Saturday, November 29, 2003

First visit from an American president to Iraq

The president of the USA Bush make his first visit to Iraq in Baghdad airport for tow hours in the thankful day he had eat his launch with the US soldiers, and this is the first visit from an American president to Iraq, he came with secret plane, no one know this visit, and he said if anyone run out any news he is able to cancel this visit, what a brave man he is a lot of the presidents was afraid to come to Iraq but he did it he has come to Iraq. The Arabic channels like (ALJAZEERA and ALARABIA) says that if he came to Iraq to makes the freedom for its people then why he doesn't go out side with Iraqi people and visit the schools, this is toddle not right because there are some of the terrorist out side maybe the could kill him, so this is the first visit of him and we want a lot of another visits to Iraq from president BUSH and we hope that the another visit from him came with new Iraq republic that will be great to rebuild the new Iraq.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Iraq Governing Council

I have a lot of notes on this council, it is made by thirty members one of them has killed by (AHMED ALCHALABI) as I hear, so this council is not doing anything now, all its projects are in the end of the 2004 and in the end of the 2005, then what for now, are we still live this terrible life, every day you must hear at least 30 sounds of bombs and shots, this is not a life, the members of the Iraqi Governing council goes on the TV channels and say "we shall make the situation getting better".
The Iraqis day by day are being thieves, because no one stops them, if they steal a (car) no one got to stop them, the Iraqi police was able to stop them from along time they should stop them directly after the war, that should makes the situation not getting to what it is now. I am going to talk about the member of the Iraq presidential council:
1- Ibrahiem al Jaffrey: this man is the leader of al da'aowa party he was outside Iraq before the war his age about 55-65, he is a Muslem-Sheae and he is not ready enough to be the first president of the presidential council.
2- Ahmed Al Chalabi:
This man is an American man he gets out of Iraq when he was a kid and now he comes to Iraq and wants to be the president of the new Iraq, his age about 50-60, he is a thieve he steal a bank in JORDAN and the Jordanian police want him now.
3- Ahead Alaowy:
This man was a member of the Arab Ba'ath socialist party, but he broke up in the seventieth after that he went to a lot of countries and then he came to Iraq after the war, actually I don't know more info about him.
4- Jalal al Talabani :
He is a Kurdish man from the north of Iraq he has a party in the north his age between 55-65.
5- Massoud Brazani :
This man is a Kurdish man too, his enemy is Jalal Talbani which I talk about him up here, he is his enemy because Massuaud has party in the north too.
6- Adnan al Bachachi:
He is very old man his age is 80 years ago he is a Souni, by the way his house is beside my grandfather house, he was a mister before.
7- Abed Al Aziz Al Hakim:
He is Margae of the Shea and he is the leader of the Islamic revolution party.

Those numbers of the Iraqi presidential council who I know these details about them.

So the Iraqi council is made by people who the are not really good and will help Iraq to gets back the security foe people.
For example the son of Ahmed al Chalabi he is doing like what was Uday doing before, and Mohamed baher al Aloom make his son the minister of oil, and one of the companies leaders says that the members of the Iraqi governing council are making a deals for them selves against Iraq deals of the networks of the mobiles, so what do you want to get from these people I hope that the Americans will fix these problems.

Monday, November 24, 2003

I get the FIFA 2004 soccer game

I get the FIFA 2004 game which its very interesting and its drawing is very beautiful I like Manchester United all the players that they moved to Manchester united this season are in there places in there new team like Ronaldo and Flatcher and Kleberson and all the players it is really good game every on likes soccer games should get this one.

A match in the school

As I said before this post I am a member in my class football team yesterday first my team played a match against the team of the 4th grade, it was really a wonderful match we scored about 10 or 11 goal believe me, I play in the middle of the field and I have pass a lot of balls to the attacks player and they score a very beautiful goals. We have a three days holyday after this holyday the champions of my school start we are training very hard to be good team on this champion, we usually play 6 players against 6 because of the school stadium is not very large but the match has a referee and linesman and all what the match able to has, and the students which they are in my class they come to support us in the match, actually the champions is not fair because of the teams which they are in the 5th grade plays against teams from the 6 grade please whish for me a lot of luck in the matches.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

What do I and my friends feel about America:

One of the readers ask me about what do I feel about America, I really like America and want to visit it but you know in my dreams if I can see America and live there but my friends they are not all have the same mind because one of them who he is not my friend have a very not a good mind he thinks about the eschew of (SHEA and SOUNA) I think you now what is these words mean but I have a tow friends who they have a same mind of me they like America and want to go to it and they are talking to the American soldiers but there English is so bad and all the soldiers haven't understand them but when I go with and talk to the American we can discuss a lot of things. I have talk to a lot of soldiers all of them seems like they really like me and take my Email address one of the soldiers his name is (Mike More) I have play a basketball match with him and the other soldiers all the soldiers have a good minds but they rather afraid from the thieves who they steal there machine guns and there hats and all there items.

Fixing my language

I have read a lot of comments about my language I know that I have a lot of mistakes at my grammar but really I am getting better day by day and I don't feel bad if anyone try to fix my language I really thank him.

My friend's problem

I have tow friends who they are my best friends but the problem is that there is a trouble between them the few weeks ago I haven't went to school for three days in these days they have made there trouble but I am really like them tow and I don't want to lose any one of them so they make my the messenger of peace but the problem is here every one make him self is right and the other one is wrong, if you know there trouble you will really laugh the first one who make the trouble ( ZIAD ALAA ) said in the days the you haven't come to school SINAN ( the other one) didn't came and say hi to me or he haven't came and talk to me but when you get back attending on school he comes again to talk to you so how he is my friend and he doesn't come and say hi to me, this is all the problems that ZIAD ALAA told me after one day SINAN come and talk to me about why ZIAD is doing this with me he have no idea about ZIAD doesn't talking to him and ask me why ZIAD is treated me like this I have tell him all what ZIAD told me but he doesn't believe it on the beginning but after I explain it all for him SIAN said ( I really don't mean to do this to him ) this day I tell ZIAD about what is SINAN said he begin to fight me about why you believe him and don't believe me you should be my friend and defend to me I have said to him ( relax man in English sounds funny) he laugh first but he still angry but after explain for him what SINAN said he just get easy but after that I have tell him to gets back together but he said if he want to come and apologize I will let him to be my friend again I have tell him you are crazy you and him but I already tell him that I will do my best to make you gets back friends it sounds like its make him fell good about me and I like them both and they are (the tow) my friends. So please you reader tell my if what I have done is correct or not and send me one my EMAIL.

Netherlands wins against Scotland

Finally Netherlands pass to the EURO 2004 because they have wins the second match against Scotland 6-0 after they loss the first match 1-0, it was really a great match and great show from Netherlands and a great show from VAN NESTLROY he scores three goals and it's all are wonderful and great show from MARC OVERMARS he played very well and all the players, Turkey against Latafia its tie game its end on 2-2 but on this result Turkey doesn't pass to the EURO 2004, Russia wins against Wealz 1-0 and pass to the champions, Croatia wins against Slovenia and pass to the champions. This is the last results of the EURO 2004.

Friday, November 21, 2003

A full day at school:

This is the most exited day on school, because me and all my friends has a lot of exams and homework the main exam was Chemistry but thanks god I have done well in this exam and I hope I'll get a 100/100 this is the degrees of the exams in the Iraqi school. One of the readers asks me about what are my favorite subjects in studying? My favorite subjects are Mathematics and Physics and the English because really I want to be a good speaker in it.
Today on the Chemistry exam the questions a clear and easy so my favorite friends is in another class and my teacher the same guy so he come and ask me what is the questions what the kind of it? And a lot of questions I give him all the info that he want but I think this is a kind of cheating or something like that. On my way back to home the others boys with me say hello to the American soldiers in the street the bus driver is get very angry and he shouted at those boys and say a lot of bad words we don't talk to him and we believed that he has a terrorist mind so we just see this word to him this word make him angry but he cant do anything because he is very short man he is shorter than me I am 1.75 cm. he is shorter like 1.65 cm. so we just laugh at him ha ha ha ha .

New wins for the Iraqi team:

Actually the Iraqi team is doing great these months after tow weeks the Iraqi team has go to Australia to Berth city the Iraqi team will stay for three weeks and will play three matches the first match against Berth club the Iraqi team wins 1-0 it is really a great results for the Iraqis to win against Australian club in the past this is like a dream but no they broke the roles and win all the match that they play it after Saddam's regime destroyed except to tow matches one against Uruguay and the another against Bahrain. The team who play the match against Berth was not the real team of Iraq because a lot of the good players didn't play that match like (Younis Mahmod, Nashat Akram) and other players so it is a wonderful results I hope you all enjoy our wining.

The Electricity gets back to my house:

Thanks god that the electricity get back because we really lived a bad time without electricity there is no TV no computer no anything this really bad thing. Finally we have know the rezone of why did they cut the electricity it is because one of the big generators in Begi has bombed so this is make it to hard to get back soon. So now the electricity is come for 2 hours and they cut it for 4 hours imagine how could you live this 4 hours but what we can do…..

First time to me to play soccer game on the PS2:

This is the first time to me to play this football game it is very good game and I have really love it I have take the team of Manchester United the players are doing great in this game IT IS A GOOD GAME you might play it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I cant write these days

I cant write these days because we dont have enuogh electricty so please wait to me

Monday, November 17, 2003


the American army are doing somthing we had never seen it before they cut the electrecity they bloked the streets they are fixing the people houses it sounds like they are getting crazy because of the Iraqi defends it will be another war.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Scotland won the match against Netherlands:

Yesterday the Scotland team beat the Holland's team with great show from the scotch players and great goal I would like to congratulation them ( and I love Netherlands ) but after this really not good show I am not going to fallow them.

Note about Manchester United:

All the news that I have write it about Manchester United and the Iraqi football team there is no comments on it please write something to me to support me to do my best , with love Nabil.

Something about the World Cup 2002

I have a lot of notes on the World cup 2002 because they gave South Korea a very enough chances to win and we saw that in the match between South Korea and Italy the referee give F.Totti a red card when the Korean players pulled him down why do the referee do that the reason that there is a good deal behind this match with general manager of South Korea that make that match become to what its ended on. Also I have notes about German team that the German team have never played with a good teams like England or Turkey all that matches was easy either than the Brazilian team have never played against any other good team except the match against England that the Brazilian team win hardly 2-1. But I have to say that the Senegal team played very good in that cup and I am glad for the Brazilian to win this Cup.

Something to Brianna:

I haven't Email on the AOL but I have Email on the hotmail it is the email of the blog but please make for Email for you on the (YAHOO) and lets make chat on it because in Iraq Yahoo is better than hotmail so send me your messages on best wishes to you .

Walt Arbo:

This man just send me message and tell me that if I want him to write to me what happening to him in his life and school I am telling him yes send me all what do you want to tell me but send on this Email :
Don't send on the blog's Email and best wishes to you.

Answering some questions that the visitors ask me:

One of the questions that do Iraq has a basketball team? of course the Iraqi has a basketball team the team just played a few months ago but the Iraqi team didn't get good results. Another question is about Do I fellow basketball? I like basketball and I like the team of Chicago Bulls and the NBA but I like football better. Another question is about what is other sport is popular in Iraq? all the sport are popular like kung fu and Body Belding and Boxing and Kickboxing and Tines but in Iraq we don't play Baseball we don't ever have a stadiums of baseball. Another question is about how did I learn English? I learn English in my school and I advanced it when I listen to the music and watching movies that make my English getting better than anyone in my age in the school in the neighborhood every wear. Another question is about what does the kind of the music do I like? I likes pop music I like Michael Jackson and the Rub music like Eminem and 50 Cent and the Metal music like Metallika which it is my favorite and I can play all there songs with my Guitar. Another question is about what game systems (Game Cube, Xbox, Playstation, etc.) do you prefer? I prefer Playstation 2 better than the else because I have never play with these but I have heard about them. This is all the questions that I could answer.

My school:

My school is so far to my, house so I have to wake up at 7 o'clock every day my father is do that not me after he wakes me up, after I put on my clothes, I go to the school by my father's car about 7.45 we reach my school, first in the big gate of my school the policeman got to fix my and fix my bag they do that with every one because of the bombing, after that I get inside my school and go to my classroom it is really a big class there are a lot of desks and in the class there is just one blackboard, so when I go to the class in the way I see my friends who they are not in my class(in Iraq there is a school for boys and school for girls this is just in the secondary school because of the teen age but in the primary school the boys and the girls study together) after that I see my favorite friend ( SHANT HRANT ) and the others I want to put there names because the tell my to do that they are ( ZIAD ALAA , SADIR DIAA , RAMY RAMZI , ZAHIR SAFA , FADY SABAH , SARKESS ) and the others, after that we go to the school's stadium which there are the headmaster and the teachers the headmaster said some advised to us and then we go to the our class for the first period there is a break between every period, in the periods of sport we rather play football because it is the most popular game I am one of the player of our class I play in the center of the field to pass the forwards the balls we have a 16 players in our class when we play with others classes we chose the best players to play which I am one of them and when we play against each other we make there teams for a match for one goal, this is really great game.And in the English class our teacher is not a good teacher we make fun with him because he could not say the word correctly so all the class laugh at him, And in the end of the school I get back to the school by a student line a (micro bus ) we have a lot of fun when I get back to the house with my friends ( BASSAM , NAORAS , ZIAD , RAMY ) and the other we have a lot of wonderful time and our driver has really a terrorist mind because of what he is saying and what he want from us to fight the Americans, he want us the young boys to this also he said that the American did not kill UDAY and QUSAI SADDAM HUSAIN these are dolls not a real also we cant say to him anything because in Iraq you got to afraid from anyone because he could kill you if he want, also we sing song on the until we get back to our house this is my daily attend in school.

The day that the American soldiers found a bomb across my house street:

One day when I got back from school I see the street is blocked and the street is full of the American soldiers cars and Tanks, I was really worried about my family because the bomb that they found near my house so I ask one of the Iraqis who was standing away and watching about what is going on he tell me that they found this , so I decide to go and check what is there I have ask one of the soldiers he told me that he is very scared and he want to get back to America and see his daughter, I tell him I am sorry but I really laughed at him because how is the soldiers afraid from a bomb anyway I was really not near the bomb just far a way but I was stand beside an American car that there are there American soldiers in it one of them he is a sergeant he is short black man I talk to him about wrestling first we talk about the WWE and then we talk about football anyway as soon as we are talking we have seen an Iraqi man and American soldier are going to the bomb first the Iraqi man put his hand on it and he run backward and then the American call an Iraqi bomb expert he come and open it and then he found it not a bomb, in that time I was talking with a guy from press he is from Germany his channel is ARD I have studied a simple word in German language I have tell him that's word he really like me and take my Email and the other man with him tell me that my English is good for an Iraqi in my age.

The games that I play and the movies that I watched :

I have read all the messages that I reached, and I saw that all the questions are about counter-strike, I really don't like this game because it is not like the real like Medal of Honor it is a little cartoony so I don't like it, one of the commentors said do you have played the Sims, I heard about this game and they tell me this is a game for the kids so I haven't played it, I want to tell you that in Iraq there is no electricity all the time it come 4 hours and cut for 2, so when they cut it , we ( Me and my brother Zeyad ) go to the LAN cafe to play Medal of Honor on the LAN not online. We really enjoy the time of playing teams of Allies and I have a friend his name is Ahmed we play together, he is not very good in this game but me and Zeyad play better so we help him. Today I watched the film of (The Man In The Iron Mask) it is a really good movie and the part of the Dartanian death is wonderful. I am asking if any one like the film of the (Desert Heat) to Van Dam it is one of the favorite films that I watched.

Friday, November 14, 2003


I am really not very perfect in English so please except what I have written in a bad spelling and I am asking if you want me to write what is happening to me every day in school and what we do (me and my friends ) in this time so please tell me about this .

Van Nestlroy the player of ManUtd gets back to the Netherlands football team

after what he done in the match between his team and Czech Republic he shoot the battle pf the water with his feet r but the General Manager of the team tell him to get back to the team after the good play that he does in the last match between Manchester United and Reangers the Scotch team, because he score a tow goals for ManUtd with a good show,

Younis Mahmod the Iraqi football player tri to be the best player in Asia

cause of his really good playing with Iraqi football team in all the matches that the Iraqi football team had play in the Asia cup, Younis Mahmod Become the first player in the Iraqi attacking players, Younis is one of the players in Asia that maybe they will be the best player in Asia, but there are a lot of the good players from other countries but Younis come because of his playing in the matches that I have say it and his wonderful goals, and I want to write the other player that they will compete with him those
players are Mahdi Mahdoy from Iran who play in Hamburg the Germany club and Makseem Shakatseak the Us Pakistani player, this is something about the last news about the Iraqi sports .

Something about me:

Yesterday after making this blog I have read a lot of comments that all of you write it I want to thank you about the support that you write it and I promise I will stay writing about a lot of thing about sport and my daily life and a lot of thing first I want to start with my education I am in the 5th grade because in Iraq there are tow levels before the college there is a primary school this school consist of six grades and there is the secondary school that its consist of six grades too I am 16 years old so I will be in the 5th grade because in Iraq we start studying in 6 years old so I hope you understand me the few last weeks there was a bombing near me school that make us gets out of the school and shouting ( help help ) first we thing that they trying to bomb our school but we knew after a long time hearing sounds of bombing and shooting they are bombing the Red Crosse Organization so we have lived a really not good time this is simple of the life in Iraq, there is a lot of thing I want to write it but its too much expensive to be on the net in Iraq the one our in the Internet café price is 2 $ so if I want to write all what I want to write this is too hard but I am doing my best so I hope you will love my blog and send me a lot of messages.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Manchester United something about it

I have said that my best football team is Manchester United but I have something to say that all the player of ManUtd are great players except (Nicky But) he is a very slow player and he lose all the balls that its come to him but I want to thank Alex Ferguson because of Ronaldo he is really a great player with Nestlroy and Giggs but ManUtd need Paul Scholes right now because he is the best one in Manchester who can pass the ball to the players this my notes about Manchester and I wish that these notes will reach them.

Computer games

I like playing PC games because there are realy good shooting games like Medal of Honor and IGI and Unreal Tournament 2003 and many more and I like strategy games like Red Alert 2 and Empire Earth which is very good game I like the atomic age and its weapons and soccer games like Fifa 2003 there are realy good PC games.

Wrestling in Iraq

Before this blog I was emailing with a friend from America about wrestling because my brother wrote in his blog about me that I am the must fan with wrestling in my family so my friend ( Nathan) ask me a lot of questions about wrestling in Iraq so I decide to answer all his questions and I am going to say these questions that Nathan ask me he ask about if there a clubs of wrestling in Iraq and I have tell him that there is a lot of clubs in Iraq also he ask about If they play the Romans style or the American style and I have tell him that they play the Romans style because they heat the American style and said that is lie this is a show not a real and a lot of questions it was interesting to talk to him also I want to said that the best wrestler to me is Rob Van Dam I think this is a good info about wrestling in Iraq.

The football team and the players after Saddam

There are things changed after the war Iraq the players will play and there minds are clear no one will hurt them no one will punish them if they lose the match these things make the team in the past play and he is afraid about what they going do to him if he lose the match but now they can play and win all the match and no one going to punish them and you can see him write now the Iraqi football team are getting a great results the Iraqi team won all the matches between Bahrain and Malaysia and Myanmar except one match the Iraqi team lose it against Bahrain and in the LG cup Iraqi team reach the final match against Uruguay but the Iraqi team lose that 2-5 but after a great show from the Iraqi players and on the first match in LG cup against Iran Iraqi team won that match 1-0 so you can see all these different Because Uday son of Saddam hurt the players and try to take revenge from them because they lose but now I wish and all the Iraqi people who is the best game they like is football we want a great results from our football team.

Last week News about Iraqi football team

Last week the Iraqi Olympic team won the final match between Iraq and North Korea first match the Iraqi team lost 2-0 but in the second match the Iraqi team had won it 4-1 and the Iraqi team will play with different Arabic teams and the group of Iraq there are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Oman Iraq will play its first match against Saudi Arabia and the second match against Kuwait and the third match against Oman it will be a great thing after 15 years Iraq will pass to the Olympic Games.

Iraqi football team goes to Sydney

the Iraqi team last trip to Sydney the Iraqi football team will stay several weeks and play with some of the Australian clubs that will be great because the Iraqi team need to get back to its form before Saddam come to Iraq the time of the good results like in world cup 1986 and Asia cup in 1976 and alot of good results the Iraqi team players are the goalkeepers are ( Saad Naser and Uday Taleb ) the defenders are ( Hider Obed and Hider Jabar and Hider Mahmod the Captin and Ahmed Kadem ) in the middle are ( Nashat Akram and Ahmed Mnajed and Rafed Bder aldein and Ali Whaib and Mohaned Mohamed Ali and Hosam Faozy and Qusay Hashem ) on the attack there are ( Younis Mahmod and Hosham Mohamed and Abas Hassan and Ahmed Salah ) this is all the names of the Iraqi football team .

About me:

I am Nabil from Baghdad, Iraq. I am 16 years old. A student in the 5th grade in the high school. My favorite sport games are wrestling and football/soccer. also I am a video games player I play PC games like Empire Earth it is the best game, and Medal of Honor and my favorite football team is Manchester United .