Friday, November 21, 2003

First time to me to play soccer game on the PS2:

This is the first time to me to play this football game it is very good game and I have really love it I have take the team of Manchester United the players are doing great in this game IT IS A GOOD GAME you might play it.


Anonymous said...

I am deciding on buying a PS3. I want to have Playstation 2 games on it as well. Can someone tell me what PS3 supports PS2 gaming?

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, Guys... I have a question. Yesterday I played around this site:
[url=] - Xbox tournaments for money[/url]
They say you can play online NHL game tournaments on any console for cash... had anyone tried that before? Looks like a cool idea...
Are there any other sites where you can play sports games for real moneys? I Googled and found only and but it looks these guys don't specialize in sport gamez. Any suggestions?