Saturday, August 07, 2004

What is wrong in Iraq?

The Iraqi stuation becomes very bad last few days, the number of the terrorist is increasing and evreyday the news show us a new gang and a new forgine hostge, WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?.The Iraqis showed the world very bad things like stealing the government bulldings and burn them and other things, do they want to stay away from the world? do they want to stay un ecducated? do they do they? a lot of things. In Iraq the number of un educated is very surprising and those poeple who dont know anything and dont feel anything towards Iraq they are destroyding Iraq they will make Iraq a place of horor and violent. I am wondering of how can we slove this problem. of course we cant educate this big number of people even if we tried I am sure that a lot of them will never come to study how to live and not to be selfish and not to stay out of order. the Sadr's gang are fighting from a side the Sunna are fighting from a side, why are they fighting. why dont they just see what the new government can do to them? do they like this way of living no elctricity because they stole all the cables and they are attacking evrey forgine man who comes to fix the stations. no oil for the cars because they are stealing the cars which brings oil to cities. What do they want to do? just fight until make the worlds country stop helping us and they will fight each other then. what will happen if those forgine troops goes out of Iraq and leave Iraq to those terrorist, I think Iraq will become a place which people die evreyday in. I have a lot of feeling but I cant say it in words because those people are really making our lifes bad. They said Al Sestani has a big effect in the Iraqi shiee Muslims then why did he leave Iraq and in this situation in Najaf. dont you think because this man thought that nothing will change those people so he said I'm out of here, and he left Iraq now. And about this fat man Muqtada al Sadr ( SMS) what dose he think himslef is doing ( he is non Iraqi) I believe in that he is just an agent who work for Iran.. I think nothing will change Iraq until the Iraqi people change their minds.

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