Saturday, July 10, 2004

Me studying to the 12th grade

I am in my vacation but I am studying to be ready for the next year before college (12th grade) my life really become very sad because I dont have any days off excpet one day which is Thursday that day is my best day these days because I can go out with my freinds and have fun, but the other days are very bad and full brcause somedays I have one lesson in the whole day and the lesson is about 2 hours and without electricity and somedays I have two lessons and the most day I hate is Wednsday because I have three lessons in that day and more than these lessons that there are exams and a very hard exams, the teachers said we have to give you a hard exams to insure that you become very good and you will do very good in the finals, and I am doing very good in those exams but I am tired of studying 8 hours per day or maybe less than that when I am bored, at all this is all for me and because of that I keep studying.