Saturday, June 26, 2004

The 30th of June

The 30th. Of June is the day which Iraq will have a new government, but if you talk to the Iraqi people they say that that day will be the killing day a lot of bombs a lot of dead police man a lot of dead citizens I never talked to a person and he say it will be a good day or nothing will happen, all of them try to say that nothing will change this situation will never end in Iraq and the bombers will never stop bombing the buildings and kill the people who they have nothing relate with A army or the CPA, one I heard about one man he was a guard in one of the American buildings here in Baghdad the terrorist kill him because he works with them and a lot of same stories, so what I want to say that people here are not happy about the becoming of the 30th. June they just try to stay at home and never go to work on that day. What I heard that some of Iraqi troops will go down to street in that day.

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