Monday, August 20, 2007

A story of an Iraqi

An iraqi male born in Baghdad in 1987 in a well-educated family.
At his early years of life he suffered blockage in his bowels and had to go through a
surgical opeation in order to continue his life.
As a kid he was very naughty, he almost got himself killed several times, once by drinking
some pure oil by mistaking it with water, once by burning his leg in an accident during the
second gulf war, and another time by having his tongue almost cut into 2 pieces while
playing in a place not proper for kids to play in.

This iraqi kid grew and opened his eyes to the world and witnessed the modern history of his
country and the stupid policies that destroyed his country and made his fellow countrymen
flee the country.

As a kid in the primary school, this iraqi kid was taught to glorify his president Saddam
Hussain because he was the guard of the Arab homeland and he was the hero of the Qadissyia
(First Gulf war), this iraqi boy grew innocently and followed what he was told from his
teachers in school, this iraqi kid feared wars very much, so during the American attacks on
Iraq in 1998, he was very frightened because of the bombing and killing that took place in
his country in that time, so at the early years of this kid's life, he knew the taste of war
and pain, and knew what its like to live under planes shelling.

After finishing his 6th grade of primary school, this kid made a score of 98% in his
studies, and he wanted to apply to the best secondary school in Iraq, which is called
Baghdad college, he applied and went through a qualification exam, he passed the exam but he
didn't qualify to enter the school because of the increasing number of the student who got
private qualification to the school because some of them were sons of Bathies or ministers
or their fathers were friends of saddam, so this kid lost the chance to enter the best
school in iraq, anyway the kid went to another school which was famous of the bad behaviour
of its students, this kid had to go through many fights with his classmates and arguments,
because if he don't prove himself in a fight, he won't be respected in the school and he
would become the biggest loser that gets his ass kicked everytime.

this kid graduated from that school at the year 2003 and went to the Alnidahmiyah high
school which was one of the respected schools in Iraq, this kid lost most of his friends in
the school before this one, because he went to a school far away from his home, and most of
the students of his previous school went to the nearest high school to their houses, so this
kid went to this high school with having absolutely no friends at this school.The kid made a lot of friends at his first year and was happy with his new high school and the life he was living, until the end of his first year at that school, the kid had to leave school and stay at home because the war was on the doors, the Howasim war as how it was named by his president.
The war took place and the kid stayed in his house with his family and several of his relatives that came to stay in his house until the war ends.The kid was very delusional, he dreamed of a new iraq, new progressed iraq, he dreamed of Iraq having freedom and prosperity. The war began and the kid had several talks with his older brother who was the source of wisdom and advice for this young kid, his brother described to him what could happen to iraq if iraq can lose Saddam Hussain, he told him that a new government would be formed, and an election would take place, and Iraqis would elect the proper government, that would take up this country from hell and bring back the dignity of this country and its position between the world.
this kid had long nights of darkness, and sitting on the lights of candles talking to his
brother about the future of his country, and what will happen while gambling and playing
poker for what he and his brother had saved of snacks and drinks, because all the stores
were closed and there were no sources for those stuff.

After less than a month since the war started, The kid, his brother and parents were shocked
when they opened the tv with their hidden setelite and saw on the news that the American
forces had enterd Baghdad suddenly. they were the first people in their street to hear about
what happened, the kid went out to the street and saw the Bathies and the police still in
position and carrying their weapons and standing in the street, the kid thought that maybe
those soldiers still don't know that Baghdad was invaded several hours ago, he was afraid to
open his mouth and tell his neighbours about what has happened. so he decided to go back to
his home and see what will happen next day.

At the dawn of the next day, the kid was awakened by the sound of tanks and war vehicles
while roaming his neighbourhood, and witnessed the war that took place between the Americans
and some of the remaining Bathies and Arab fighters who were still in the neighbourhood, the
war took about 6 hours, and the kid was frightened by the sound of explosions and his house
was hit by some of the American helicopters which were shooting randomly, after this small
war has ended, The kid and his parents and the neighbours saw the American tanks and
soldiers in their street, and at that moment the kid knew that the eon of Saddam hussain has

The kid had several talks with his older brother about the siuation in iraq at that time and
what will happen, and he was shocked by his uncle reaction when this kid waved to the
Americans when they entered his street, his uncle shouted at him and said "how can you wave
to the occupiers, wait and see what they will do to our country and how will they rape our
women and kill our children", the kid neverminded to his uncle and continued dreaming of the
new iraq.

After few months of nothing changed in iraq, a group of resistance was formed in his
neighbourhood, and wars began to take place in his neighbourhood, the first roadside bomb
planted in iraq was planted in this kid's street against the Americans.
Days and days went on in this kid's life with his planted hope of a new iraq, but the fact
is that his dream is getting far away from coming true, the expolsions increased, the
innocent lives were killed for no reasons, but the kid's dream and hope was still in his

The kid enterd his college life, and he was accepted at the pharmacy school in Baghdad, the
kid had dreams of being a pharmacist in iraq and that he would live in peace again, he was
still hoping that life can continue, even with the random explosions taking place everday
everwhere, but still life can go on and that the kid can still have his own dreams and plans
for his life until Feb. 2006 when Alaskari shrine was attacked in Samarra, the kid witnessed
what can religion do to his country, he witnessed how sunni mosques were burned by shiite
people as a reaction to the attack on the shiite shrine, and he witnessed the segregation
between his fellow countymen, the kid finished his first year at college and travelled to
Jordan hoping that when he come back the situation would be better.

In Jordan the kid was adviced by his friends that he should stay in Jordan, and that he
should forget about iraq and his beloved Baghdad, and that he should forget about the dream
planted in his heart. The kid refused and insisted on going back home.

In Oct. 2006 the kid went back to Iraq with his hopes of a better situation than the
situation before, but he was shocked of the worst situation than that when he left, the
situation was very bad, militias were everywhere, secterian violence became a very normal
thing, killing for secterian reasons became a habbit, mortar shelling has become a new
technique of militias to kill innocent people. The kid was very disappointed for what his
country ended up to, and how his united people were seperated and divided because of stupid
reasons and for stupid benefits, and the kid witnessed the foreign interferenece of the
neighbouring countries and their role in dividing the iraqi people, the kid couldn't stand
the situation and wanted to leave this country that he lived in for 19 years and that he
loved more than anything, the kid tried to get a visa to New Zealand with the help of his
new zealand friend but his pursuit didn't end the way he wished for.

The kid went back to his college and decided to continue his studies without taking into
consideration the dangers and threats of going to his school which was located in a shiite
nighbourhood and being an easily sunni target for militants to kill him, he wanted to finish
his studies.

Days went on, and the kid lived in a country dressed by death and smelled blood, the kid got
used to losing friends who got killed either by explosions or getting killed by militias or
died because of mortar shelling, The kid got used to waking up and finding unidentified
corpses lying scatteredly in the streets, The kid got used to the hatred planted in his
countrymen hearts, a sunni's hatred for shiites and a shiite's hatred for sunnis, The kid
grew angry and sad because of what war has done to his country, The kid couldn't wait until
he finishs his studying year and flee the country, the kid wanted to flee the country he
wished to return to, because it was impossible for him to continue living in this country,
even an animal would flee the country he was living in, the kid finished his studying year
and left the country the next day.

The kid travelled to Jordan via plane, the kid witnessed the humiliation of Iraqis in the
Arab countries, specially Jordan, he saw how iraqis where treated with disgust by Jordanian
authorities, and being sent back to iraq because the Jordanian intelligence didn't like
their looks or their names, shiites were nearly impossible to enter Jordan, and it wasn't
easier for sunnis either.

The kid saw the suffering of iraqis living in Jordan, they suffered of not having
residencies in Jordan, and they feared getting caught by the Jordanian authorities and
getting thrown on the Jordanian-iraqi borders, the kid saw the humiliation of iraqis in the
Jordanian ministry when they were trying to extend their residencies, the kid grew angry and
hated everything, and wanted to leave Jordan desperately but he was faced with the fact that
there's no place else to go to, the kid was very sorry for what happened to him and to
iraqis and was heart broken for what happened to his country, the country in which the first
civilization in the world was formed in to end up like this, he was sorry for his countrymen
that are not accepted anywhere in this world.

The kid was sorry because of the American policies that got him to this point, and that made
about 3 milions of iraqis vagabonds, the kid blamed everyone for what happened to him, he
blamed the American administration, he blamed the iraqi government, he blamed the Arab
countries, he blamed Iran, he blamed Syria, he blamed Saudi Arabia, he blamed Iraqis, he
even blamed Saddam Hussain for going through that war.
And the kid remained on blaming everyone, and on blaming the world for not considering
Iraqis as Humans.

The kid kept on Saying "We are not accepted anywhere in this world, we are not accepted even
in Iraq, where shall we go?????""
Pray for Iraq!


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Suz said...

we don't know that it wasn't.

i somehow doubt that she would be rolling in it from her book and yet hang out in baghdad with her family for another year plus, for the hell of it.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

For the hell of it?

No, probably not.

RhusLancia said...

"For the hell of it?"

Maybe she likes Hell? She's never had much trouble with other Iraqis living in Hell under Fearless Leader, after all.

True_Believer said...

To all that are chattering about the Civil War:

The American Civil War was fought over states rights. One of the most contentious states rights was slavery, but make no mistake the abolition of slavery was not done with great benevolence for what then could be termed African Americans.


Suz said...

oh yeah Rhus, she's obviously ecstatic at the entire female population losing their careers and only leaving their houses in head scarves and long skirts.

thank God Saddam's gone and Iraqis are free!

Anonymous said...


Why did your brother just ban me from commenting on his blog? Is it a private club?


RhusLancia said...

Yeah Suz, thank God. Hopefully Iraqis will be able to move forward from those dark decades soon.

Anonymous said...


Why did your brother just ban me from commenting on his blog? Is it a private club?

Maybe it's because you're a sectarian bitch.

JollyRoger said...

Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I am going to link to it, and except it for my readers. Although I only reach a few thousand people a day, I will do everything I can to make sure that people here in the US know what we've done-and what we're doing-to the peoples of Iraq.

I truly hope that you will one day be able to live in a land of peace and brotherhood. The insane era my country is in is, hopefully, going to come to an end soon. Perhaps after that, we can all work on righting the terrible wrongs we've done to the peoples of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

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too took the same hasty decision earlier..which proves very costly... Remember he is running for his life!

Zionist said...

Hi all!

Zionist said...

Indigo, can you send me some money too? And provide me with an organized trip to Britain?
Why not? Because I'm Zionist and he's arab?? You're racist, Indigo.. A racist bitch..

Zionist said...

As for Nabil, you asked "where shall we go".. I can only sat where you don't shall go: please don't join the Jordanians who claim the supposed "right on return on palestine".. It's well know that all the so-called palestinians are fake but an iraqi as you will be the most fake palestinian of history..

Arion S said...

Writing from a beloved and poorly governed U.S.ofA.
(at waaayyy past his bedtime)

Good luck Nabil, I wish you'd gone to England, it would have advanced your education in ways not measured by Pharma exams. Your blog is just AWSOME. I started reading and just had to read the whole thing - I'm exhausted.

But, being an EARTHLING, who thinks EARTH IS ALL WE GOT (NUMBER ONE OR OTHERWISE) and who thinks any nationalist, racist, homophobic assholes are just part of the problem, I felt I had to leave my 2 cents worth. (Now that 2 cents in 1800 dollars, which works out to a bit more now, for the moment anyway, PLEASE China, don't whack our currency!!)

And as an economic victim of the recent "Bush Recession II" - I regret that I can't be of any material support to you. But send my thanks to those who have been (regardless of trumpeting - God is a myth and wont be giving ANYBODY any goodies - or endless torture either - we'll just be dead. And you can't prove othewise.)( I sure wish prayer works tho anyway ...). Trumpet as you like, but "Thanks!" anyway.

But, honestly Nabil, just reading the comments written here, you must realize humans are basically viscious. No matter how noble some may act with one hand, they'll just as quickly lash out with the other over imagined slights and insults too unbelievably piddling to bother with. Only the truly noble (and lifelong readers of Miss Manners) can avoid falling into this trap. Learn from this to be noble, OK? And read Miss Manners when you no longer have to wory about bombs, bullets and beheading. Shoulda gone to GB, dude. (just try to imagine a tall skinny bald guy, wearing ruby slippers, clicking his heals franticly, saying over and over,"Yes, I'm grateful that I was born into the 1st world." We only have bullets here you see, and not many automatic weapons thanks to the damn Liberals. lol)

Your country was the victim of a viscous madman who the governments of most of the 1st and 2nd world supported either openly or covertly, just to keep the oil flowing, remember that great photo of Rumsfelled with your own evil emperor? Check the date.

When Bush the 1st had his ambasador give Saddam permission to invade Kuwait and then declared war to protect our dear friends, it was really just a ploy to distract us Americans from the unbelievable criminality of his government. And it worked. Why? Because almost everybody (at least 90%), and I mean world wide, loves a "just" war. The flags were waving everywhere, just like Berlin in 1939-45.

And if you want to know why Bush 1st didn't drive in to Baghdad when he had the chance (or help the uprising he helped foment), read his autobiography. He was told that removing Saddam would result in a bloody civil war and a quagmire that he couldn't escape from - worse than Vietnam, because the hatred had been simmering longer.

And now we have this meat-puppet idiot child in the President's Office who imagines he hears his heavenly father overruling his dear old papa. And he puts the laudable effort into the hands of a bunch of civilian know-nothings and overrides every bit of intelligence and intelligent suggestion from the Pentacle, I mean Pentagon, to create a TRUE dissaster.

So you, and millions of others all over the planet, are suffering for the foolishness of rich (mostly) white men and a few (can anybody name one??)women(I'd bet). But all rich beyond a normal person's ability to imagine.

When will Americans wake up and realize they are being bled into third-worldom by the Plutocacy. Democracy has long since been lost here to the "military-industrial complex", and once they've destroyed that sinister socialist invention of "Public Schooling", the young of this nation will be good for only one thing - making soldiers.

I PRAY (and I'm not exactly religious, but I'd convert if I SAW a good enough miracle), again, IPRAY THAT THE US DOESN'T PULL OUT TOO SOON (the damn liberals should think for 1 minute and SHUT UP), and I hope against hope that we don't tarry 1 minute longer than need be (does anybody have a good crystal ball?)

My best wishes (is that the same as prayers?) go with you and yours and with those who wish you well (no matter HOW they feel about each other).

And may all the religious biggots suddenly be relocated to Mars or somewhere where they can fight it out without hurting anybody else. Hear that GOD??? hear that you bloody arbitrary illusion?? Do that and I'll convert - I swear it on the family Bible (lol).

And FINALLY whats-her-name is right, whining about the situation won't help. Either RUN LIKE HELL, or STAND FIRM AND O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E.

Big Hug! (that's what we do here in Northern California)

Anonymous said...

Nabil ,

Were you the anonymous who replied to me or was it your brother?

Well I think its probably because I detect fake and bullshit better and faster than most people who have been following his blog. I have no problem with you or any zeyad fan who think am secterian just because I said what I think .I think Z never really wanted any Iraqis there , I noticed he is very imatient with them. Anyways , it's his blog.


An Italian. said...

@ Camellia, 3:31 PM.

Dear Flower of the Ayatollahs,
maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't see why either Zeyad or Nabil would answer you as 'Anonymous'.

As for that "Maybe it's because you're a sectarian bitch" by the 'Anonymous', it wasn't me, but I do agree 100 % with him/her.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Classless Italian of that most racist uninteresting nation , did I say it was you who said that?
I guess you scared off most of dear Zeyodi's commentors by now , but don't you worry about your place in his blog , though you didn't pay for it like most did , you are staying , you are very useful for the HOST.

I am sure the brothers use "anonyous " often to attack people they don't like , i just don't see why when they have people like you .


John said...

Dear Nabil,
I'm sorry that some people by the name of Anonymous have written such vicious insulting comments here. On behalf of the rest of the world I apologize for their meanness.

An Italian. said...

@ Camellia, 5:50 PM.

[Ayatollahi Flower] "I guess you scared off most of dear Zeyodi[=Zeyad?]'s commentors by now".

Dear Dame of the Most Holy Turbans, if you are referring to the pro-invasion, warmongering American commentators (and the sectarian rabble of their pals from other places), you are positively FLATTERING ME !!!

I'd just LOOOOVE it to be the case !

It is truly said that it isn't so :( ...

An Italian. said...

"said" just above being "SAD", of course.

H.N.K said...

الناس ثلاثة أموات
في أوطاني
والميت معناه قتيل
قسم يقتله (( أصحاب الفيل ))
والثاني تقتله (( إسرائيل ))
والثالث تقتله (( عربائيل ))
وهي بلاد
تمتد من الكعبه حتى النيل!
والله استقنا للموت بلا تنكيل
والله اشتقنا
ثم اشتقنا
أنقذنا يا عزرائيل

احمد مطر

Nabeel, This too shall pass.
That's what always Najma tell me when I feel sad and depress. I mean ALl THE TIME.
موضوعك هذا ذكرني ب:
لا نريد لا نريد. ذلنا المؤبدا وعيشنا المنكدا

PC: I am praying

Anonymous said...

Are you married? I am a Muslim American and I may be interested. Please email me.

Anonymous said...

To an italian, lest you forget, from Oct. 8, 2007 Newsweek Magazine article Pg 41:

"Three quarters of a million American soldiers would serve in Italy, and 23,501 of them would be killed in action there. And when suffering Italians asked, as they often asked, why it took so long to expel the Germans from their country, the answer, then and now, could only be: because so many of us had to die to set you free."

Atkinson Is The Author Of "The Day Of Battle: The War In Sicily And Italy, 1943–1944," Published This Month By Henry Holt & Co.

nana said...

hey there,

I am sympathy of your situation there. I am from malaysia. have you heard of malaysia? we are islamic country but not as hardcore as iraq with shitte and sunni. we live in harmony with other races and religions as well. maybe u shud consider malaysia. we are also in OIC. i know some arab countries are thinkheads, they are rich but dont want to do anything about iraq. shame on them!

An Italian. said...

@ Anonymous, 9:39 PM.

Dear Anonymous, thank you for the bibliographical notice.

But I never forgot the corageous American soldiers who fought (together with plenty of other people) to put an end to Nazism and Fascism, and their evil dream of world domination.

Trouble is that more than 60 years have gone by; and, most unfortunately, today the Nazi-Fascists having an evil dream of world domination are, precisely ...
the American warmongers !!!

RhusLancia said...

Let us never forget the courageuos foreign soldiers who fought and died, along with an ever-increasing number of true Iraqi martyrs and patriots, to rid Iraq once and for all of its fascist dictatorship and those who would continue to rule through violence and intimidation.

Anonymous said...

To rhuslancia: AMEN. Ultimately, truth prevails. History will be our weapon.

An Italian. said...

RhusLancia & Anonymous, you stupid and fanatical beasts, be quite sure that, indeed, "ultimately, truth prevail".
History will be, indeed, the weapon of those who are striving for FREEDOM, as against the simian bastards, such as you Rhus & Anon are, that want all of us in the world to become their slaves.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Italian, ya ghebi, nobody wants anyone to become their slave. Get a life.

An Italian. said...

@ Lynnette in Minnesota, 9:27 PM.

Oh my mendacious favourite Apette, it is quite obvious that your novel simian species wants to lord over the whole of humankind ...
trouble is, dear Animal, that we are going to resist to the last, and that you are going to be utterly defeated !

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

favourite Apette

Oh, don't think you can get around me with sweet talk, Taly.

it is quite obvious that your novel simian species wants to lord over the whole of humankind ...

Throw the bottle away, it's only an illusionary friend. It makes people see things that don't exist.

Fadi said... rock my friend..

An Italian. said...

@ Lynnette in Minnesota, 9:01 PM.

[Lynn] "Throw the bottle away".

No bottle around whatsoever, my Sweet Apette (unfortunately !).

[Lynn] "illusionary".

My dear Critter, your linguistic talent in English keeps me amazed !
You just invented one more new word for the English language !!!
For sure, that vulgar 'illusory' was too drab ...


Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Oh, my dear Italian, I cannot take the credit for that word invention. Sweet of you to offer it though. :)


An Italian. said...

@ Lynnette in Minnesota, 6:00 PM.

Incwedible, my dear Forest Thingie !!!
'Illusionary' did actually exist already ! (and even in my monster Webster's, but it was beneath a pile of books and I was too lazy to check, then).
Apologies for my ignorance, for once ...

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Apology accepted, Italian. :)

Doug said...

Please know that, indeed, some of us Americans are appalled at what our leaders have done to you and to your country. Yes, I'm praying for Iraq, and for you.

I love Catholic Sunni Sluts said...

Nabil, did you hear that Catholic Sunni Slut is going to Jordan? Buy your condoms now before prices go up in Amman!

Anonymous said...

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Nogueira Jr. said...


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To make our minds be clear
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Nogueira Jr

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Anonymous said...

I truly hope that you are well.
Duncan. Scotland.

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