Sunday, June 24, 2007

Operation : Adhamyia

As you may have heared what's been going on lately in Adhamyia, and
maybe you haven't because of the media mask from both the Americans and
the iraqi government.
Its been 3 days since the attack on the American patrol which ended up
killing 9 American soldiers and starving all the population of

Here comes what happened:
Day 1:
Thursday 10 am, an American tank gets bombed by a roadside bomb and 9 soldiers were dead, then huge battle starts between American soldiers and unknown (or as I may say no one), ending up on destroying the main underground water pipe which supplies the whole street, and destroying high tension electricity wires which went down laying on the street and electrifying the drowned street.After the shootings from the American side, while the American tank was still burning, two patrols of ING comes to back the American patrol against again "no one", and continue to shoot with them randomly and destroying more stuff and ruining the surrounding houses. pictures may speak up for themselves.

Then after about 30 continueous minutes of shooting arrives a fire
fighters team of the civil defense and extinguishs the burning tank.then shooting stops and silence finally is reached, two hours later the ING leaves, and the American patrol remains, I assumed they were still gathering the pieces of the blown up soldiers. finally at around 6 pm,
the American patrol leaves and the street was opened again, people went out and headed to the explosion scene to check out the damages. Some of the remaining piece of the dead soldiers were still there, Alqa`eda members diffuse to the street and gather around the scene and start to
take pictures of their achievement.
10 minutes later a huge number of American heavy tanks and hummers come back to the scene again and arrest all the people who were standing in the scene but bad luck as I heared alqa`eda members has already left the scene, as I heared the arrested individuals were driven to an
unknown destination and never been seen after the arressment.
Then Antar sequre (Gate of Adhamyia) gets blocked and no cars were allowed to get in or out of the neighbourhood, (my dad had to go somewhere else because he was not allowed to enter the area).

Day 2:
Waking up on the sound of American soldiers and hummers roaming the street, streets were all blocked and shops were all closed. A child lost his leg because of an American tank ran over him, and left him without help, he was discoverd by locals 2 hours after he was injured and they found his leg two meters away from him, he was taken into some house and his leg was put in a refrigerator, I don't know if he's still alive or dead.

Day 3:
The neighbourhood is still besieged and no cars are allowed to get in or out of the neighbourhood, but people were allowed to exit the neighbourhood on foot, my friends were leaving to Syria, they had to carry their luggage till anter sequre and then hired a taxi from there. A man who was pushing a carriage filled up with vegetables was stopped at Antar sequare by INGs and was not allowed to enter the neighbourhood with the carriage, the ING said to him "I have orders not to let any GoD DAMN thing to enter Adhamyia".
Day 4:
I had a final exam so I had to go to college, I went on foot to Antar sequare and took a taxi from over there to college and did the same thing when returning home. You can see in this vedio how empty and scary the street looks when I was walking to Antar sequare.

this is how it looks like from out side Antar sequare.

Anyway, this operation is just not doing both sides any good, if as they say they are after Alqa`eda and this operation is beneficial for the people of the neighbourhood, well I see no benefit gained of ending up dying due to starving or lack of medications.

I'm sorry for those 9 soldiers who has died due to the attack but I'm much more sorry for the innocent people of the neighbourhood who may die because of this siege.

Anyway: Where is the Iraqi government from all this?? huh?? or is Adhamyia not a part of Baghdad, and haven't Almaliki said no the siege will not be constructed and he ordered to stop working on it.well guess what prime minister of the green zone, the siege is complete and you may kiss your ass because it seems like no one follows your orders, you're just a crown puppet moved by Americans, Alhakiem, Alsistani and Muqtada Alsadr.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alskari shrine again

Here comes the reinforcement for the first sectarian wave started back
in Fab. 2006.

Today, I woke up on the sound of American soldiers breaking their way
into the shops located infront of my house and destroying them on the
excuse of checking for guns and explosives.
A friend of mine who is one of the shop owners and lives just behind
his shop, he said that when the Americans came to the area and started
destroying the doors of the shops as they were locked, he said that he
went out and told him that he had the key and there's no reason for
them to break the door of the shop, the American soldier answerd him
exactly with these four words "shut the fuck up".

Anyway, after talking to my friend and seeing how damaged his shop was
by those mercenaries. I recieved the news about Alaskari shrine.
At first they said that two mortar shells fell close to the shrine
without damaging it, then I heard that 2 bombs were planted near the
towers of the shrine and destroyed the towers.

I actually didn't care about it at first, because Abu Hanifa shrine in
Adhamyia gets bombed almost every month and no one mention anything
about it in the news, also Abd Alqadir Shrine was attacked about a
month ago and it didn't have that kind of reaction from politicians,
then I was so surprised to see the reactions in the media, the huge
deprecation from politicians about what happened. It was like Sunni
shrines are okay to be bombed, but shiite once are not.

Anyway, the thing is that the shrine is besieged by Americans and that
no one from the citizens are allowed to reach it, or even to reach 1Km
near it, so how the hell did that shrine get bombed by Alqa`eda or
other terrorists?

Rumor has it, that yesterday a unit of police was sent to Samarra, and
that they are the ones behind the attack.

Anyway, My opinion is that I'm 100% sure that the Iraqi
government is behind that attack.

By the way, only 30 minutes after the shrine was attacked and it was in
the news, Alrubai Mousque in Alrubai street was burned by Alsadr
militia and several people were kidnapped from Alghazalyia.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Abandoned City

Few days ago, I was at college and I recieved a call on my cell phone
from my mum, she said that there were gun shootings and bombings in my
street and that the only entrance to the neighbourhood was blocked, she
asked me to be careful when coming back home.

So Several friends of mine and I took a cab and headed back home, when
we reached the only entrance street of the neighbourhood, it was
blocked and that no car was allowed to enter the neighbourhood. So we
got out of the cab and decided to walk home, we asked the check-point
of the iraqi national guards which is located at that only entrance
street if it was okay for us to walk home, and they said yes.
So we walked in that entrance street and it was like walking into a
street in like a resident evil movie or old cow-boys movies.It was like walking into an abandoned city, the street was completely empty, there were no signs of life in that street, the street was
messed up and destroyed, the shops were all closed and broken, there was no single human being in that street, smoke clouds were coming out from a bombed or destroyed buildings, birds were flying high and it was completely quiet. After walking about 20 meters we heard gun shoots and bombing sounds and the check-point which we passed started to shoot back in our direction, they didn't have any target to shoot at, they were just shooting in the street. so we walked beside the walls and waited until it was quiet again and then continued walking to home. I was so sad to see that my neighbourhood which was one of the most famous neighbourhoods of baghdad of being so crowdy and never sleeps neighbourhood to end up like this.

Here's a video shows my street at 10 am in the morning, you can see
that there is no sign of life in the street and its completely empty
and quiet, and of course with Alqa`eda on motor bics roaming the street
every 4-5 minutes.

Here is a picture showing the damage to the electricity high tension
towers and light shafts of the street.

Here is another picture showing how the street is completely abandoned.

And never forget that each day we wake up in the morning finding
corpses lying on scattered areas of the street.