Sunday, July 25, 2004

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow the Iraqi national team will play against Saudi Arabia (losers) at 3 pm in the iraqi time and that game will be brodcast on ( Iraqia , MBC , Al Jazeera sports(the Liers chennel) , LBC ) it will be great if we beat them!!!! with a big big big big result ( I hope so. )
the players of the Iraqi team who will play as I think are:
Ahmed Ali ( goalkeeper)
Hider Jaba'ar ( defender)
Bassem Aba'as ( defender )
Hider Abd Al Ameer ( Defender)
Mahdi Kareem ( defender )

The Middle of the Field players are:
Hawa'ar Mulla Mohamed
Abd Al Waha'ab Abo Al Hia'al
Qusai Moneer
Salah Sadeer

The Strikers are
Razak Farhan
Emad Mohamed

lets hope they will play good and we will beat them with a big result
olay olay olay olay..... Iraq.


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