Friday, May 18, 2007

New Era of Sunni-sunni and shiite-shiite conflicts has began

In my last two posts, I have mentioned that Alqa`da became in control
of my neighbourhood, and I mentioned what they are doing to the
innocent people but I never imagened it could come to this..

A few days ago, an owner of a store in my neighbourhood came to his
store which he has abandoned for almost a year and a half, he came back
to take his big genertaor out of the neighbourhood, he was acompanied
by two patrols of the Iraqi national guards. They tried to take it but
they couldn't as it was too big to move, so they delayed taking it to
the next day. Before he came the generator was used by locals without
permission from the owner, and as those locals knew that the guy came
back for his generator, they grew angry and of course some of those
locals are alqa`eda members, so they burned the generator and set his
big store on fire and burned the whole store which contains a huge
amount of electrical systems and equipments, and then they sent a bomb
-car and put it infront of his store and destroyed it.The store was fully destroyed as you can see in the pictures below.The problem is that this owner of the store is a sunni guy, and he
worked in this street over 4 years and he knows most of the locals
around his store area, but those locals where the same who destroyed
his store and burned it.

Here's another story for a building which lays a few meters away from
that store, whose owner was asked for money by Alqa`eda to cover Jihad
expenses, and as the guy said that he didn't have money to give them,
the jihadists decided to take their revange out of his building, so
they asked the owners of the shops in the building to evacuate their
shops and they went bombing and destroying the building which is one of
the most famous building in the whole neighbourhood.And of course the owner of the building has escaped from the neighbourhood because otherwise they would have killed him for saying I

You can see Alqa`eda actions in those pictures. ..

These people on the motorbics are Alqa`eda members.

So as I say a new era of conflicts has began, its true, becuase those
two examples above represent sunni-sunni conflicts, and what we hear in
the news about confilcts in the southern governorates such as Basrah,
Nasiriya and Simawah, those represent shiite-shiite conflicts.I wonder when will it come to the brother-brother conflicts!
I started to see new persons inside the persons that I knew for a long
time, everyone has became very cultic, and would blame the anit-cult
for anything that happens. Here in my neighbourhood, there were
independent educated people who never cared about being sunni or
shiite, they are now changed and became very cultic and aggressive
towards the anit-cult and when they hear that people of the other cults
were killed they kinda become happy and say like "they should die just
as people of our cult are dying", this has made me stay at home all the
time, and never go out and talk to those people about anything.
Even in college, its funny but I have to mention it, we had couples
from different cults who loved each other for two or three years, now
they broke up because one of them is shiite and the other is sunni. And
when a guy loves a girl, he first ask whether she is shiite or sunni
before he talks to her, and if she was from the other cult he would
neglect his feelings.Those are really funny and sick minds at the same time and I'm really
sorry for what happened to the people of my country and how ignorants
and sloven people they become! :(