Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Recievd the Money

I would like to thank evrey one who sent me donations because I gave the money for the team and they went to buy the stuff also soon you will see pics here on my blog of my team I will not be in the pics because you know!!!. Also I am doing good at school and at my exams getting high marks THANKS GOD, and I still don't have spare time to write.
thank you evreybody.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Teaching in Iraq

In this year a lot of the books changed, the books have been cleaned from Saddam's names, Bath names and stuff which relate to the past regime, if we take a look on my grade's books we'll see that the Islamic books has changed and the literature book has changed, I don't say that all the books are changed but most of them are. And if we take a look on the teachers that teach us in the school, you will see that most of the teachers are surprised with those new books, they don't know how to teach us those books, at all the ministry did a very wrong thing by changing the books because at least they had to wait for 2 or 3 years till they can change the books because most of the students are living in a very bad places I mean wars, missiles and planes and stuff like that, don't they how to study these new books after the studied the old books in the summer JUST like the way I did. I have nothing to say more because I am fasting.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Its raining here

Today is the first day that the sky is raining, I love winter weather and I HATE summer's weather because its too hot here in the summer, schools are going okay with me, my summer classes are helping me so much I don't have to study a lot because I have a back up but that dosen't mean that I should not study, well I guess I will not write evreyday because I have to study a lot as I say always, I guess this weather will help me not to be bored, well thats all what I got for today but here is a tip Iraq is going to play against Uzbekistan on 13th oct, 2004 I will write about that.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Iraqi schools are open now

Schools started in Iraq last Saturday (1st October). I will talk about what happened with me at the first day.I didn't sleep the day before Saturday to get used on the new time, because I always get up at 1 pm and the schools start at 8 am so for that I didn't sleep, I took a Taxi and I went to my school and when I reached the school, I met my school friends that I haven't seen them for 4 months, it was great to see them and their faces are changed and they look different, at 8 am, we entered the school and we stood in the school yard waiting for the headmaster and his assistant and the teachers to come, and then they came and the headmaster started talking to us about the new studying year and specially to us the 12th grade students like he said this is your last year this is your future…blah blah blah, and then the 12th grade assistant come to us to read for us the names of the students and which classes they are in because in Iraq the system is not like America the assistants make groups of students and put each one in a class and give the class name like A,B,C,D,H,W, so they put me in the class D with some of my friends from the old classes I mean in the 11th grade and the 10th grade, and then a big surprise there was no class D because there were books of all the school in my class like a book store, so they have to take the books out and then we will study in our class, for now we are studying with the class H in the same classroom. And then we entered the first lesson and in each lesson they come they talk about the same thing that the head master talked about, and till now we didn't study we just go to school and stay there and then we leave they said teaching will start next Saturday. Some of the students are talking about that all the books are changed this year, the ministry of education changed all the books this year even the English book and the story of Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice). I hope that I will do well this year and make good marks at the finals to get the best college in Baghdad.