Thursday, August 19, 2004

I don't know WHY

I don’t know why our coach gave them this win, for what? The Iraqi coach didn’t let our best players to play just like the list which I post earlier, it was exactly the same, I thought of what could our coach think and my thoughts were right because I gave the exactly list of the players before the game start. Like we didn’t let Younis Mahmoud to play and he is the best scorer and we let Razaq Farhan to play instead of him, and we didn’t let Emad Mohammed play till the middle of the second half, and we let Ahmed Salah to play in his place, but they did good at the first match and they started the second half very good by scoring the first goal, but the referee gave them a penalty kick and they scored the draw goal, but the Iraqi players didn’t play well when we reached the end of the second half and they scored their wining goal, but then the Iraqi team felt the shame and started to make it draw and they made a very good attacks on of them was by Qussai Moneer but at all they loss.
Here is a list for how the group looks now
1- Iraq ( 6 points ) ( 7 goals )
2- Costa Rica ( 4 points ) ( 5 goals )
3- Morocco ( 4 points ) ( 4 goals )
4- Portugal ( 3 points ) ( 6 goals )
Here is a list of our goals
1- Hawar Mullah Mohammed ( 2 goals )
2- Salih Sadeer ( 2 goals )
3- Mahdie kareem ( 1 goal )
4- Younis Mahmoud ( 1 goal )
5- Emad Mohammed ( 1 goal )
Our next match is against Australia the team which didn’t play good and just qualify by the help of Argentina.

I hope Iraq will do good next match and just forget today's match.

I have to say this even when we loss today's match,
Olay Olay Olay Olay iraq!

The Iraqi Boxer Najah wins his match against the Korean Player he beated him very hard. LOL
I hope this player will get us a medal.


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