Thursday, April 28, 2005

Being close

Hi people,
My exams are too close from now, only 37 days and I'll be free agian, I will get back to LIFE again !!!, for now I am restudying all the stuff again, and I will do it again after I finish doing this one, this how we get ready for the Final exams for 12th grades in Iraq, we call it (Muraj'ah), when I finish my exams, My friends and I are going to make a picnic to Amman, we're gonna stay there about 2 weeks and then we will return homw to get the RESULTS, and I am very scared of that, cause I said before my whole future depends on this exams, I still don't know which college to pick, my parents are continuing their insistance, they want me to go to Medicine college, but I don't want to do that, I just don't want to spend 9 years of my life studying and then I will work, I am thinking of a lot of colleges like computer engineering, or gentics engineering, or maybe I would go to a dentistry college just like my brother, I just don't know, besides, I can't decide because my results at the finals will lead me to a college, its just like that, here in Iraq we can't decide the colleges that we want, the results decide....., as I said I will not write often these days but I will get back as I was before just when I FINISH MY CREEPY EXAMS........

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I just can't write these days cause my exams are being so close, as I said I will be in Amman right after the exams so if you can do anything that might helps me of getting to America, I would be very thankful.