Sunday, April 11, 2004


Yesterday was a huge day it was full if fighting, full of bombing, full of dead people and was a scary day too.
When I waked up I saw the American soldiers blocked the streets and there were a big battle between the soldiers and fedayeen and as what the fedayeen said they destroyed four tanks and four humer and killed about three soldiers. It was a horrible day to me because (think about it) wake up in a middle of the fighting. I've taken shower and went down to see what happen I saw the traffic lights are completely destroyed and the street is look like shit I said oh my god not again like when the American came to Baghdad first time and from 9.30 am to 4 pm the fighting didn't stopped, I saw some guys which I know them near my house I went for asking them about what in the hell is going on they told my the story after that I went back to my house and had my breakfast and I went down to the street and I saw al Mujahdeen in my eyes OH THIS IS THE FIRST TIME TO MY TO SEE THEM and when I turn my face and turn around to the right I saw the man when he shoot the tank with the missile of RPG weapon first time I scared and thought to get inside the house and I do it I get in the house and after a while I went to the street and the same thing happen again I thought of maybe it will be the third world war but suddenly my friend just came to me he said there is nothing going on near there house and he thought that there is nothing in my neighborhood and about two hours nothing happened we thought that its over but suddenly a huge sound and a lot of bullets after from the American side and another one in about 20 minutes we all get in the house and we saw a big queue of a big tanks and a lot of American cars and soldiers the and the last car stopped facing my house I told every one in my house we all goanna die but the fedayeen when the saw the big queue they just stopped and leave the place and every thing now is alright but in 9 pm I was out of my house with my friends which they are my neighbor and another sounds of bombing and shooting we all gets inside our house and we didn't leave our houses for all the day and I hope I will never see a day like this day.