Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Well Thanks Iraq

I am not mad, I am not upset at the Iraqi team because they did their best and they showed the world how a good team we are, and we reached this place and that is good, even if we lose against Italy that is good too, because we are a team which doesn't have a league in their country and we don’t get all the facilities that other teams get, and if we lose with Italy we will be the 4th best Olympic team in the world and that is great.
And we shouldn’t do that off side plan because of this plan we lose all their goals they didn’t fight to get it, they were gifts from the Iraqi defenders, I hope that the coach will fix those problems and I hope that we will get the Bronze.
Thank you Iraq, thank you Hawar, thanks you Younis, thank you Emad, thank you Nour you were the best goal keeper that Iraq ever had, thank you Hider Jabar ( he just sign for a German team), thank you Basim, thank you all, you did what you can and we are very thankful.

Me and my school friends are trying to rebuilt our school team to play in the schools football league, we are trying to get money to buy the balls and buy nets for the school's goals, and we are trying to buy dresses for the team, so if you can help us we will be very thankful. Because a lot of players from my team want to play in this competition because the best players in the competition will have the chance to go to the coach of the Iraqi youth football team, and maybe they will be in the Iraqi youth team, so if you can help we will be thankful.

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