Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Yes we've made it

We got the OK from our school head master, we told him that we are going to finish our work on the team before the school begins, and we are going to pay evreything that the team wants like ummmm 15 dresses (uniforms), 4 nets for the goals, 15 shoes (one for each player), 10 balls, 5 for us and 5 for the competition. And he said ok, we have about 100 $ now in our hands we are going to buy paint and bring some painters to paint the stadium for us. we are very happy because we are going to play in this competition.

And MANY MANY thanks for those who are helping us here in my blog, thank you all and we love you.

By the way I heard that the Iraqi national team is going to play against Syria but I dont know when, I'll tell you when I get some info.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Lucky Italy

Well thats the end of the whole story, Iraq turend back home with no medals, we missed a lot of shoots, we missed a lot of attacks. Iraq should find a striker who make an attack from nothing who know how to get in the penalty area and put goals.

Iraq just made a good playing in the history of the Olympics they took the 4th place and they are the 4th best olympic team in the world now and thats good.

I hope that we do good in the next compititons like the Gulf champions and the Arab homlad champion, we are the best arabian team now and we are they 4th best team in the world and that is (enough for me).

Thank you Iraq, you did what you could do.

Today's Match

We are going to play against Italy today, all the players are ready and they are egar to get the win for Iraq and let the people in Baghdad celebrate, and they hope that they will get us the bronze because the last medal Iraq ever had was about 44 years from now, so go Iraq go get the bronze.

here is the list of the players which they are going to play today:

1- Nour Sabry (GK)
2- Hider Jabar (DC)
3- Hider Abd El Razaq (DC)
4- Hider Abd El Amir (LB)
5- Bassim Abbas (RB)
6- Qussai Moneer (CB)
7- Abd EL Wahab Abu EL Heil (CB)
8- Hawar Mullah Mohammed (LF)
9- Emad Mohammed (RF)
10 Salih Sadir (CF)
11- Razaq Farhan (Striker)

Let's go Iraq, let's get the Bronze.
Olay olay olay olay Iraq!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Well Thanks Iraq

I am not mad, I am not upset at the Iraqi team because they did their best and they showed the world how a good team we are, and we reached this place and that is good, even if we lose against Italy that is good too, because we are a team which doesn't have a league in their country and we don’t get all the facilities that other teams get, and if we lose with Italy we will be the 4th best Olympic team in the world and that is great.
And we shouldn’t do that off side plan because of this plan we lose all their goals they didn’t fight to get it, they were gifts from the Iraqi defenders, I hope that the coach will fix those problems and I hope that we will get the Bronze.
Thank you Iraq, thank you Hawar, thanks you Younis, thank you Emad, thank you Nour you were the best goal keeper that Iraq ever had, thank you Hider Jabar ( he just sign for a German team), thank you Basim, thank you all, you did what you can and we are very thankful.

Me and my school friends are trying to rebuilt our school team to play in the schools football league, we are trying to get money to buy the balls and buy nets for the school's goals, and we are trying to buy dresses for the team, so if you can help us we will be very thankful. Because a lot of players from my team want to play in this competition because the best players in the competition will have the chance to go to the coach of the Iraqi youth football team, and maybe they will be in the Iraqi youth team, so if you can help we will be thankful.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Next Match

Our next match is against Paraguay, we have to be so careful because we don’t want to lose, and we have to win to insure that we will get a medal at all, even if we take a silver or bronze medal that will be good.
I think the Iraq coach Adnan Hamed will let all his best players to play like Younis Mahmoud and Emad Mohammed and he have to do his best to take the first medal in football for the first Arabian team.

Here is the list of the players which I think the coach will let them to play in the first half:

1- Nour Sabray (GK)
2- Hider Abd El Jabbar (BD)
3- Hider Abd El Razaq (BD)
4- Hider Abd El Amir (RB)
5- Bassim SAbbas (LB)
6- Qussai Moneer (CB)
7- Abd EL Wahab Abu El Heel (CB)
8- Nashat Akram (CF)
9- Emad Mohammed (LF)
10-Hawar Mullah Mohammed (RF)
11- Younis Mahmoud
I hope Iraq will do good because we (here in Baghdad) really are waiting to see wins for the Iraqi team.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Emad Mohammed Posted by Hello

Amazing Boys

The Iraqi just made and qualifies to the semi finals, when they beat Australia 1-0, I can't tell you what happened in Baghdad when the scored the goal, when they just score it the commentator just yell and shut GOAL GOAL!, and he end his yelling by crying, he cried when the match ended, because Iraq haven't qualify to this round over his whole history, and when we scored the flying bullets covered the sky, it was about 8:30 PM in Baghdad time when we scored our goal so they just stop and get back to see what will happen in the last 19 minutes but nothing changed, Iraq won and the history open his hand for them, the team which has been beloved by all the Iraqi people even the people who don't care about football they saw that game and get out to street and celebrate the moment of joy, I want to tell you what happen in MY street when the match was over, its like a hundreds people went out and holding the Iraqi flags with them and just yelling and crying in the street but of course with shooting bullets because this has become a tradition that when the Iraqi team win a match they have to celebrate by shooting bullets, I can hear the sound of the bullets now and its about 90 minutes from the time which the match ended.
Now let me describe the match: The first half:
The first half was so quite, each teams wanted it to end and the result is draw, but as I saw two failed chances to Australia, Iraq didn't do anything in the first half, except some few shy attacks
.The second half: Australia began this half very heavily they did a lot of good attacks against us but Nour Sabry the incredible goal keeper just saved a lot of shoots against us, but Iraq re arranged his forms and they start to attack and by a corner kick for Iraq Hawar Mullah Mohammed play it but the Australian defenders kick it away but Mahdie Kareem kick it back to the penalty area by his head, and the ball just came to Emad Mohammed and by a double kick he scored our goal. And we won and our Olympic team become one of the best 4 teams in the world.
Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq.
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Friday, August 20, 2004


I have a lot of things to say, after I knew the whole story that you heard from the press about the two players and the coach,
First I have to say from where did those two players came from:
1-Ahmed Monajed
This player came from Fallujah and after the events in fallujah and the military action over there to clean up the city from the terrorist and the thieves, a lot of innocent people died and a lot of houses destroyed, so let's say that Ahmed was one of the people who hurt from the military action, so of course he will say this and about when he said "I will come back to Iraq and kill the Americans" he said that because of what happened in his home. So I think when he said that he say it to express his feelings.

2- Salih Sadir
This player came from Najaf and maybe he said that because the same thing which has been said by Ahmed Monajed, maybe he said that because his city was destroyed and a lot of innocent people died. And when he said Mr. Bush is using us to win his campaign, this is a bullshit.

And about the Coach Adnan Hamed
He benefit from Uday because he was the coach in Uday's time too, so he loss the money which Uday was giving him, and now he don’t have only the salary form the government.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I don't know WHY

I don’t know why our coach gave them this win, for what? The Iraqi coach didn’t let our best players to play just like the list which I post earlier, it was exactly the same, I thought of what could our coach think and my thoughts were right because I gave the exactly list of the players before the game start. Like we didn’t let Younis Mahmoud to play and he is the best scorer and we let Razaq Farhan to play instead of him, and we didn’t let Emad Mohammed play till the middle of the second half, and we let Ahmed Salah to play in his place, but they did good at the first match and they started the second half very good by scoring the first goal, but the referee gave them a penalty kick and they scored the draw goal, but the Iraqi players didn’t play well when we reached the end of the second half and they scored their wining goal, but then the Iraqi team felt the shame and started to make it draw and they made a very good attacks on of them was by Qussai Moneer but at all they loss.
Here is a list for how the group looks now
1- Iraq ( 6 points ) ( 7 goals )
2- Costa Rica ( 4 points ) ( 5 goals )
3- Morocco ( 4 points ) ( 4 goals )
4- Portugal ( 3 points ) ( 6 goals )
Here is a list of our goals
1- Hawar Mullah Mohammed ( 2 goals )
2- Salih Sadeer ( 2 goals )
3- Mahdie kareem ( 1 goal )
4- Younis Mahmoud ( 1 goal )
5- Emad Mohammed ( 1 goal )
Our next match is against Australia the team which didn’t play good and just qualify by the help of Argentina.

I hope Iraq will do good next match and just forget today's match.

I have to say this even when we loss today's match,
Olay Olay Olay Olay iraq!

The Iraqi Boxer Najah wins his match against the Korean Player he beated him very hard. LOL
I hope this player will get us a medal.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Today's Match

Today Iraq is going to play against Morocco at 5:30 GMT but Iraq has insured his qualify to the quarter finales so today's match has no effect on the Iraqi way to the gold, but at the same time the Iraqi national Olympic team must continue his wonderful results by wining the match tonight and therefore Iraq will have 9 pointes and conquer the first place in the 4th group and avoid meeting Argentina in the quarter final and hold up playing with them until the Final match , but if we talk about the Arab part and the Islam part and the blood-brothers between the tow teams, Iraq should give morocco an easy win with a big results to make them have the chance to qualify with us, and this is what I heard from the different Arab sports channels, they said if Iraq respect the relation between Arab countries and stuff they should give them a win ( AL Jazeera Sport Channel ) but I don't think that Adnan Hamed the (Iraqi coach) will do that, because Iraq have to continue his wonderful results, and they don't have to give them a win because this is football this, is a championship, you have to fight and do everything which leads you to the next round, you don't have to wait till the other teams give you a gift and let you qualify with them, right?. And if we win today we will have a great incorporeal to win our match in the next round (Quarter Finals).
I think the Iraqi coach will not let the professional players play in today's match because he have nothing to lose so I think he will let those players to play this match:
1- Nour Sabry (Goal Keeper)
2- Hider Jabar (Defender)
3- Sa'ad Atieah (Defender) ( if he let this player to play, this will be his first match in the Olympics)
4- Basim Abbas (Defender)
5- Hider Abd EL Ameer (Defender)
6- Qussai Moneer (Center Back)
7- Salih Sadeer (Center Forward)
8- Ahmed Salah (Left Forward)
9- Ahmed Monajed (Right Forward)
10- Abd El Whab Abu EL Heel (Resting)
11- Razaq Farhan (Striker)
And that's mean that our scorer players will not play like
1-Hawar Mullah Mohammed
2-Emad Mohammed
3-Younis Mahmoud
4-Mahdie Kareem
Best wishes to the Iraqi team to beat Morocco and CONQURE the first place in the list.
Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq!

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Victory of Iraq over Costa Rica

The Iraqi team continued their very good playing in the second match against Costa Rica. They proved to the entire world that nothing can stop the Iraqis no matter what situations they are in, even the players don’t know if their families are alive or how they are doing but they showed the world that they are good players no matter where or when they play.
The First Half:
The first half started normally from the both teams there weren’t good attack until the minute 10 when Nashat Akram made a shot and it went beside the goal and a lot of attacks for the Iraqi team happened but no point they all failed to touch the goal net, and there were a very good attacks from the other team too, the player Diaz made a lot of attacks from the left side, but all those attacks from the both teams failed.
The Second Half:
The Second half started by a lot of attacks from the Iraqi side especially by Emad Mohammed from the right side and Hawar Mullah Mohammed from the left side, and then from a shot by Qussai Moneer the ball hit the player and comes to Hawar Mohammed so he shot it very heavy and he scored the first goal and a few minutes from scoring the first goal an Hawar Mullah Mohammed made an attack from the left side and crossed the ball to Mahdi Kareem and this man scored the second goal by his head, and those are all the events in the second half nothing changed at all.
But I have to talk about Nour Sabry ( the Goal Keeper ) he saved a lot of attacks against him and he played very good.
And now our position is the first in out group:
1- Iraq ( 6 goals) ( 6 points )
2- Portugal ( 3 pointes )
3- Costa Rica ( 1 point )
4- Morocco ( 1 point )
The Players who scored for the Iraqi team in the first and the second match are:
1- Hawar Mullah Mohammed ( 2 goals )
2- Younis Mahmoud ( 1 goal )
3- Emad Mohammed ( 1 goal )
4- Salih Sadeer ( 1 goal )
5- Mahdi Kareem ( 1 goal )

Lets hope that we will beat Morocco next match and complete the the first round with 9 pointes.
Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today's Match

Today Iraq has to win over Costa Rica to insure that they will qualifier, Iraq is going to play with the same players who they played the first match against Portugal.
Here is the list of the players:
Nour Sabry ( Goal Keeper )
1- Hider Jabar ( Center of the Defenders )
2- Hider Abd Al Razaq ( Center of the Defenders )
3- Basim Abbas ( Left Back )
4- Hider Abd El Ameer ( Right Back )
5- Qussai Moneer ( Center Back )
6- Nasha'at Akram ( Center Forward )
7- Abd El Wahaab Abo El Hea'al ( Center )
8- Hawar Mulla Mohammed ( Left Forward )
9- Emad Mohammed ( Right Forward )
10- Younis Mahmmod ( Stricker )

Iraq will play with this arrange 4-5-1
That means we have one striker when we defend and we have three strikers when we attack.
Best Luck to the team…
Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq

Here is the Joy Moment Posted by Hello

Friday, August 13, 2004


We Won We WON.......
Iraq beated one of the great football teams, they beated Portugal which they got the second place in Euro 2004. I can wait to check out
the FIFA website to see our place between the world teams,we were the 40th but now I dont know where they are going to put our team...
The Match started with a very good playing from the Iraqi team and they made a lot of attacks in the minutes 4 ,7, 9 but with a mistake from the deffender Hider Jabar,Almeda scored his first goal, when they scored that goal I thought that the match is over and Portugal is going to win but after a few minutes Emad Mohamed scored a goal and made it draw with a mistake from the deffender too. and I dont know which minutes we scored the second goal and then with a very fast run from Emad Mohamed from the right side and he pass the ball to Younis Mahmmod but he couldnt score it because it went too high from the goal but the ball comes back to Hawar Mulla Mohammed the very very very good player who he scored it by his head declaring the second goal for Iraq and at the end of the first half Portugal won a free kick in front of the goal the fabulous player Ronaldo shoot the ball but the ball return back and the Iraq deffender shot it out to a corrner kick for Portugal and they played the kick but the ball return back from the deffender and Bowtinga shot it back so he scored the second goal for Portugal and made it draw again.
At the beginning of the second half the Iraq team continue their control on the middle of the field and they made a very good attack, first the ball was with Qussai Moneer and he passed it to Emad Mohammed it looks like it was off side but it wasnt so all the player of Portugal couldnt do anything and then Emad Mohammed Passed it too Younis Mahmmod and he scored the third goal for the Iraqi team, after that Portugal coach made a very good changes he let Dany play and Martenize but the Iraq coach did make a very good changes too so he let Salih Sadeer play who he made Dany cant do anything and then Ahmed Monajed played in the place of Emad Mohammed so he made an attack and the ball was to close to get out to be a goal kick for Portugal but Ahmed Monajed run and brought it back to Mahdie Kareem and then Mahdie passed it too Salih Sadeer and this man scored the 4th goal for us and WE WON. but in the match the player of Portugal didnt play like a regular match, Ronaldo beated Younis Mahmmod on his face so Younis fall down and the blood coverd his face and the refree gave Ronaldo a yellow card the refree must give him a red card because he hit him on his face, and Bow Mortree got a red card because he hit Bassim Abbas on his leg. and we only get a one yellow card for Younis Mahmmod and it was because he was celelbrating his goal too long.lol

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Olympics 2004

Iraq is going to play today against Portugal, they are playing in the second group which also Morroco and Costarica play in, I think the Iraqi team will play to make it draw because I think its imposible to beat them, but in football evreything happen like Greece when they won the cup of the Euro 2004, so lets hope they will do good.
here is the list of the Iraqi player:
1- Uday Talib ( goal Keeper)
2- Noor Sabry ( goal Keeper)
3- Hider Jabar ( Center of the Deffenders )
4- Hider Abd El Razaq ( Center Of the Deffenders)
5- Basim Abbas ( Left Back )
6- Hider Abd El Ameer ( Right Back)
7- Qussai Moneer ( Center Back)
8-Nasha'at Akram (Center Forward )
9- Mahdie Kareem ( Right Forward )
10- Hawar Mulla Mohammed ( Left Forward )
11- Razaq Farhan ( Striker)
12- Ahmed Monajed ( Striker )
13- Emad Mohammed ( Striker )
14- Younis Moahmood ( Striker )
15- Ahmed Salah ( Striker)
16- Salih Sadeer ( Center Forward )
17- Alaa Abd El Sataar ( Left Forward )
18- Abd El Wahaab Abo El Heel ( Center Back )
19- Hider Sabah ( Right Forward )
20- Sa'ad Atieah ( Center of the Deffenders )
21- Qussai Hashem ( Center Back )
22- Haithem Kadim ( Center Forward )

Olay Olay Olay Olay Iraq

Saturday, August 07, 2004

What is wrong in Iraq?

The Iraqi stuation becomes very bad last few days, the number of the terrorist is increasing and evreyday the news show us a new gang and a new forgine hostge, WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?.The Iraqis showed the world very bad things like stealing the government bulldings and burn them and other things, do they want to stay away from the world? do they want to stay un ecducated? do they do they? a lot of things. In Iraq the number of un educated is very surprising and those poeple who dont know anything and dont feel anything towards Iraq they are destroyding Iraq they will make Iraq a place of horor and violent. I am wondering of how can we slove this problem. of course we cant educate this big number of people even if we tried I am sure that a lot of them will never come to study how to live and not to be selfish and not to stay out of order. the Sadr's gang are fighting from a side the Sunna are fighting from a side, why are they fighting. why dont they just see what the new government can do to them? do they like this way of living no elctricity because they stole all the cables and they are attacking evrey forgine man who comes to fix the stations. no oil for the cars because they are stealing the cars which brings oil to cities. What do they want to do? just fight until make the worlds country stop helping us and they will fight each other then. what will happen if those forgine troops goes out of Iraq and leave Iraq to those terrorist, I think Iraq will become a place which people die evreyday in. I have a lot of feeling but I cant say it in words because those people are really making our lifes bad. They said Al Sestani has a big effect in the Iraqi shiee Muslims then why did he leave Iraq and in this situation in Najaf. dont you think because this man thought that nothing will change those people so he said I'm out of here, and he left Iraq now. And about this fat man Muqtada al Sadr ( SMS) what dose he think himslef is doing ( he is non Iraqi) I believe in that he is just an agent who work for Iran.. I think nothing will change Iraq until the Iraqi people change their minds.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Iraq in the Olympics

Iraq is going to play in the Olympics I don't know Infos till now but I will get it soon.
but I knew that it will start in Aug, 13th ( Friday) and in the Iraqi group there are Portugal. Morroco and Costarica. I am not waiting anything from My team because I know those are a big teams and we can't beat them. but let us see what will they do.

Najaf !!!

I heard in the News that there were a big battels in Najaf between the Iraqi + the American Army and the followmen of Muqtada Al Sadir, and the Army is trying to arrest Muqtada and that is what I wish. and they found an Iranian wepons which have been used by those followmen, I dont know why do the Iranian government support those terrorist. is it because they are a shiee Muslims?... and at the same time Al Sestani is out of Iraq because of a problems with his heart, dosen't this mean somthing?!!!. well I hope we will get a ride of those terrorsit and live a happely life...
Here is a joke, my freinds told me:
what dose SMS mean?????
it means Said Muqtada Sadir hahahahahah

Monday, August 02, 2004

Another hostile attack

With a very bad move from the terrorists by attacking some churches in Baghdad, one of the churches which attacked was near my school I don’t know if my friends were in there that time because I have a big number of christen friends and I hope they are safe now, but lets move back what is the goal by attacking these churches why they attack a place which people go to pray and wish that their lives will continue happily, why the terrorist want to bomb them (WHY?) I mean if they are fighting to liberate Iraq as what they say so what is the purpose by bombing these places is that Jihad? Its not it is completely not I mean in Islam it's not allowed to go and kill the people even if they are not Muslim people it's NOT ALLOWED also it is against human rights, I mean what did they do? Why those people deserve to die? Its shame of them to kill people who they have nothing to do relate with occupation like when they kill those who work with the American's army they kill them because they work with the occupation as what they say, but about those people who just died today is their only fault was they were Christian people not Muslim people. If we take an example of one of the world's counties do their people who they are Christians kill Muslims people? They don’t because they are living safely together no one have to die no one have to suffer, why in Iraq they have to…… I don’t know what to say but in this situation I can't live my life.