it inside the penalty aria and Gary Neville the player of Manchester score an on goal on his team so its come draw after that Manchester became very nerves and they start to attack hardly and they succeed to get a second goal by Kleberson and after that the scored the third goal by David Belion but Everton get a second goal.