Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hi people,
I am sorry I didn't post those days because I was very busy with my exams (again). I want to tell you somthing that do you remember the day that I faced the terrorists and I went to school late? I got 66/70 in that exam...
Right now I am doing the final exams before the MID year exams, I hope I'll do good to continue the way to the finals. And about my team competition, the competition is delayed because of the bad security situation but that is good for us because it gives us more time to practice.....
And about the Iraqi national football team, I didn't watch the first two matches but I knew that they lost the first match and made draw at the second one, TODAY Iraq will play against Emarites I think they'll win.

I want to tell you that If anybody of you could send me a visa or invite or whatever it is to America because I am going out when I finish the final exams in June and I wanted to tell you that if I couldn't get a visa to America I'll be in Jordan/Amman so if anyone of you wants to see me I'll be there in June.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gulf League

In Friday 10th of Dec, the gulf league will start, Iraq is in the first group (A) there are Oman, Yemen and UAE in the same group, group D contains Saudia Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Iraq had banded from this leauge 13 years ago after Saddam invated Kuwait and that Iraq didn't participate in this leauge for 13 years. Iraq didn't play in the first three leagues in the 4th league Iraq played and took the first place, Iraq made it three times and they just play in 5 leagues, they needed a political decition to get Iraq back to the league (imagen that) because Iraq was banded from the league by a decition made by the gulf countries council, and now they made another one which says that Iraq can get back to the league. The Iraqi players are the same players that played in Athens 2004, they are:

1- Noor Sabry (goal keeper)
2-Ahmed Ali (goal keeper)
3-Basim Abbas (denfender)
4-Hider Abd El Razaq (defender)
5-Hider Jabar (defender)
6-Hider Sabah (defender)
7-Qussai Muneer (middle)
8-Abd El Wahhab Abu El Heal (middle)
9-Nashat Akram (middle)
10-Salih Sadir (middle),(the man that said some comments about Bush in Athens 2004)
11-Hawar Mullah Mohammed (middle)
12-Hider Sabah (Middle)
13-Younis Mahmood (Striker)
14-Ahmed Monajed (striker)
15-Emad Mohammed (striker)
16-Ahmed Salah (striker)
The coach is Adnan hamed who is nominated to be the best coach in Asia.
You can see the matches of the leauge on Al Sharqia, Jazzira Sports , Dubai Sports, Iraqia and Kowait T.V. channels.

I hope that we will make it and win this competition and beat those arabs teams.

Olay Olay Olay Iraq

Sunday, December 05, 2004

We're About To Start !!!!

Tomorrow the first round of the competition will start, 12 teams from the grades (12th and 11th) will play against each others, the system is who lose gets out of the competiton, MY team will dress in RED (Manchester United dresses) which we bought them by your helps, our team name is like Manchester's name is THE RED DEVLES. Tomorrow they will make the gourd and we'll see against whom we are going to play, I hope we play some 11th grade team because they are easy to beat. the refree is the 12th grade headmaster (Imagen that!!!!) he likes football and thats why he dose that, and about me I am gonna play in the place of Gary Nevil (the player of Manchester) as I said lots of times before, I'll play in the right back, I hope I'll do good because last year I made a foul in the penalty area and we loss the match and we got out of the competition.
And about the second round which I guarantee that we will play in it, contains 4 teams from my school, I mean the 4 best teams from the first round will play in the second round which is AN IRAQ HIGH SCHOOLES COMPETITION, its like we will play schools teams from different cities and if we won we will have the chance to see the Iraqi Youth football team coach and maybe some of us will play in the IRAQ YOUTH TEAM.
And about the Pictures, tomorrow I'll post the first match pics but now body told me how to post videos so please if you know who send me an email to tell me how to post them.
Please Help me team in whatever you can to play in the second round.