Saturday, October 21, 2006


An Innocent life of a young hair styler woman had to end like that.....

As what Eye witnesses told me...
She was on her way home... after she closed up her shop.. around 5:30 pm.... she hired a taxi... just at the time that she got inside the taxi car...
A civilian car with four young men inside it.. just blocked the way on the taxi.. one of the young men..(As they said.. they doubt if he is over 18 yo... they meant that the age of those boys is certainly under 18).. came out of the car.... and headed to the taxi car... brought that woman out of the taxi by force... put a black plastic sack on her face... and he assassinated her.
for what??? why did they kill her??? no one knows....

later about 8:20 pm an Iraqi Army patrol came and picked up the dead body.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

News from the neighbourhoods (updates)

Violence is continued and there is no force that can save the innocent lives..

Two days ago in my street in the morning.. two roadside bombs blew up on an Iraqi army patrol who was passing the street.. there was no casualties.. only the road got messed up.. and an under-ground water pipe was broken... and wasn't repaired till today...

2 dead bodies were found near a mosque in the neighbourhood, they were just laying in the street.. and the people were afraid to pick them up and deliver them to the police... they got picked up by an American army patrol...

Two Days ago in Al-Adhamiah neighbourhood (Sunni Neighbourhood).. mosques announced to the people using microphones... telling them to stay at home for the next day.. cause there will be fake police patrols surrounding the neighbourhood exits in the morning... and they will assassinate people according to their IDs.. that means sunni people will get killed..

I don't know where are they going by doing these things....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

News from the neigbourhoods

Yesterday... I witness the most horrible thing since I got here in
Baghdad.. I was standing with some friends in the street.. and saw a guy
coming out from a house.. his eyes were coverd, his mouth was shut.. and
his hands were tied.. the house was across the street just about 20
meters away from us.. the guy came a cross the street without seeing and
went to a shop.. he was shouting.. untie me.. open my eyes.. some people
ran to help him, his only words were.."please take me to my house...
they will kill me".. so the people just helped him.. and hired a taxi
for him.. then we heard his story from the people of the house that he
came out from..
they said that they were sitting in their back garden.. waiting until
the time of eating comes.. (they were fasting as it Ramahdan now).. they
said suddenly... a body jumped into the garden from the back fence of
the house... at first they said that they thought he was dead.. but the
guy just stood him self up... and began to move.. they're were girls
sitting in the garden as well, so they started to scream as they were
very scared.. because his view was very scary..(I mean I freacked out
when I saw him), after the girls started to scream.. the guy said
"please, don't scream..I'm kidnapped..the kidnappers will hear you", the
girls just didn't stop screaming.. so he ran out from the front door of
the house..where we saw him coming out.

At first we thought that he was kidnapped and being held in that house..
but then we got the whole story..

About the people in the street.. they were confused.. whether should
they help him?? or should they not??some people just ran to help him at the moment that they saw him.. some people didn't move a finger.. because they were afraid of the
kidnappers.. thats how's the situation now.. people are afraid to help
each other..
An owner of a shop near by in the same street happens to know the guy who was
kidnapped.. after few hours of the scene.. we went again out to the
street.. the shop owner said that he contacted the parents of the
kidnapped guy.. and they said that they recieved their son.. and now
he's on his way to Arbil.. just to escape from the kidnappers.

In the same neibouhood.. in the evening of that night.. an armed guy
riding a motorbic.. just opend fire on a mosque three blocks away from
the same street.. just without reason..(I think he was just bored.. and
thought to waste some bullets by learning how to shoot on a mosque walls
when he is riding a motorbic!!!).

Later at the same day.. US army patrols found 2 dead bodies in the same

P.S: I am talking about just one neighbourhood, imagen what happens
in other ones.. and you count the number of the dead bodies and
kidnapped people.

I'm just living in an irony country... where religion scientists.. who
assume that they are scientists of religion.. are leading the country to
a total mess...

Expect more news updates from Baghdad neigbourhoods... but unfortunely
sad ones.