Monday, July 26, 2004

We made it....

The Iraqi team succeeds to qualifier to the quarter finals after beating Saudi Arabia 2-1 with a wonderful match and now they are going to play against China I hope we will beat them too.
The Iraqi team start the game with the players who I wrote their names in the older post except Nasha'at Akram who he played in the place of Salih Sadeer and by that list they started their match and in the first half there weren’t a good attacks for the both teams and they just played for draw except some attacks from the Iraqi side. And after 10 minutes of the beginning of the first half Razak Farhan passed the ball to Nasha'at Akram who he shoots the ball like a missile to the goal declaring the first goal to the Iraqi team and after  5 minutes the Saudi an team make it draw their goal wasn't fair because the striker kicked Hawar and took the ball from him without any reaction from the referee who I hated him because he wasn’t a good referee and after scoring the draw goal Iraq was insure about that they are going to qualifier because if the game ended with a draw they will have 4 points and the Uzbekistan 9 points so they will qualifier as the second team, but they refused to be like that so they played and played until the time came and with a wonderful run by Qusai Moneer he lead an attack against the Saudi an team and shoot the ball but the Saudi an goal keeper hit it so it comes back to Younis Mahmood who scored the second goal and declare that Iraq won the game because the Time when he scored the goal was the minute 87 and just 3 minutes to the match to end sp the Iraqi coach let a defender get in who his name is Hider abed al razak and make the team play with 4 defender and the match ended like this. It was a wonderful match really Iraq didn’t beat the saudian team from 10 years and they did it now. Good work guys and God bless. Aash al Iraq.
Olay Olay Olay Iraq.

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